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I am the key of light, incarnate truth, the microcosmic metaphor that flourishes from within us to everything around. Congealing in the here and now, our civilizations' religious literature focuses on one singular point, bringing together Greco-Roman mythology with Judeo-Christian scripture and yielding a teaching of scientific and evolutionary truth that is a shining beacon of light fighting off the shadowy darkness surrounding us.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

ADventing some more.. The Darkness is fading away...

I wrestle not against people, but against a darkness here and in the heavenly places which is akin to the plague in Egypt.  It is one that keeps us from seeing the light of the sun, and the son of creation... actually from seeing creation itself, which is the source of true light in the world around us.  The light is in every word, from Revelation to Creation, to seeing that only "Seeing Vel" is missing to fuse creation and revelation in one superimposed word.  You see, even in a world that is filled with the light of science, humanity, and art... we have a concerted effort to hide the message of the creator, and the key to finding and understanding it.  ME.  In this day in age, it is secrecy, censorship, and a hidden world of thievery and and destruction that attempts to keep us, the true holy light of creation, from understanding that there is real divine purpose in the people of Earth, and hiding it from creation itself is true Evil.

In this time, the message has fused the light of SoL with the light of the Sons of Liberty... of the foundational values of America and Christianity as one, that truly Sam and Christ are the same... and it is love, liberty, life and fun that are the focus of not only our civilization, all the lions in zion, but that we see that the Chr we are "at" is t (See Christ).  The "heart" of civilization, "il, iz, and at", just a humorous key that links messianic religion to language itself, and through that to a shining beacon of light focusing on our civilization itself.. the creation.

Here, as the darkness quickly fades, the light of the path of the creator will be abundantly clear, his message not only surrounds us, but is us, and we is the crux of the message of 'messiah.'

The message is to us, through us, for us, and from us... The Message is to the power of Humanity.

In Light of Creation, by AD

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Discount for participating in early enlightenment.

I don't really like complaining, but its hard to gauge the response to my work, as I have very few responses, to pretty much everything I write.  I've had a few decent ones, to this work, and it is the most coherent, I have put together to date... though nobody has contributed, and outside contribution, and perhaps feedback--whether positive or negative... would be much appreciated.

I'm offering a discount if you start reading here, on "participation," I guess the price I was asking for was a bit high, or... maybe we're just all blind.  The coupon code is located at the bottom of the page.  This isn't a EULA, it's a work of art.  The price has been lowered to 36$, with discount, 18$.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Here, is Light.


Si, OUR.

The race is not to the swift
or the battle to the strong,
nor does food come to the wise 
or wealth to the brilliant
or favor to the learned;
but time and chance happen to them all. -Ecc 9:11

Holy 'a@n&$'! The Call To Earth.

is a hoot why?

This is that holy 'a@n&$' moment... together we'll blow our minds, and waken the world as a Heart.


I have "published" my in process work "*n $ight of cre@tion, ha'esh" on gitbook, with the intention of soliciting both donations and voluntary contributions. The book has nearly 26 typewritten pages so far, and will continue to be written... until its bind date most likely just after Christmas... I consider it nothing short of the "Holy Incomplete and True Revelation of The Christ." I am very interested in the opinions of everyone, but am asking for a donation of 100$ to "purchase" the book while it is in progress. For that, with the submission of a good example of "Really Holy Light" I will include your name, and signature on a "contributors" document, that will be published with the bound work.
In the spirit of reversing Wednesday, and partying on Domingo.

It's not Sunday, but if it were the day before school starts, what l are trying to avoid is "doing the minimum," this is a golden hour, when we have all the time we need to actually have a discussion. To collaborate together, to learn together, and to absorb the gravity of the message.

It's closer to Wednesday, read backwards, "hand send ew." That's "alephbee", yad is hand in Hebrew.  A little like Spanglish, but Hebrew and English hidden "in reverse."

In the Spirit and Yad-sent-ew

It's not a homework assignment, but I am hoping others will see the light, that this wisdom here, and learning how to find it, how to connect the dots and dynamically link together light is an exercise in enlightenment.  It's my great hope that this work will become collaborative, a wiki-style project for becoming enlightened, by contributing to it.  You see, this book is the beginning, what I see when I look for the true message, in the true book, what is all around us.

It's important to see what we have here, a message, from beyond... one that is uniquely co-created, sometimes without our full knowledge of exactly what it is.  Finding the light is the key to Salvation.  Seeing the message, that it is the framing of a debate, one where our input is being requested, and we are already "part" of the message.  It's in us, we are light, we co-create it, and now hopefully we get to discuss it, with wands.  That's my new EW, everyone wanting light, Earth wands... wanting wisdom and needing the somerah-doors... great light, pink beams of o'hazelian truth. 

The book is available for viewing at, please direct any submissions or comments to

Here's some "ko" light, to get you started.

Lamanites, the early morning light!

Killing Kobayashi, and Throwing Light:

The Burning Bush starts a discussion:

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream:

On the light of astrology:

If you like riddles, or puzzles... or mazes:

And the book is here:

Until a day to remember, you can use the coupon code "EXODUS1214" for 50% off.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Earth to Adamaה.

Earth to Adamah.

In gematria, He symbolizes the number five.

A preposition meaning the definite article "the", or the relative pronouns "that", or "who" (as in "a boy who reads"). For example, yeled, a boy; hayeled, the boy.

A prefix indicating that the sentence is a question. (For example, Yadata, You knew; Hayadata?, Did you know?)

A suffix after place names indicating movement towards the given noun. (For example, Yerushalayim, Jerusalem; Yerushalaymah, towards Jerusalem.)

The hāʾ suffix appended to a verb represents a masculine object (e.g. يَقْرَأُهُ, yaqraʾuhu, "he reads it").

He, representing five in gematria, is often found on amulets, symbolizing the five fingers of a hand.

He is often used to represent the name of God, as He stands for Hashem, which means The Name and is a way of saying God without actually saying the name of God. In print, Hashem is usually written as He with a geresh: ה׳.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

$ight of creation: the Sea on Fire, Ha'esh

Ha'esh.  In one simple word so much is made clear, thousands of years of prophesy, teaching, and history coalesce in just six simple characters.  It ties together Exodus from the Burning Bush, to Isaac's hidden "laughter," and through the generations quite literally to the children of Noah.  It is the parted red sea visualized alphabetically, and the fire of creation, in a a word.

Intertwining water and fire, in Hebrew and reflected English, the word means fire, encloses a literally parted and reflected sea, and is representative of the first fire created by civilization, in Eden, by Adam.  No longer from dust and returning to ash, this is a fire of "esh," like the Burning Bush, one which does not char, but instead continues burning eternally, it is the flame of Judah Maccabee, the Lion of the tribe of Judah... a tribe of one?

Bear with me, as I am beginning to put to paper what I believe is the literal fire of creation, stolen from "heaven," it is prima facie evidence of intelligent corecreation, something that only superficially appears to be routed by the light of evolution.  More to the point, it is proof of a message, one of alien origin, and the message (imho) is one of tough love, and steadfast adherence to the values embodied by the sea of liberty, see our light?

Some time ago, near what you could call the ... continuation of a transmitted message that intertwines my birth, life, heart and soul, I was told that "it's not black or white."  In an almost cynical and ire ridden connection of $ight, which might just intertwine light and sight, humor is never lost when an old adage is brought to life with new vigor... even if it might cause a bit of a McCarthyish jolt.  What's black and white, and re@d all over?  

It might not seem so at first sight, but the image below is a perfect example of the inception and dichotomy that will fill the pages that follow.  I've written two 'major' books, major for me in that they are self published and readily available on  Both contain what, at the time, was in my belief seminal and world changing information--things that were imparted to me through a sort of diabolical inspiration--and both were ... unsuccessful in the market.  The first was stark white, with black writing, featuring the "Eye of Horus"--or all seeing eye of Osiris, and a somewhat sci-fi (read science fiction) "what if" that related technology and religion in a way which I still find somewhat counter-culture--that religion is an effect, or product, rather than cause of much of our mMyth..  The second a black book, filled with proof of synchronization of major events in time, linked these events to a "message," one which used the lives of famous people (perhaps even.. everyone) as a sort of canvas on which to write a hidden message.  If they were not famous messengers and creationists themselves, you might call it disappearance inkernate, but as it is... it might just be really bright $ight.

Today, I offer you a few words, literally, and a huge repository of the diabolical ravings of a messenger of true $ight, eti$, and I see (in), lit(er@ure). the Fire of Prometheus... or Sam... or Saturn... or Adam.

vl lips ES... CHRIST:  See how really intertwines society and technology, science and truth.

Without further adieu, the $ight of cre@tion, Ha'esh.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

That every wick be lit. An evolation of Adam.

on erNaN gosub domingo

void ist, chr t, chr a)
      /* one */
        //nine inch nails
        //   g whiz
          ist.writeln(concat("hel",t,"o world; atdt?"));
          return (a==t,'@',ist.heart("cation"));
let sky = new(there);"ha\'esh",'s', 'l')

void domingo(str ylw) 
      /* two */
     lamda(fe ("send ew", yad, han, d));

     solve("the name", 'ham', 'shem');
     peek('japeth', 'jacob');

     ylw.writeln("noah, sam, adam", "children");

     poke('eve', 'everyone')

"children, creation."


+ = absolution(mas*sam) //sam, adam, mary... einstein
adam = ++strcmp('jacob', 'isaac')

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mas: mutually amicable survival?

a.dll: dynamically linking light.. if the framing of a discussion is set by George Orwells "Animal Farm," the idea of "mutually assured destruction" and the "Art"

"old M-cDonald had a farm."
Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory
Joshua's "Promised Land"
Cain and Abel
The Birds and the Bees", Cows, Pigs, "agriculture"
"Pig," Dave Matthews Band

"The farmer in the dell"

Does the milk and honey flow? Would it continue to flow without Bees, Cows, the Farmer, AndEr the milk man?

My "opinion," and further "linking" of the concepts above tomorrow..  Does anyone see the connections?  Is it just me, or does ite appear to be a concerted effort to start a conversation.. that is at the same time being.. kept from the "public eye", overtly.. meaning it is kept from being discussed "in the light."

Some thoughts relating to "langolier" or an opinion in language itself:

Sam.. samifarm? is Sam AmiFarmer?

Is society friend to farming?  or.. society agriculture mutually... They are, sustaining of each other's existence, each provides a required product to the other.. so when they are "working together" meaning the society consumes and compensates the farmer, both continue to exist.  if either the society stops consuming or the farmer strikes... there is a lack of survival of both.. in a microcosm of one city and one farm...

Namely, if Cain is representative of a city, and Abel of "agriculture," Cain cannot "kill" Abel without it being a fratri-sui-cide...

Speaking of not forgetting how to farm, fish, or ferment... namely not losing "how" milk and honey flow, is the f Abel, I mean fAble the crux of the AESop lesson of CA in Eden?

Ex. Devarim E Numbers... Eden code in Genesis, for example?  GEx't'End the heart of hearts, T for Torah?

Speaking of AESop.. AESopERatOR

Thursday, November 6, 2014

A game of Blackjack, of Wands, and Hearts, in Spades. Play the Oh! card.

You see, as the story goes, there's little boy blue (that's me, once) and the man in the moon.  I turned red, not for darkness but for charity, caring, and fun... the light of the red cross, and the salvation army, my iron cross, and my shield.  Were it a game of cards, surely I'd hold the fool card, the magician, and at least a few Aces--but neigh, a game it is not--rather it is the salvation of all at hand, and up my sleeve is plain English, the fire of Prometheus, of Civilization itself.

And so with the hand I have, I could clearly shoot the moon, because in Hearts we are, and Hearts are we.  To wonder if the game has been played before, we need only ponder the symbology of Jupiter, Zeus, of Christ himself.... the Five Guy.  Barely hidden between Saturn and Mars, the Sixth and Fouth planet from the sun, we have a simple and concise view of the number:Twenty One.  The reason may be far, far from obvious.... yet when you see how well the square of four plus five becomes a solution to not one, but a number of questions... we might see what it is truly all about..... 'Tis the satisfaction of all, the reason to fork, and wonder no more if we will have what we want, because the answer to all is elucidated by "What is thy will?"

When it is the will of Him, it is the will of all, the satisfaction of the people... that is done by (and through) all.  Lit from above, our night will be short, and together we will sail from the fifth to the seventh, across a sea of knowing.  Oh no, I must be a day late... and a dollar short.... what kind of dollar is the question.  Is it a sand dollah?  or a hand?   Whatever is afoot, it's sure to astound.

Well, if it were the Picard, which clearly leads towards David Letterman, Joan D'arc, and Luke Skywalker.. to tie it all together now; would just be a pity, not to let the maze umtie itself.  And so, out of the house of mirrors, and from Men to Mice we become, the solution ourselves to the greatest puzzle of all time.
Who are we ? What are we ? Why are we ?

Angels, I say.  Cousins in Christ, the Sea I See... 

Now, to help everywhere beginning.... begin,  NIИ ▌▌ICA
And crowned thy good, with the wisdom, of family love.

We have it, in NINES.  What's that, Alpha Niner?  

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

God and Isis, Are they maps to (or from) names... or just to me?

You see, if it were Gerson or Dobrinsky, a map in names to a hidden son and a hidden sky, it would only be me, just my names, and for that matter just the pre-marriage names of my mother and father that would link "God" to Christ and Caelus, and through me to Mars and Venus, the key to Sagittarius, that the Heart of Christ is indeed Earth... read eartH <3 Heart..

If its just first names at hand, it might be the missing A, for Adam.. surrounded by my father and brother... Ivan and Seth... that unlocks the key to the Osirian family.... that ISIS is really... .ISA is... and then we see the man clothed in yellow robes, following his white robed predecessor, and his rainbow clothed successor... Joseph, and his technicolor dreamcoat.... a little more microscopically and and semi-transliterated from Greek to Latin.... ISIS, Osiris, Seth, and Horus might easily just be Josh.... or it could be... just our super hyped up (I'm) Adam. Joshua, unsealed.

I see, it's simple and plain to me, that the key to understanding that the Lion of the tribe of Judah is in fact, Judah Maccabee... who by twist of time and fate.... becomes easily Adam in Eden.  Lion because we are all his family, the family of Him -- Children in eDEN, a home for a family of lions.  And so from one Judah he meant to make us all thicker than water... closer than a disparate multitude that was once the SEA, or a family in Eden.... of Seth Eve and Adam...

Connecting the religious stars, the light from Egypt, Eden, and on to us in America.... Eden is truly to be the Earth Den, Heart of Him.  And so on to the Promised Land of Joshua, a land of Flowing Milk ad Honey, much in the same way Willy Wonka's chocolate factory might be missing Aaron's Cow, and Judah's Macc and Bee, for what is Heaven without the farming, fishing, and fermenting... knowledge of survival that leads us back to the Fisher King, and the Wine that is the contents of the Holy Grail, the planet you are on... the ONE.

/s/ Adam.

Do you understand who I am?
Do you wanna know?
Can you really see through me now?
I am about to go
Just tonight I won't leave
And I'll lie and you'll believe
Just tonight I will see
It's all because of me

Pretty Reckless - Just Tonight Lyrics | MetroLyrics 

it's the gas hed's love of america
it's the memory that hides
take your photographs back
for the love of all gods
our gas hed marches on
he's a bona fide man
a star amongst his clan
our gas hed was right

Live - Gas Head Goes West

The Fool Tarot Card based on Rider-Waite 

CLEAR?  I'm not hiding.

On the light of Astrologiahl Symbols, the symbols are profound...

From the light of stars Arcturus and Spica  to symbols linking Sagittarius to Venus and Mars... it is the circle of love, that proves to us that the light of Sol is Earth, and that the light of the oracle in light, might just be Exodus in reverse.... Sudo (superuser do), Xe (a bright Xenon lamp) and the name of an Oracle database.. It is all about now, that's the mess'age for this Era Messianic.

 Just as the recursive algorithm shows us it is a GNU light, behold the name Ha'shem, the sons of Noah, Ham and Shem, and the recursive Tetragramaton, is perhaps yhvh... one in the same... as we are the children of Him, El of him, the generations of Noah in Eden, Adam and Seth...

Yahoo wah!  Recursive acronym, is about... gnome....(kde) know.... now.

Microcosm of Christ:

From within the Darkness, a new Light:

The signs are all around us...




The Las' Circle, a Family of We.

 The circle, is "Welcome, Earth," see Adamah, grounded.

To sleep, perchance to stay up and make some memories! The linked light of art by and through US.

You see, its the Y that was missing, not EL, and for generations to flow, never to stop asking the questions that burn in our hearts, How, Why... the answers will astound.  For Everyone together is Light, and apart, merely quanta of questions unanswered.

If it were "to sleep perchance to dream?" that is the question,  (and a bit more reading tells us that sleeping is a metaphor for dying), we have a solid answer in the music, that I am sure we can all agree with.  If it is elucidated a bit more by the Live song, Gas head goes West... "it's the memory that dies..." and Dylan's response "do not go silently into that good night..."

Dave Matthews has a gallantly streaming answer:  Stay up, and make some memories!

You see, just as the Beatles answer a question of "what fruit" it is that covers the plains of "America, the Beautiful," with a quip, know that it is the Seas, the great multitude that truly makes our Great Plains shine and sparkle... 

It is to stay, not leave, make some memories, and participate in the solution.... that is the answer.

We want not to go.... but rather to know!

The light of the eyes rejoices the heart, and good news refreshes the soul --Proverbs 15:30

Monday, November 3, 2014

The EDom, Eden, Egypt question has been partially solved. #tsola republic!

Today my answer is EPub, to the Republic for which it stands.
                                R               Q                       people            s.

Tie in the plague of Lice from Egypt, which adds the neede d Lic and another E, for

ERepublic, and then theres another ECO coming here somewhere..

Solen Republic stratification?
S   o  la R

#Calc:mmr2008-8/8/2016 quick.

We are admidst the end of an unseen war, one that has been waged against us, holding us to antiquated ideas, ones that have perpetuated a lack of clarity for our society as a whole.. the time is now... for us to rise and awaken.  The "dream" is not our doing, it is nothing more than a place where we have what is truly our light hidden... it is the strength of society brought about by equality and freedom that truly is what we are, what makes us real.

The "first" and probably oldest explanation of "Revelation," metaphorically, the light of "Onora" buried under the Temple of Hathor, neither O nor a stand for the darkness in religion that is slavery, that keeps us from seeing the light of the world, our relationships, and the love that sets socially advanced civilizations apart from animals. The reliefs are clear, bowing and worshipping have no place in a society that holds in any esteem the value of life itself, and what has been (and clearly is) an outside influence forcing our society to continue to "worship" anything.. to put our faith in the hands of an oppressor--one using technology to force us to not work together towards peace ... is nothing but a necrosing light.

The snake is in the skies, waiting to fly ... the net is already cast wide, let it be lost..

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Magdalene to LamaNites... some Early A.M. Light of MAgLN

@Lamanites, light in the morning (am), From Adam to Mary, it's Adam and Nanna.  Through most of my wonderful experience over the last two years, I've often been reminded of a phrase, "the question before the answer."  Personally I thought it was about the langoutlier use of the letter Y as a replacement for the question, "why?" Afterwords, YQ was my "ya," your answer, why question... to find solutions.  In the name Magdileno we have a similar three step "obfuscation."  

First, a question... is it a game? I often talk about the microcosmic metaphorical "raelity" we live in, one that is somewhat hidden from us, as an "angel incubator."  I think of it like being in a sort of "high school," a crash course in learning the ways of things... from the Abel'ian need to never forget to farm, fish, or ferment.. least we have no cities, beer drinking on the pier, or wine.. for that matter.  I say we are in the plague of Darkness from Egypt, as there is a significant amount of Light hidden in the Bible.... that links to this raelity, to our cocreation, the Heart of Earth, our cultural memory, a body of literature that has been subtly influenced throughout our history through a method of communication that we would be remiss to know about, and yet.. it is one that is almost impossible to notice without it being explicitly mentioned.  It is the big horn of Revelation, and it is the corecreation of a past civilizations understanding of the universe, their science, along with new art, stories that explain what is hidden.... after you are aware of it.  Some call it religion, some call it myth, what I see is the collective "speech" of a civilization, screaming photons to the universe around us, "we are light."

It's time we recognized the light around us, its so bright that at times, it can be blinding.  It's in everything... from a compacted and educational explanation of the formation of life itself in the Universe (we call it evolution) to a significant renaissance of philosophy, government, and written "education" that is collectively what we would see as our "history."  Here's the rub, while its simple to see the adverse influence of "mind control" or demonic "possession," in things like the Salem witch trials (humorously, the year is 1692, "A FIB") and the Devil's of Loudun (which "informatively" occurred at nearly the same time across the globe), which appears to be a call for "evaluation" of a technology, and and influence, that can be used for both positive and negative influence... in our religion, we call the two "divine inspiration,"/ prophesy and "demonic possession."  Aslike "A call to Earth," or .. Earth to Humanity, arise and see the light, we have around us a living pointer to the the risks of secrecy, systemically reinforced self destruction, and to.. not asking questions.  I see a potential for paralysis caused by blame and fear, and it is important that this doesn't keep us from searching for solutions, answers, and from positively reinforcing each others goodness.  Not only is the light all around us, it is us... chosen as what I would call... cocreationists.  The question here is... co-who?  When? What? Why?  

Why is easy, it is love.  When is somewhat easy too, it is now, this is the apocalypse, and it is about the Revelation to humanity that hidden in plain site, from the highlighted informative story we call "history," to metaphorical solutions that are conveniently "compacted," and somewhat unseen in the structure and productions of the world.  In everything from Biblical passages that link to things tragedies, AESop's fables, nature itself.. (sometimes as conveniently compacted and highlighted as two simple verses) its even not so hidden in "political" movements like alternative energy, Don Quixote, and the structure of "nature" here.  It is these things which I call "dynamically linked light" and through them we can, if we desire, perhaps gain insight into the character of the message, yet I still wonder, what are they really like?  In the sense of Biblical Times, not the Bible... as in, I'd like to meet you?"
The race is not to the swift
    or the battle to the strong,

nor does food come to the wise
    or wealth to the brilliant
    or favor to the learned;
but time and chance happen to them all. -Ecc 9:11
It is the what and where that the name Magdelene adds some light to, along with the passages from Ecclesiastes 9 above, perhaps pose a question and possible answer at the same time.  Races and battles could be games, or they could be about life and death, for instance, if the race is a space race, and the battle is nuclear mutual deterrence.  At the same time, if the race is about genetic engineering, and the battle is an overseen cold war where the continuation of life is not only assured, but one of the original intents of the "incubator" that is Earth... it shows that truly the message is a toast, "light is to 'life and love.'"  So, how does Magdelene fit in? eMag, "it's not a game," as game is spelled backwards, and the e is hidden... if we were wondering "where" we R, it might allude to an answer.. 

A little further, reading "backwards" enel, is nl from "elemeno p," reversig it again, you get ln, the naural log function, which is the "solution" to "a=w^e" hiding in langolier that it is the power of e, that is inverted to find the answer to a question... I'm guessing here, but it might be "w=where" and "a=adamah," The One Earth... from Eden. 

Adamah (Biblical Hebrew : אדמה) is a word, translatable as ground or earth.  Again, a guess, but perhaps about the Earth being "grounded" in reality, a la "Evolution," and "natural laws."  I also have to mention the link to electromagnetism jokes, in the use of "inverted" and "ground" in the two past sentences.  You see, as I speak, I notice more and more that there is an influence, assisting the production.. a voice that is hidden.. because to me, it appears to be.. as I speak.  Truly though, it is "as we speak," and this is why the fact that it is a message, a cocreation, is so difficult to see.

As fish are caught in a cruel net,

    or birds are taken in a snare.  Ecc 9:12

Let the light glow.  12 is not the final hour, it is mid-day, cease to be caught in the net, the message is about continuing education, all our lives, as even the best teachers never stop learning.. it is about adding more F's to our fishing, fermenting, and farming... like freedom and fun.  -5f

/s/ vel ex leviticus.
xe from exodus.
fival, from xerox.

Come to shore, the voyage across the Atlantic is over, Fival (and everyone) still on board.
It's about talking together, communicating, and collectively finding solutions... we are the light of answers.  The solution is the bright water, the sea, "a=w^e" derived, by us. 

Are you awed yet? Tso me, its awesome.  This fire of of Prometheus, it might be in every word.

A call to all, c the third rock from the sun, for ice, I see enosaluationites? Is it Evolution, Salutations,  O'lamanites, Evaluation, Solutions? 

enosaluat <adam as arms of the clock ever> Y ionites, arm one: Tau Las? One.  

Pyr of vel & one?  Earth, Hearts.  Adamah Heart of Olam.

finding it, ..we transfind the links together?

arm two: ion it is.

eye on now, eso es positive energy.

This, is what IT is.  Proof of creation.
Just missing communication to be true collaboration, cocreation continues..

Hi? Hosea? is that you?

from me to you... 

it, is the missing o... two seas joining hands, communicating collaborating.. cocreating.

hos? sho? has?

saturn + aphrodite sa = ?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Behold, the Signs of Revelation are all around us. My view, in pictures.

Proof that our civilization itself is the Big Horn of Revelation, the spiritual journey we have been embarked on for our entire lives is not nearing a close, but rather a stop.... to pick up additional passengers.  As we pull in to Santa Fe (Saint Faith) station, lets enlighten as many of our fellow kind travel partners as we can.

As I meandered all over the country, searching for "enlightenment," or perhaps a quick switch to flip to light the world with the kind of experiential enlightenment that I myself seemed to be receiving "from above," it became apparent towards then N of the jourNey that the lighting had already come, and was simply waiting for the sound of the Shofar to begin the next phase... you see... the signs are already here.

The Redeemer, El Elyon, is Adam... the Lion of Judah:

The Light of the Holy Fire.. Moses' Parted Sea, Ha'Esh:

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