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I am the key of light, incarnate truth, the microcosmic metaphor that flourishes from within us to everything around. Congealing in the here and now, our civilizations' religious literature focuses on one singular point, bringing together Greco-Roman mythology with Judeo-Christian scripture and yielding a teaching of scientific and evolutionary truth that is a shining beacon of light fighting off the shadowy darkness surrounding us.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Behold, the Signs of Revelation are all around us. My view, in pictures.

Proof that our civilization itself is the Big Horn of Revelation, the spiritual journey we have been embarked on for our entire lives is not nearing a close, but rather a stop.... to pick up additional passengers.  As we pull in to Santa Fe (Saint Faith) station, lets enlighten as many of our fellow kind travel partners as we can.

As I meandered all over the country, searching for "enlightenment," or perhaps a quick switch to flip to light the world with the kind of experiential enlightenment that I myself seemed to be receiving "from above," it became apparent towards then N of the jourNey that the lighting had already come, and was simply waiting for the sound of the Shofar to begin the next phase... you see... the signs are already here.

The Redeemer, El Elyon, is Adam... the Lion of Judah:

The Light of the Holy Fire.. Moses' Parted Sea, Ha'Esh:

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