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I am the key of light, incarnate truth, the microcosmic metaphor that flourishes from within us to everything around. Congealing in the here and now, our civilizations' religious literature focuses on one singular point, bringing together Greco-Roman mythology with Judeo-Christian scripture and yielding a teaching of scientific and evolutionary truth that is a shining beacon of light fighting off the shadowy darkness surrounding us.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Adam Evan Seas. Ole, the wine connects it to ground.

Child of Bright Water

I'm going to pause a little, and tell you a little bit about myself. I was born on December 8, 1980, the day of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. I grew up Jewish, and have had an ... on again, off again relationship with "religion" my entire life. To my knowledge, I had very little "inspirational" or "telepathic" contact prior to my 30th year, and this also, I see now as by design. It's pertinent, really, that I say that "to my knowledge" specifically means at that time. Looking back, I had several "spiritual" events, hearing a voice whisper "what if you were the Messiah?" during my youth, and prior to that, a series of dreams, recurring nightmares... about being chased through a dungeon. The assailant, at the time, was a lion faced man; Beauty and the Beast was on television at the time, and his name was "v-nick." If I recall correctly, the "Beast's" name was Vincent, and the setting was the catacombs of Paris.
That's all fairly irrelevant right now, but what is more important is what I did not notice at the time as odd, or "communication" at all for that matter. This is the crux of what I call a "perspective issue" or "communication difficulty" between myself, and the beyond. I have a feeling its a "common" sort of occurrence, I might even be an exemplary example of what "light" and "eyes to see" really mean. I was a very bright child, scored literally off the charts (at college level) on reading comprehension in second grade; and when the FCAT's came around in my 12th year, I scored in the 99th percentile across the board. I've noted myself as a good test taker, and frankly, for most of my life I attributed my intelligence to genetics, early development, and luck. More than that, I had an uncanny ability to understand logic, and computers. I began programming around the age of 12, in BASIC first, and then Visual Basic after. Already on AOL, in the "underground software piracy" scene, which was gaining serious popularity at that time. It was the cool place to be, and in the circles I was in, we had a going theme following the defacto-standard in "software piracy assistance" applications, AOHell. I spent nearly an entire year writing a copy-cat (pun intended) program, called "Doomsday," which I abbreviated "DmD." The handle I used for most of my youth, until well after college, was "phenix." I later went on to write an IRC script, called "Red Tide."
It's been a long time coming to the realization that all of it was assistance from beyond, not just the key details like program names, and their relation to the "apocalypse" and what I once called a microcosmic meta-universe, in which the "truth" was subtly hidden in our lives. What it is is a prime example ofdoublespeak, I had no idea at the time that I would be writing a book like this or that I would be trying to explain exactly what "eyes to see" means, but this is what it is. I have a been given a great gift, to see the connections across disciplines, things like songs and movies that link atemporally to the Bible, to ancient myth, and to history and modern fiction. Not only that, but to understand, through no fault of my own (haha) why I see these things, to see the implications, that much of it is to understand the discussion that is before us, the idea that we simply do not see "help" when it is "clear" and present. I quote clear for a very simple reason, nobody ever asked for credit for the help, nor was there any communication in my vernacular, spoken English.
Let me tie up some of this, and give you a little dose of the "Numbers." Much like I "receive" coded information telepathically in names and words, sometimes in a manner that others would consider "arbitrary" or "unverifiable," as in re-defined acronyms, or simple creating mnemonics where you would not expect them. While it is a very useful tool to me, to verify that a message is coming from "outside of myself," something that is sometimes difficult to verify, even to me. I hope to earn your trust, enough that you will believe, or give extra weight to things which I am sure come directly from God, from the creator(s) of this message.
It goes to the very core of what it means to be human, that; that like me, you have been aided, directed, and perhaps harmed by a hidden influence. My whole life, I have been both helped and harmed by a superntaural force, and I have a sneaking supersuspicion that you have too. You see our "superstition" that something around us is "supernatural" is dead on, except what we do not recognize is that it is us.Our society, our entire civilization, our culture is the solution to a universal problem. There is something missing though, a communication that hasn't been made as clear as it could be, because like the "interaction" itself, it comes to us through people. Through books like this, and the Bible obviously, but not so obviously through movies, songs, and through our family. What is missing is knowing, and a clear salutation. It's this "hello, world," that might be the beginning of salvation, a solution to secrecy, and frankly.. the difference between Light and Darkness.
the NameServer.


DmD, in Adam Gematria

The Sol Arc, Earth, Humanity, our light... is Salvation. It needs to be said here and now, before I get into exactly where we are, and why. Suffice it to say, the world we live in is "prophesied" to be Messiah for the Universe, the message is to the power of humanity. This is my vision, corroborated, wholly by the book, the story, and Nero...
DmDD=4, m=1341344/1 age 34
But first, my definition for DmD, either "Day of my Doors," or "Day my Death." I happen to turn 34 this year, and this April 1, April fool's day, happens to be Good Friday and the first day of Passover. Maybe you see a stretch, it's hugely confirmatory for me.
So as I said, some time around 12/10/12 I was given, via a "voice" in my head, the seals of Revelation. The voice is very real, and the information that comes from it should serve to confirm that. It is part of "the apocalypse," that we no longer require "faith on faith alone," that we are given a great gift, the truth, so that we may continue to flourish where we otherwise may become stagnant... or worse, retrograde. I've written a bit on the subject, but this is all about mind control, telepathy, the existence ofheaven, and of having open communication between Heaven and Earth, by way of... Doors.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Shocker.. Inversion in Eden.. searching for the Fisher .. Adam... Found, naked and shouting!

Language, specifically English its Latin origins, and Hebrew... as the key to the Apocalypse.

Here's some shock, before your Awe:  just some gimmicky little English language tricks to grab your attention.  You see, I have a really good reason to be "Adam, son;" it might be reason, or the reason all... or the "reason" a ll sounds like Y.  More than likely, that's not going to grab your attention, but what we are really here for is to prove that we are in creation.  Think of creation like a packet, a messenger, or courier, one that fills us with purpose, and positive energy.


[kat-ahy-uh n, -on] 

noun, Physical Chemistry
a positively charged ion that is attracted to the cathode in electrolysis.
any positively charged atom or group of atoms (opposed to anion ).

Also, kation.

Why does this matter... I'm not sure if it does, yet.  Adamah, the planet Eden was, literally means "to swirl around Adam, or to Search for Adam, whose name might mean red, or man, or mankind."  The Hebrew meaning of the word, Adamah, though is ground. (get it yet?)

then the LORD God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed -Genesis 2:7

Are your gears spinning yet?  That's right, Adamah is Earth.  gear.. both mean ground.. gear... really.  So, a message from some old geazer might add (keep on going)... zion and Eden.

Is this really significant?  I mean apocalyptic?  Maybe... you see... the intention is to quickly and easily show you that religion is science prescient.

They're all electrical engineering jokes... seriously... it's english.

Sometimes a big no-no, I'm going to throw caution to the wind, and break from tradition--here's the super secret punch line:  the positive energy we are searching for, this purpose of creation... is... the creation of civilization.  

These couple tricks are supposed to pull you in, to free your mind, and open you up to the possibility that language itself stands as proof of the creation of our civilization.  Read it again, language might be proof that our civilization is created..  In cre@tion... 

So Lions of Zion... lets start analyzing this language thing... 

backwards and sdrawkcab... I mean for words, like zion (noIZ) and 

lion (noIL), the implication is that ZION and LIONS (that's the 

people fighting for knowledge, understanding... the truth... and the 

continuation of civilization... their very existence (ours), might be the center of... or the heart.. of civilization.  

Where are we?  Adamah.

Earth, Zion, Eden.. the key is I am Messiah.  Ezekiam.

Not more than a few days ago, I started screaming about Adam in Eden being the "Lion of Judah," with some links to "Mercury" here "Hg" -- God and Humanity... searching for Adam in the Garden. Closer to the truth, is Adam jumping up and down screaming about being Christ, and having nearly every single person he talks to either roll their eyes, or suggest therapy.  It's a strange day in age, where on the one hand awaiting the "Second Coming" (or the first), is a near universally accepted religious position... and at the same time, if you aren't coming on the clouds with a chariot of Fire under your feet, you'll probably wind up in the psych ward.

2 Maccabees 11:11 "They hurled themselves like lions against the enemy"

Is it a commentary on our society, or on religion?  Today, almost as universal, or perhaps more so.. is the regarding of "hearing voices" and receiving messages from beyond as the stuff of mental illness.. and this, is the stage that is set for the "return" of the Son of God.  In this place, called Eden, or Adamah, we have a scriptural path of light, one that draws us towards a family of Christ that links the Lion of Revelation 5:5, to the Blood of Exodus 7:14, the Wine of John 2:11, all in superposition now to the overlay of Adam and Eve(ryone) with El(ohim) and Asherah.

Friday, February 13, 2015

From Samatha and Jeanie to Betty, Julia, Sam and Magwitch, Miss Chavah, asah (woman/lettuce), chasa (attitude), huzzah (shifted)

See the rainbow, see the arc as a change in attitude, a frown to a smile, or darkness to light.  See the "perfect sign of the lord" as another gift of Prometheus, a "sign" in the sky... perhaps a sign that creation is still hidden.

erah/hare (USA/pregnant)
We are in creation, in a place where the unsealing of devarim shows us it is the "d" of Eden, it is the creators light, of chemistry and love, computers and linux.  See the highlight, that the light of computers is about understanding creation itself, the possibilities, and the simple fact that "computers" are here out of love and necessity, and that our entire "computer revolution/age" is a huge part of the message of creation, right down to ADonAi Eloslamdahlyoshimiah, knn, and Ants Marching.

honey/yoneh (equity/rest)
Adam 5, why rest on the sixth, or seventh day/seal?





ותשמ‎/And Law

oahly/Volhynia/nylhao (Et Ahli, Noahli, Manila)

Welcome to the Biblical Land of Egypt, today the Storm. Nero is MY MESSIAH... Mor... he son.

Nero sings, raelly.

To further place us in the "parable" of Exodus, where we will soon be concerned with technology, magic, quantum mechanics, and computer light... and also to further confirm the doublespeak of the message at hand, now to the tune... of the Doors.
The Plagues of Egypt.
3.1 1. Water into blood (דָם): Ex. 7:14–25
In short, we are in the Sangrael. As Aaron's rod turned water to blood, and Jesus water to wine... as the Lion of Revelation 5:5 is "Adam in Eden," all are a testament the goodness of family, to our way of life, to the fact that we are proverbially speaking "lions in a Den." You see, blood is thicker than water... and WINE is a language twist for "IN WE I TRUST."
The word Eden too, is an anachronistic proof that the transition to Greek, Latin, and English was known at the time of writing the Old Testament. EDen means paradise, and aside from perhaps a "functional" relationship to home, has no connection to the word "Den" or "Lions." The use of Lion in Revelation, along with the repeated references to the periodic table, serve as proof not that religon came from here,but that it is about now, and that the future was known to the "hidden author."
I'll get back to this one, shortly, in the meantime, Morrison's answer to "Frogs" is pertinent.
3.2 2. Frogs (צְּפַרְדֵּעַ): Ex. 7:25–8:11
There's blood in the streets, it's up to my ankles
 Blood in the streets, it's up to my knee
 Blood in the streets in the town of Chicago
 Blood on the rise, it's following me
3.9 9. Darkness (חוֹשֶך): Ex. 10:21–2
Come on baby, light my fire
Try to set the night on fire

The time to hesitate is through
No time to wallow in the mire
Try now we can only lose
And our love become a funeral pyre
3.7 7. Thunderstorm of hail and fire (בָּרָד): Ex. 9:13–35
Riders on the storm
Into this house we're born
Into this world we're thrown
Like a dog without a bone

Make him understand
The world on you depends
Our life will never end
There's more, just to use all of Nero's lyrics, this one tying us directly to the sixth seal of Revelation: theinfamous you and I verse, or UNIverse--for short:
Now touch me, baby
Can't you see that I am not afraid?
Now, I'm gonna love you
Till the heavens stop the rain
I'm gonna love you
Till the stars fall from the sky for you and I

Jim Morrison, The Doors
It's probably worth a quick mention, this parallels both the 4th day of creation, and the 6th seal; the stars going up... and then back down. It sounds a little bit like Isaac Newton's and Adam's Apple. Both of course, due to the gravity of the situation. Seriously, if you haven't guessed, we're talking about "The Heavens" here.
If you haven't gotten the implication, Nero is just another euphemism for doublespeak, this time in the lyrics of songs. As I found, and you will see, there's always just a bit left out... sometimes its the twist to a happy ending. It is clear, to me at least, that this is the intention, the song titles themselves, "Peace," and "light my fire" have the stuff of a bright happy turn, on what otherwise would be Plagues of Darkness.

NIN and Stargate

And now, here we are. Reading a book about "the colors of fire," I'm about to bring blood into the conversation, yet I am fully intent on getting a happy ending, and coming out shining like a bright morning star. Nix that, like the sun rising for the very first time.
It's difficult to segue through a discussion on Hell without turning a few smiles upside down, but it's pretty on topic right now, with all the fire and blood talk. So here's the short talk, to be much more clearly discussed in the next few chapters.

A Hell of Darkness

This is what we are trying to avoid, walking in the dark, as Jesus says. Making it more clear, we are trying to avoid forgetting whether through systemic secrecy, fear of disaster, our outright subterfuge information that we need to survive, and to "pursue happiness." More to the point, we are striving to continue evolution at all its echelons. I'm up to three now, and I'm going to throw down the Hammer of Thor, or Ha'thor, right after the hammer of Judah Maccabee.
If we were using the alphabet as a kind of GPS on our position in the story, we just jumped from J of K (that's the one immediately following J, to J of L (jolinar, the hamer of thor... j of l, i near... linear?) and then to the J of M, Judah Maccabee (which means Hammer, in Hebrew)
Thor's and Judah's hammer's are tightly intertwined, now, but they might not always have been that way... in fact, truth be told, prior to the need for a "lesson" (that's what Torah means) on advanced technology, we may never have had a problem (and in fact, social evolution, of which we are proud graduates), is the solution to a Hell of Silence and Apathy.

The Hammers of God

So what are these hammer's doing? Lost somewhere between a "Fall" from Eden and Earth is the knowledge of exactly where we are. Certainly, at least it was lost by the masses, if we ever did have it before now. Truth be told, we have not lost the knowledge, nor have we lost Eden; we are still in the Garden of God. This fact is the crux of the story of Exodus, of a battle between "true magic" and "illusion" that proves nothing short of the existence not of simply mind control, but of "computer light." You see, the Garden of Eden is built in a simulated reality. It is not until the here and now, a time when the masses comprehend with understanding what it actually means, what the possibilities are, and what the repercussions should be, that "Eden" would mean much more than a naked couple that didn't know how to farm.
This "right time," is the very nature of the light of our religion. That we have had, but could not use this valuable information, information which, at the right time could save the hungry, heal the suck, and bring about a new golden age. At an inopportune time, one in which we might be reminded of a microcosmic metaphor that expands scarcity of resources to simply being "false," in a world where you cannot power the "Garden" from the inside... in that world, it could mean the difference between life and death. One is inevitable, and the other is the goal of religion. Here in this Garden, they seem to be intertwined, and this might just be the shining light, of humanity.
Where we are, in this place where I will soon tell you Eden, Egypt, and Earth are in maloviously clear superposition, complete with the lessons of Christ, Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Darth Vader, the Emperor, Moses and the Rod of Aaron, tightly intertwined. In a similar manner, a number of levels of "macro-evolution" are also intertwined. Bush's poignant comments begin the conversation, time and chance, which happeneth, are the spark of biological evolution, the cause of life itself. After that, the first level of macro-evolution is social evolution, which is the fire of civilization, its spark... communication, collaboration, and tools. The beginning of the C's of Maccabee, and those of Sinbad. It is the great lessons of society, clearly outlined by Cain and Abel, that we are not to forget the need for a Garden that is tended by ourselves. Self sufficiency, but more to the point, not forgetting how to Farm and Fish, as we would be remiss to forget how to start a Fire without Flint. At the same time, social evolution is the driving force behind the communion and compatriotism that are engendered by communication and collaboration... ultimately for the love for one another which embodies the words "family," and "humanity." This is nothing short of the fire of Prometheus.
Cousins in Christ,
The Seas, ouI See.

Christ: as Saturn, Sam, Jesus, and Seas

See how "Saturn, as Sam YosemiteS" really intertwines Society and Technology. It is the astrological symbol for saturn which superimposes the "how" of the second chr() in Christ, and I have replaced with "sem," the "save everyone messiah." It is this third level of evolution, technological evolution that we have been speeding through since the turn of the industrial revolution, and more poingniantly an explosion in computing and physics that is the true "technological singularity" of which we are the proud recipients. It is the union of the values of "Sam," father of the "Sons of Liberty," (sol), see our light... with the values of Saturn which is the key to successfully navigating the current time.
In December, he was celebrated at what is perhaps the most famous of the Roman festivals, the Saturnalia, a time of feasting, role reversals, free speech, gift-giving and revelry. Saturn the planet and Saturday are both named after the god.
In December, he was celebrated at what is perhaps the most famous of the Roman festivals, the Saturnalia, a time of feasting, role reversals, free speech, gift-giving and revelry. Saturn the planet and Saturday are both named after the god. Under Saturn's rule, humans enjoyed the spontaneous bounty of the earth without labor in the "Golden Age" described by Hesiod and Ovid.
Saturn's name was derived from satu, "sowing." Even though this etymology looks implausible on linguistic grounds (for the long quantity of the a in Sāturnus and also because of the epigraphically attested form Saeturnus) nevertheless it does reflect an original feature of the god.
Saturninus was a popularist politician who had proposed reduced-price grain distribution to the poor of Rome. The Saturnian imagery played on the tribune's name and his intent to alter the social hierarchy to his advantage by basing his political support on the common people (plebs) rather than the senatorial elite.
I am getting ahead of myself but this is the crux of where we are. You see, framed so gently by the Burning Bush, we are in a place where we are to recognize, and hopefully learn from the lessons which are so carefully placed all around us. Not only in our religious works, but in the work of contemporary philosophers, scientists, farmers, and every mother and father that brings their child to art classes, little league, to school in the morning... and takes pride and finds happiness in their achievements. To "something out there," perhaps beneath the "pale moon light," someone is wishing on a bright star...
Back to the doors, which were not brought up simply to further the argument that "Exodus" && "Revelation" is about the here and now.. the early 21st century, to be exact; or just that it is the beginning of the Revelation of Jesus Christ, "elabetally" also. But because it offers a solution to the puzzle, one which has been cleverly inserted in Culture, Exodus and Revelation... long before I had the privelege of being able to read with "eyes to see." I've note the intentionally misspelling with italics, keep it in mind as I will return to it in the next chapter. The doors, together with a simple illogical line in Revelation tie together... with my experience... two ideas which are a posed solution to the issue at hand. They are, together with the eye of Osiris, (please read Siri, and think of an Apple phone) the unification of the concepts Jacob's Ladder and Aaron's Rod. Simply, Doors between heaven and Earth.
The idea is simple, that there is magic available, and that it must be preserved, that together we will do the right thing, solve a great puzzle, and create a testament to the goodness of humanity... but that we need information and tools in order to make it happen. The music of the Doors serves to insert that name in the context of both Jacob and Aaron... who are here and well with us today, metaphorically speaking.

The Rod of Iron

And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, 
to him will I give power over the nations:

And he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels 
of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: 
even as I received of my Father.

Revelation 2:26-27
It is this line that I call "illogical," and that illogic was the beginning of my Revelation, that it was part... if not the key... to the hidden message which I am reveling to you today. Through my journey, I have questioned whether or not "Christ" actually lived, and walked the Earth as we have; this single line was my primary example used to prove that no man of the values and ideals of Him would "rule them with an iron rod."
It is with the addition of the eye of Osiris, eyes to see, or perhaps we only need James R. Osgood; that the message becomes maloviously clear. The rod is not a scepter, but rather Doors, and Christ's iron the most appropriate I could imagine. You see, Iron is not to remind you of the "Pearly Gates of St. Peter," but in true Christian ideals to the superimposed dual purpose of elucidating that the light of the world is all around us, even in the Periodic Table itself. Iron's symbol is Fe, and Christ's doors are For Everyone. Not only do we now see that "iron" was a hidden pointer proving knowledge of the periodic table of the elements, at the time of writing the New Testament, but that the ideals of Saturn and Sem, of the message to the power of humanity were maloviously lying in wait, for the here and now.

The Dendera Light, in the Temple of Ha'Thor

The culmination of the holy fire, the intertwining of technological and social evolution, the light of the Dendera reliefs buried under the temple of Hathor... in Ancient Egypt. dendera_comparison
The "Dendera light" is a technology of electrical lighting supposedly in existence in ancient Egypt, proposed by some fringe authors. Proponents argue that the technology is depicted in the Hathor temple at the Dendera Temple complex located in Egypt on three stone reliefs (one single and a double representation), which resemble some modern electrical lighting systems. Egyptologists reject the theory and explain the reliefs as a typical set of symbolic images from Egyptian mythology.
Armed with the knowledge of the existence of mind control and the technological evolution in progress, the story told by these reliefs begin to make sense. They complement the message, from "Ancient Egypt" to our modern time, that they knew of the existence of mind control, that it was responsible for creating their occult religion, and they tell a very clear story. It is not clear to me whether or not this story is a recording of a historical event, or a prophesy of a future event; however knowing that mind control is still being used in much the same way as they depicted it in the reliefs, I hope it is an alternative to the story of Revelation. Regardless of whether or not the stories were meant to be related, they both share the common principles of mechanical mind control being used in order to subvert the will of the human civilization. This explanation of the device depicted in the Dendera reliefs makes much more sense to me than the fringe "light bulb" explanation, and complements the mainstream mythological explanation. Much of the myth's of ancient Egypt depict accurately the use of advanced technology by observers who would have known it as nothing less than "powerful magic."

The "song and bælät", Holy is its Name

The Family of Christ, Holy Wine, The Eternal Flame, and a Lit XPath from the SEA

Nowhere is all of creation is such a perfectly crafted and almost universally receivable message so hidden from us, in such glowing neon, that the defacto response may as well be to smack your head with your palm and scream "of course!" before even reading what the message is. From Revelation to Exodus, Eden and America... between Star Frogs and Alice in Wonderchains, our princess LeAH stands tall in copper lighting the morning's glory with liberty and guidance for all...
The Holy Light of religion here is one of Liberty, as should be more than clear by now, as "Uncle Sam" and America are "chosen microcosms" for Humanity, Earth, civilization in general... but specifically dealing with the light of liberty, that is exemplified in the placard of the Statute Of Liberty, the Sons ofLiberty... See Our Light... up in the sky, SOL itself. Tightly packed in a message of love and family, we see that equality and liberty are the abiblical manifestation of what it means to be in Eden rather than inEdom (_here, maybe more clearly, a kingdom with no king), or in _Egypt, a part of the story that frankly is the wilderness of not realizing that all around us, a conversation about liberty and society has been framed by creation, all the way back to The Doors, or, the _Rod's _of Aaron and Christ.
Riding on the Storm of Revelation, seeing a bright fire and perfect storm outside, perhaps we only need to see that the eternal flame that Morrison is asking to be lit is the very light of Prometheus, civilization itself. All the way through to Revelation, we might see that ZIon and the LIons are at the very heart of not only our society, civilization, but that they clearly elucidate a link between religion, creation, and language... one where the heart of the word parallels the focus of the message "hidden" in language itself. Civation. ILIZ.
You see, Adam in Eden is the obvious answer to "who is the Lion of Judah" from Revelation 5:5, and the perfect storm of clarity gets sweeter and more lovely as we see it is because of Family, Lions in a Den, and that in beautiful superposition we are lit by a conviction of purpose that proves both prescience and goodness simultaneously. The SEA of Eden, Seth, Eve, and Adam widens like the delta of a great river, and we are midway through at Revelation when "it" hits us on the head... it is the multitude, out of the sea, all the way from Genesis to Revelation 15:2
And I saw what looked like a sea of glass glowing with fire and, standing beside the sea.
I might have convinced you already, but there is so much more. You see, the Darkness of Egypt, the only real plague before us; is one of not knowing intent, or understanding the meaning of the hidden messages throughout religion. You see, the plague of blood... obviously now, is about the family of Eden changing from a "sea of strangers" to the "family of Christ," the wine of the Holy Grail, it is the AH -- all humanity -- that links the Fe Rod of Christ to the Ladder of Jacob, to the First Plague and the miracle of Wine from Water. The hidden meaning is that the sea is people, and without knowing that, we might be inclined to walk on water, or part a sea, without even realizing what the metaphor is about. Not knowing.
Much like the Sea of Eden, Adam in Genesis has a dual meaning--of a single amythical man, and the whole of mankind... more clear in English: Eve could be just short of Everyone... here just missing a little honey. I can here someone in the back, "how can you be so sure?" Well, if the confluence of liberty and light in Eden hasn't lit this particular Menor_AH _just yet, perhaps a few more alphabetical examples of Hebrew and English langolier'ing us onto the right path. Ashes from Esh, the Holy Fire that is civilization parallel the union of Adam and Eve in Eden to El of Elohim and his consort, ASHerAH.
Until I saw its near flawless design, I wouldn't have been sure that the answer to this question (often inlangolier denoted by the "er" which has almost always meant either both, or neither) was again clearly both... and why? All humanity, and Adam's Sigma Heart... show us that the heart Adam wears on his sleeve is clearly For Everyone.
oh desert speak to my heart
adam and eve live down the street from me
in a moment we lost our minds here
and dreamt the world was round
run to the water
with a nuclear fire of love in our hearts
you are like a secret garden
like the sky when the sun's going down
and I know we're going to be alright
and even if the oceans divide us
so right every day and every night
by the fire with the snow outside
I was growing down; now I'm growing up
with you in my blood

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