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I am the key of light, incarnate truth, the microcosmic metaphor that flourishes from within us to everything around. Congealing in the here and now, our civilizations' religious literature focuses on one singular point, bringing together Greco-Roman mythology with Judeo-Christian scripture and yielding a teaching of scientific and evolutionary truth that is a shining beacon of light fighting off the shadowy darkness surrounding us.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

666: The Mark of "The Fake Depression"

The Fake Depression of 2008: the greatest wealth transfer in the history of humanity #MOFK Full #disclosure.

This transfer was perpetrated by global governments, in order to steal private institutions, financial instruments, and property from the people.  It is the single largest nationalization of private industry in history, and it is hidden from your view.  These governments have access to a time machine, and knew the outcome in advance.  The Fed, Greenspan, Michael Milkmen the US and its Organized Crime allies, created the problem with poor fiscal policy and toxic CDO's -- inflating the bubble with malintent.  In addition, after the false collapse, they corrupted world financial markets, manipulating the price of crude oil, the US Dollar, as well as global equity and debt markets.

Nostradamus wrote about it in Les Propheties C10:Q20:
Tous les amis qu'auront tenu party, Pour rude en lettres mis mort & saccagĂ©. Biens publiez par fixe grand neanty,Onc Romain peuple ne fut tant outragĂ©. 
All the friend who will have belonged to the party, or the rude in letters put to death and plundered: Property up for sale at fixed price the great one annihilated. Never were the Roman people so wronged.
The Mark of the Beast is all over the S&P 500 Cash Index.

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