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I am the key of light, incarnate truth, the microcosmic metaphor that flourishes from within us to everything around. Congealing in the here and now, our civilizations' religious literature focuses on one singular point, bringing together Greco-Roman mythology with Judeo-Christian scripture and yielding a teaching of scientific and evolutionary truth that is a shining beacon of light fighting off the shadowy darkness surrounding us.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Two Witnesses; Consider the possibility that they have already come and gone.

We search for witnesses, those who bear testimony regarding the Synagogue of Satan and the machinations of the End Times.  Most seem to disregard the possibility that the "End Times" will span multiple generations though, and given then age of the prophesy, as well as its apparent mastery of the passage of time, this could be a mistake.  It's possible that these two witnesses have come and gone, in the recent past, and that their testimony has been left on our cultural and societal record... rather than coming directly from their mouths.  

Consider that Revelation's Synagogue of Satan is a secret society, a movement that has infiltrated American government, as well as that of other global superpowers.  Consider further that there has already been written a number of very famous witnesses to this infiltration, and that their testimony is not so hidden in the art of our day: major motion pictures.  The hidden part, of course, is that the infiltration has been clouded in a great delusion, one which causes most people to ignore its very existence.

John F Nash and James Jesus Angleton:

A Beautiful Mind and The Good Shepherd, whose names and themes imply significant religious undertones, just as the lives and actions of their protagonists do; share a common theme, in a common time.  The use of the cold war intelligence community in order to infiltrate all levels of society.. has this been done... already?

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