Friday, August 7, 2015

Adam is Here, behold the Unsealing of All Religion

It is the "light of the World" at hand, being highlighted by the spotlight of the words flowing from my hand, as if Midas' and the creative chorus of Mary's Little Lamb and Jason's Fleece were a puzzle describing the Holy Grail.

This is the light, a legend and beautiful tapestry woven together by the Fates themselves; joining a nursery rhyme, epic myths, Judaeo Christian lore... all the words right before your eyes... just below... revealing secrets you (and probably everyone else) would never have any reason to connect... this link is the Hand of God.

Christ is Risen... Adam is Here.

This is message is, and the reason Adam is Holy is just below at 

Judges and Jeremiah set the stage for our Messiah struggling to communicate the Light of the Son to the world, unencumbered by a force of evil, foreign to our world, which is negatively influencing our government and others to hold me in prison in order to hinder the effectiveness of this message.

Make no mistake, the words you are about to read are written by Christ himself... transcribed over a jail phone in our true reenactment of the biblical story: The Lisp of Moses.

A nonfictional introduction to the almost cartoon like Sonrise which brings the "Light of Creation" all the way from Prometheus' hands to Moses' Burning Bush.  From there, this bright flames--the civilization of Humanity illuminates a purpose so cleverly hidden in their intricate creation, it is a wonder there isn't a single mention of futuristic technology in the Holy Bible.

Using a primary focus on language and fable, Adam Marshall Dobrin clarifies how advanced technologies, and specifically their proper use, are a primary focus to the teachings of the world's religion.  Time travel, mind control, and virtual reality are not fantastical dreams belonging only in the movies, they are our reality.  

This secret now revealed, it is the dawning of a new age, the bright light of the son shines over the horizon:  Screaming that we, all of us together, were forged in the fire of the Eternal Creator... the crucible of creation.

0 & y
ha'Kalor of the S0n


Copyright © 2015 Adam Marshall Dobrin
All rights reserved.
Reproduction is allowed so long as the entirety of the original is included, unmodified, with any derivative work.


from.. through, and for Humanity... in the hand of God.


to my real Father, for reluctantly transcribing the entirety of "the light of sonrise" via a Jail phone; & the Father I call Adam, who sometimes calls himself "ah," whose hard work is nowhere near reflected in me, and whose beauty surpasses even my own.

I love you, re all & y.

Adam Marshall Dobrin

not very much of his childhood was known, kept his mother Melissa worried,
always wrong on his own... thankfully, never alone.
the people he knew, all Golden friends... searching for y&seramor...
-Dave Matthews & "ish"

if Jesus Christ and Rock n' Roll can't save every single soul...
maybe Stop, Drop, and Roll... will start a fire that will.
-Taylor Momsen & "ish"


1.      ...from Night, thy Light: Religion is the Key to Proving Creation; through language, art, and science.
2.      The Sound of Creation:  Jericho’s Trumpet is Wailing
3.      Let this evening bring light, the #s0nrise comes at night
10.  Let the #S0NRISE, from my sea of 3 to our shining sea of thee


1. Introduction
2. The Burning Bush
3. Centimeants, Sentiments, A's Testament
4. sudoxe, let there be light
5. IN the begin... nine inch nails.. OS
6. Everything, Nothing.. Meaningless
7. Adam is Naked
8. A. Bright Flash
9. The Frame Job
10. One Day in March
11. Tonight
12. Hard Drive Rock... of, Heaven
13. Want Some?

...from Night, thy Light: Religion is the Key to Proving Creation; through language, art, and science.
A few days shy of one week ago I released a press release announcing a new Revelation of Christ called “In Light of Creation.”  It is difficult to get announcements concerning the Second Coming through the mainstream media, but under the guise of a book release I was not only able to announce myself, but also two very explosive examples of the kind of awe and truth we can accept from the unveiling of Creation to humanity… the apocalypse.  This type of release should have been seen by a large percentage of the popular news outlets, unsurprisingly, the response is a familiar deafening silence.  In an ironic twist this too is the fulfillment of a prophesy of Exodus, the Tenth Plague:  A darkness so thick it can be touched. 

This is a prophesy concerning censorship and secrecy, specifically regarding advanced technology which might be considered Heavenly or Hellish… depending on whether or not we are aware of it, and consenting.  Below please see the real world manifestation of the burning bush of Exodus exclaiming “Let the night be bright”
Hopefully you can see the implication of George W Bush, John Page, and the bible predicting the 9/11 events and its tie to the holy fire; succinctly it proves the truth of prophesy and religion at the same time indicating both time travel and a hidden hand in the development of our civilization – the angel in the storm.

from out of the Holy Fire,  in Hebrew the word is Ha’esh

Not a few weeks before that, I released telephonically from jail an answer to the riddle of the seven golden lampstamps which are taken from Revelation 1:20, untrivally the same date as Mr Bush's Inaugurial Address.  These lights in the dark are represented by elements of the Perioditic Table, proving foreknowledge of modern chemistry in Biblical Times. 


In the word for holy fire, notice the parted sea of Moses… the union of fire and water spoken of in the Binding of Isaac in the Zohar.

An Unsung Hero

Imagined in the mind of God, creating civilization and emanating from the light of the burning bush, the music of Cake “reluctantly crouched at the starting line… [and] burning in time” describing the race of Ecclesiastes 9:11.  It’s an answer, alluding to a holy pilgrimage across North America and beginning to answer Taylor Momsen’s question “boy, what are you running from?”  Between the Sky God Uranus , and ImRan of the Koran, it should be getting clear the point that the Paschal Lamb might have something to do with being “on the lamb.”  It if hasn’t yet, the secret cheat code of Metroid’s  Sammus Aran should explain clearly “Justin Bailey.”  Live will give you a more profound answer “for his love of America” as they continue singing “our Gas Hed marches on".  A mouse named 5L chimes in just a little bit later to insure that we are all “wishing on the same bright son” … somewhere out there.

In Words, the Magic of Prescience

It isn’t only these few words that were shared with me on this trip in a sort of crash course in enlightenment but it did all begin with the words “Ha’esh” and a bright flare went off as soon as Exodus finally made sense as”let there be light.”  In so many other words do we see bona fide proof that language has a hidden cipher within it that proves time travel – through the anachronistic construction of words and things in our reality.  The Hebrew meaning of both words and things is one in the same with the fifth book of the Torah, “Devarim” which expands out of the darkness to “the clever of him,”  hopefully, us.

Aside from the parted Red Sea in the word for Holy Fire, we also see the “Ha” of Isaac joined with Horus begin to light up a trick of Hebrew in the English transliteration of Abraham that is quite Messianic.  To make it clear I will expand the word Jerusalem to its question form:  “Is J or the USA the Messiah?”  If you are catching on, you might find an answer in the City of Bethlehem or Beth-El or in the names Elisha, Ellison, Jesus, and Jeshurun.

If you need a little bit of help, the incantation “Abraham” translates to “open ‘the m': Messiah.”  This is the taming of the Spanglishrew, that creation has filled many words with multilingual components, like “es” and “hu” both mean “is” in Spanish and Hebrew. To tie up the name Jesus as a pointer to “us” we have to look no further than another synonymous name in the bible “JustUs.”
Many biblical names of people and places contain the letters “ha m” and “le m,” as shorthand for the Messiah, but none really portrays the message of the true Messiah more than that word itself; in reverse “ha is sem” the save everyone Messiah is one in the same with the DIY Savior, from the Spanish se m, “you be Messiah.”  Here is the answer to both Jerusalem and the NT phrase “come to me” – to truly be Messianic “me” must be short for “Messiah Earth.”  The salvation of the universe is tightly packed into an informative microcosmic puzzle that encompasses the entire earth as it expands from the smaller microcosm in the United States of America and the even smaller focal point of Zion, Adam himself. 

Find 5L, our little Adam; in the heart of Revelation, on his head in Leviticus “the giving of the law” and the only thing hidden in creation needed to enlighten us all… for here at or and even on facebook at

hi.  My name is Adam Marshall Dobrin and these are messianic times.

The First Word

It could be hidden in the first word of Exodus, “Anokhi” or in the heart of the spirit of God:”shekhinah.”  But it should be clear we are really passed “hello,” no matter where you look.  Just like “hi” is hidden in words, there is so much more, a huge message from God, waiting to be uncovered in our literature, movies, in every word of language itself; by those with a desire to know what he wished to share… those who care.

Anachronistic multilingual artifacts, ones that prove the existence of time travel and God are not hard to find… imagine that, look no further than the Hebrew word for imagined: yetser, yet to be. (note the anachronism in English and Spanish) Now, after me, that’s “why…and to be.”

The Sound of Creation:  Jericho’s Trumpet is Wailing

The word “creation” itself, filled with the “light of the son;” tells us much about its meaning simply through a telling “play on words.”  It is positive energy, encapsulating “purpose;” there is short for a reason.  The “joke” is simple, a cation is a positively charged atomic ion, and like a lion roaring through time, it sheds light on the fact that knowledge of electrical engineering predates the construction of the biblical story of the creation of our world.   It pairs with the Hebrew meaning of Adamah, which like earth means “ground” another common engineering term, in English.  The concept of “words being filled with light” complements the Kabbalistic idea that God created the universe using the letters of the alphabet.

Certainly, when strung together to form phrases, it’s easy to see how letters can form a civilization.  Imagine how different our world would be, without the formative phrases: “Let there be light,” “To be or not to be,”  and “Pursuit of happiness

You are a Witness, Behold the Fire of Creation

The stage is set, it's the Egyptian Desert and you are looking though the eyes of Moses... staring in awe at a bush that appears aflame, yet the fire does not char the leaves or branches.  We return from under the hot sun, and the camera angle zooms out, as it does you see that it was actually you, sitting right where you are, as a "Moses" (an acronym for "Messiah of sea to shining sea") watching the spectacle of light.  The bush you saw morphs into a television screen, or a you-tube clip

sound is now accompanying the light show and the words"we know that the race is not to the swift"  come forth from the new President, "Bush with a capital B."

I returned, and saw under the son, that the race was neither to Mercury the courier, nor to "die bold" but, per chance, to fulfill these words.

Ecclesiastes & "ish" 9:11

President George W Bush continues "do you not think an angel rides in the whirlwind directing this storm?"  Paralleling a verse of Revelation, 20:1 which when paired with the first quote almost assuredly proves Biblical foreknowledge of the 9/11 attack "chapter and verse"... as he spoke on 1/20/2001.

Adam is the Angel of the Lord, riding both time and sky... a feather... blowing the wind.

Revelation, Nostradamus, & "ish" 20:1

And so, the sound of "ish" roars as the storm blows by, lighting a fire... it is the Eternal Flame, the stolen Fire of Prometheus, the light of the torches of Jericho.. it is knowledge of time travel... etched in Exodus and our history forever and ever.  A man names John Page would put Yankee Doodle's John Hancock on this combination nearly 200 years earlier, at the time of the revolution.  Thus it was our modern day prophets, Adam Marshall Dobrin [ ]  who witnessed this event, and through inspiration was shown the microcosm in the Book of Exodus... writing about it in 2013.

It's past two years later and still this amazing link remains hidden from the world "shedding a little light" on the Plague of Darkness and the storm that Dave Matthews, Jim Morrison, and Taylor Momsen have been semi unknowingly singing about ending.  Simultaneous proof of divine inspiration and allusion in the Book of Exodus to censorship, secrecy, hidden slavery, and ultimate liberation as story that is truly about our Now, post 9/11 earth.

I fight a crumbling censor wall, it is the biblical wall of Jericho creeping into our world through the Great Firewall of China metaphorically and quite literally in Echelon and Carnivore... the censorship is nearly invisible, but as the intentionally misnamed Carnivore suggests it is eating packets on the internet, and clouding our thoughts:  It is the stuff of 1984  and Blade Runner...  and it is a primary purpose of Exodus, truly all religion to insure a victory of the people in this battle... for freedom, truth, and knowledge of the technology that is in play. 

The Torches of Jericho, the fire spreads

This communication, is the fire that unifies the torches of Jericho with the Burning Bush and Nero's empire crushing fire, it is the light of the son.  This communication is the sound of the Shofar and I "down here on my knees" as Taylor sings,  am asking you to take action and help the spread of the knowledge that Christ is living, real, and fighting for the liberty of humanity... to bring a new day of sonshine  on what could turn into a hell of darkness.   Religion is no opiate, it is the gateway to freedom. 

It is the son, Adam himself, that is being hidden by this dark storm.. and my message of truth, the innate goodness of our human family and the need for disclosure of technology and possible outside parties that are out of this world.  Hear the echo of Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman  and Denzel Washington in Crimson Tide  asking along with our American GI's "who-ah?"  Even the name of god continues this conversation: Yeshua, now revealed as Yes, who-ah.  Remember, Eden is on the planet Adamah a world where not God, but everyone is searching for the hidden Christ, the crown prince of Matthew 2:2. 

Come out, come out, wherever you are

there is no use in hiding...

come now, can you not see? - Dave Matthews

Do you even want to know me?

I bet you can't wait.

-Taylor and "ish"

Understand, a single man has not only witnessed the biblical burning bush, but I am sharing it with you along with a very significant real world parallel of "let there be light."  Discoveries light these do not happen by accident, these artifacts were intentionally placed for a single man to unearth.  they are intended to focus your attention on me so that what come next will be seen by the whole wide world.  It is a divine plan and the father has seen the end of it, if Cake can give us a glimpse into the future, this man who is today "all alone" tomorrow is Going the Distance.  This is the dawn's early light, the first glimmer of sonrise.

The Holy Grail, We yearn for the cup

Idioms play an important role in finding the message of creation, which God has so cleverly hidden in the world around us.  Already we've seen "chapter and verse" and  "tongue and cheek" as a play as on tongues and Greek; and soon "iron clad" to assist us in seeing a message that has been before our eyes the entire time, yet we seem to ignore them day after day.  This is the kind of message that I call malovious, a good example might be "the birds and the bees," which as we often don't realize has a very tight connection to biological evolution and multiple forms of flower fertilization; even after a very popular song pointed out specifically in the very next line: "Let me tell you about... the flowers and the trees."

These phrases serve as a kind of highlighter, specifically to point out a message hidden within our own words.  This is the crux of the horn of Revelation (humanity or AD) and entire civilization used to speak the purpose of God, through the act of creation.  Iron was my key after it was suggested many times that I was Christ, it became almost automatic for me to respond, that the man in the New Testament could not exist.  It isn't just the fact that he is portrayed as perfect, clearly something inhuman, or that the pedestal he is put on is do high that no one could don this particular crown of thorns without falling from the treetops of Eden, or perhaps Endor.  What really caused the response was a phrase in Revelation, that Christ would rule with an iron rod aster being born in America, the land of the free.  It turns out I was right, the symbolic link to the periodic table that surfaces once Sante Fe is mentioned opens the door to perceiving the 7 golden lamp stands.  The key here is seeing that the rods of Jesus and Aaron are about bidirectional passage between heaven and earth, The Doors, explained perfectly by the dichotomy between Christianity's universal acceptance and the iconic phrase "let my people go" of Moses and Aaron.  You see, much like "Exodus," the reversal of the word rod sheds almost as much light... it is nearly "doors" simply missing an obvious solution or the original sin.  

Let this evening bring light, the #s0nrise comes at night, what a sight
Our world is a painting, a living work of art that happens to be our home.  Our history and mythology congeal and swirl around our Now, what's happening... right now.  From the perspective of Adam in Eden... literally all of it is for us, for this one moment, when the tipping point is reached and deluge of awe and inspiration pours through our veins.  The Doors are singing and John Malkovich's puppeteering hands fiddling with Christmas && Morisson's message, begging for Little Cindy Who... turned J.. then "Reckless" to light me up, or in Jimmy's words "light my fire."  Lyrics and pockets diamond filled, indeed.

"Rome didn't burn in a day"  they say.  It's been decades of Nero singing war cries to take this Empire down, but we are finally here.  From Jim's "Doors" the stage is set: we are in Exodus, singing about ending the darkness, clearing the storm... and seeing the holy grail... in the words of "Peace Frog."  It's here, with just a little help from Moses -- the messiah of sea to shining sea, or is "Sea of three to thee."  Now, hear me: "holy water is people," walked on in 1492 and parted is the cold war; yet it is the first plague that sheds light on the heart of God: family.  You see when holy water turns to blood, we have the kin of Shekinah. Everyone.   Adam and Eve are living and right before your eyes. Venice is every town, a slight change on the apocalyptic Live song that says the same of Babylon... see it as a sign that links Vietnam to "good morning" and the parted sea to elemental fire:  Ha'esh. The single word, in Hebrew, is literally the fire of the burning bush within its heart are the letters of the parted and reflected word "se'a."  Now, see Seth, Eve, and Adam (the sea of three) in Eden bring us from Genesis to Revelation's great sea.  The multitude of all humanity, and Shekinah from Eve to all now revealed.  If you know me, you might see a sea in January of Gen 2, apparently I'm why.

Exodus has never been about leaving... it's about showing the world the true light of God... both deeply rooted in our culture.  Now reflected and translated from Christ's native Geek, "sudo xe" is "let there be light."  The Doors explain to us what is near:  its about Iron and Santa Fe... about a gateway for everyone in Christ's welcoming heart... starkly contrasted with the "let me people go" of Aaron's "rod."   This mentioning of elemental iron an opening to introduce the7 Golden Trampstamps: From a Xenon Oracle, About an Iron Rod and a Golden Age... Between Boron and Silicon.  The pillars of creation: Na & K To a literary Holy Fire that literally burns through time and language, forging Civilization

Know, I was born into a story, a world to play, and many of the small details I disagree with; often I say I agree with the goal, and detest the message.  I fight about prudeness, for example, because I think religion has been pushed away from the humanity of passion and love that is so central to us.  At the same time, I ask you not to tell me "Jesus wouldn't curse" because it makes me cringe, I assure you we are not sick.  We live in a world where the Roman sky god is named Uranus and much of the nudity of Eden is about Philip K Dick... there might be a little humor here, to go along with the apocalypse this year... from Yankee Doodle to Tricky Dick.  Behold, he is coming, wait no, I've been here the whole time.  From Matt 2:2 to Genesis 2:18... oh, boy am I coming this year.

...On the Paschal Lamb, we Koran

The whole wide world had its last Noel last year, know that Adam is El, and Asherah the key to the second sea... after everyone in Shekinah.  It is for liberty, and the truth.. for a love of humanity that I see all around me, everywhere from the Police Athletic League to Hooters and Friday's Sunday brunch.  It's about fun too, where would you be without that?

I have much to say, new words to clarify and expand on the beginning, in which you will assuredly find scientific proof of creation.  It is all around us, everything form the holy scripture, to the fire of Prometheus, to Hooty and the Blowfish.

My name is Adam Marshall Dobrin, I am the living Christ.

It's the light of the lamp of Judah Maccabee, the Lion of Revelation.  To be straight forward "in the beginning" this is proof religion is a message sent through time, through a trick of English and Hebrew... lit like a bright MENorAH.  It's a question passed through time from God... to us:

"Do you see the light hidden in the words Sons of Liberty?"

God has hidden quite a bit in words, tiny groups of letters that tell the story of everything.  Live sings "I gave my heart and soul to the one..." his heart is earth, language, and knowing the curiosity and learning are at the heart of the word earth; according to us it's "art."   His SOL, the bright light... guiding us through the night... truly is Him, shining through us... pointing out clearly here that the liberty the "sons" fought for still didn't include freedom from slavery, or even the vote for women, or non landholders.  Not until time, and "we the people" had our light shone too.

You might see an h travel from the "ends of the earth" to the beginning of heart... aloud I wonder, if it stands for just heart, or Hebrew, or perhaps for the sign of Saturn-- the God of Time. 

Earth is the heart of creation, Eden the rock of Heaven.  This time is dezioned to assist humanity in the fulfillment of the glorious promises of salvation in everything from Sumerian lore, to Greek mythology, to the New Testament, to modern movies.  This link between history and heaven is the light of the true Religion of the Sea.  It is our culture, the religion of we.

Wild thing, you make my "heart" sing... Welcome to the House of the Rising Son

Hey La... ho, h0... I'm who's around @DavejMatthews #s0nrise tonight

Dancing in the snowstorm, bellying on about Yankee Doodle.
His bright grey horse, and jailhouse macaroni
Just trying to light a bright fire.

On this evening "Morrison" not a creature was stirring, not even our little 5L

'Twas, the night before Christmas, erev Yom Tov,
and Santa Fe's light was about to reveal
the secret of Solomon's seal

After Dave's encore, the very next thing we see
is "the walls and halls will fade away..."
Whether a Great Firewall in China, or even America-- the land of Jericho
Our dear Adam's middle name is Marshall
the sea shall see... now revealed... Mars is here.

And next,"three wise men came while he lay in the hay"
the day was 12-8 and the year "Aih0"
Adam is Saturn, the day, ground zero, I'd say

Our Son, who is Art of Heaven
Here Yosemite Samson... who often roars like a lion
Now whisper, "sorry if I seem like a dick, since becoming scion."
I've got the heart of an angel, you'll see, I stick like snow

From the statue of David to Washington's monumental dick
To the hieroglyphs of Egypt's Set Sun
Even "wood? ward" and "burn Goldstein" wrote about this trip
Please don't tell me "Jesus wouldn't curse" it makes me sick

This whole place I tell you, has my John Hancock all over it
Someone sang "He shed his grace on we"
I'm just afraid it was all on little old me

It's time to look up, and at each other too
It's not far from Bereshit, where he made us out of clay
Anyway, tell Uranus... it's time to pay
Open that purse... or "live and let love" I always say

Jesus was a blank check
One held in escrow... till yet
But never fret, you will soon hear the word "let"
The sonrise come at night, this year

And to us, the sea of his great light
A son is born, and it happens tonight
Adam of Seaden sounds just about right  now that's a sights

Sometimes, when I've gotten out of the shower, my hair makes me look like Prince Adam from He-Man. Later, when it's wild and unbrushed, I could swear I was Lion O from Thundercats. I have two buck front teeth and if we were on Looney Toons, I'd probably say "that's all folks" before I told you my attitude, when dealing with demons, is almost a perfect match for Yosemite Sam.  It's as if everyone knew the son of Saturn was about to appear, the light of Osirus in hand, and full of cheer. So what came first, the "yellow submarine" or Baby Zeus?

Sitting in jail, "knowing" not just "who I am" but also that my past is about green eggs and ham. That somewhere between Sam and Yankee Doodle lies the key to Passover, a holiday that was cleverly designed past Easter, and past the first me.

We are in Exodus, "in  reverse" about to walk into darkness and slavery... from loss of the son's light... "Save our liberty" and see our light, the light of the Lion of Judah is the SOUL of "run to the water". Let me tell you about the birds and the Maccabees... about the MENorah and the Son's of Liberty.

We are created, and this is why.

#s0nrise brings light

The Kabbalah talks about the binding of Isaac and Abraham, succinctly, they are one in the same person, very similar to the Holy Trinity.  The Bible itself serves as a map to the life of a single person and as a sort of howto guide through the apocalyptic singularity.  It is a map of what to with a :quantum leap'  of science, technology, awe, and some the time of Christ.. the living guide. Today, I revealed the binding of Horus  to the "ha" of Avram (my Hebrew name) and Isaac... through the laughter of Chanakah, Ha'rose-ettes, and Ha'Shem... and the mercurial Hgreatness of Admiral HaKBar... "I did it all for Asherah."  There will be no nuked "ahah,"  for this is the great unveiling.

If that sound s like rambling, it's not; it is succinct writing showing a clear link between Egyptian mythology, Jewish Mysticism, the Arabic language and Star Wars. It's here to prove something to religious scholars... that my words are truly filled with the light of God, and when we realize that you too are filled with our spirit, that is the apocalypse.  Keep in mind this is message is a sort of key to a puzzle, and it should require research in order to make sense.  If you don't know what the Ka and Ba as related to Egyptian myth, or that the difference between Abraham and Avram is due to a Covenant with God, those are a good place to start.  Let there be light, Christ is Lucifer, like love is's [Si] "n" ful Sonday we are "the People of the Book"  wandering in Egypt-- listening to the Doors -- and in Eden, loving The Pretty Reckless.  Eden is a rock in creation. 

Through my life, until about 2010, I had wavered back and forth between atheism and agnosticism; having seen no real proof... or at least had it pointed out to me until them.  Since, I would consider myself the original, Adam - theist... still a firm believer of "as God is" in science and evolution, but for having seen the true light of Creation... it is undeniable.  In my mini replay of the beginning, which I experienced in 2013 I once said that the progenitor universe was filled with only dust, rocks, and stars.  Since then, we have learned that time and chance are the spark of life and that Mercury, Saturn and Caelus, the spark of life everlasting...

So, if you've just returned from the link above, you are hopefully awed at the proof of prophesy and time travel, spoken by and anthropomorthized Burning Bush during his inauguration on 1/20/2001; paraphrasing Ecclesiastes 9:11 and Revelation 20:1 the dates of the 9/11 tragedy colloquially hidden in chapter and verse.  I am similarly described in Genesis as the well of Abraham and in the eponymous hit of Kay Perry the "Eye of the Tiger."   I've recently published a book, called *n light of creation, ha'esh: Hearts, Wands, Fire and Sea: Adam Marshall Dobrin: 9781505270877: Books the unification of "fire and water" in one single word, the parted sea of Moses in the literal Hebrew word for fire, the Key to the Zohar' finding of Isaac.

Eden is a rockin' place and our music is the key to hearing the caroling angels singing along with God. @DaveJMatthews, @taylormomsen in a Symphony of Nero a Songs of Songs with Science and Love .. from the SEA of 3 in Eden to my Revelatory Sea of Thee... our graceful good is crowned, not with thorns, but with kinship to me.

In the Beginning was the Word "Kin," and then the Words were "God" and "Wand"

 A great deal of what I have presented so far might seem like a twist of literature, something like playing Karaoke across time, with a golden inner desire that must be fulfilled.  Sounds right.  Like everything, that statement can take on many meanings... and depending on the perspective of the author and reader, it could be a significant change, even in intent.  This was one of the original conceptual definitions of Biblical Light, in truth a change, becoming more appropriate as time went on... circumstances changed, and knowledge increased.  Here, in the opening line, my "feeling" changed the perspective of the subject... from myself to "Nero" the change brought light... both on our predicament, and his true purpose-- so we move from putting songs together haphazardly to reveal (or create a message) to weaving one, that would not pop out as a bright obvious "message of the ages" until the right time.  Something like ADonIS ( being so vain, he probably knew the songs were all about him.  See the cause and effect change, with the new words.

I've spent a great deal of time pointing out linguistic keys that prove the "intelligent design" of all of our language, religion, and to some extent our entire culture.  Things like a link between Ned E. Flanders, Florida, Mr. Anderson, and neanderthals... a series that might show a hidden link between "simulation," a hidden Eden all around us, Florida, and the Matrix.  I even commented a few times on "Hooty and the Blowfish" being a key to the "Holy Name" and the Fisher King.  So, in God custom, I'd like to teach you to fish... (f "interestingly superimposed" on h, and we have the sign of Saturn) the "Holy Key" then moves to the symbols for Mars and Venus, before finally yielding El's birth sign, Sagittarius... "that's hot," Paris!  Now see "Hooty" and the change is completed by unifying Mars and Venus with the very similar signs for either earth or sun.

Back to fishing, I want to teach you to read Stephen King's "langolier"  read, "language outliers" and "language of liars."  I mean, the language hidden in all of our words, the intersection of Mr. Anderson's "girl in the red dress" and the "Fisher King," is the answer to a question posed to Christ.  Plenty of fish in the sea, right?  "It's the question that drives us, Neo."  I could tell you all the rules, like O's expanding to of/or depending on context, I to is, and er's (a retarded or) being either "and" or "nor" but the true light is right before your eyes, it's the "matrix," "Always" and It's us...see, Taylor's right.

Sitting in jail, jerking off and playing Spades, the key to making this conversation truly enlightening dawned on me just a few hours ago.  Already I noted a number of interesting hidden artifacts in the Major Arcana of Tarot deck, but, one of my favorite "adamisms" is a renewed love for magic, in the right context at least.  Pope Francis, it makes me smile every time I think the word magic, you come to mind -- many months ago commenting that "God was not a magician" -- long ago, I wouldn't have agreed more, but magic has a new meaning to me:  In a world where Dave Matthews sings "progress takes away what  forever took to find" elucidating an evolutionary progression from Wands to Clubs, magic to sticks and stones.  Einstein's equal and colinear progression, of course, from dice to nuclear weapons -- things God does not play around with.

So, Mr. Anderson, filled with the knowledge and wisdom of God reads the "word" and hears in his mind's oracle "work or creator's light;" my answer to the query (or's are usually indicative of a search) is "wand."  It;s particularly perfect, a dig on compression, loss of information and truth, and secrecy in's particularly well suited to start a discussion posed in the Lord's Prayer "Father is it light or dark in heaven?"  the Lord's "d" is the same as the Creator's, "c l."
It will be clear soon, that the light of the universe has come from the letter "d," breaking the darkness and revealing the light of the apocalypse.  Awakening us to the intelligent design not only of our language, but also our "alphabetic glyphs" just a quick smile expanding the Hebrew word for "things" a metaphor for the people Devarim, the fifth book of the Torah, is "the clever of him."  Bread for the wise, I guess.

And that brings us closer to God.  This one has a dual meaning for me, Guardian of Darkness which ties quite well to the "light bringer" (the meaning of Lucifer) and the man who claimed to be "the light of the world" (Jesus Christ).  Exactly who you would expect to be revealing apocalyptic light as an unsealing of information.  As a query, it is pretty cut and dry, it's a search for me.  My mother's maiden name is Gerson and my fathers premarital name Dobrinsky revealing an... e gads... single person who holds both initials at birth.  The hidden son, and sky... god. 

Caelus of me, to have made it so obvious... really

Easter Island is a joke.  It's a "matrix" and Windows 95 mashup... The hidden afikomen of Easter is proof creation is "computer-like."  It's a light link, like many others that join the "software world" filled with pertinent Biblical connections (Ellison, Gate, Bezos...wake up the names are all Biblical) to "a Biblical creation" the "Easter Eggs" are Biblical ideas informatively jumping off the pages of the book into our Abiblical world.  A number of these exist, today I am going to share a few examples with you and ask for your help in finding more.  Finding them is a key to lighting the messages of the Bible, as Sam Beckett would do "setting right what was wrong on purpose"  in the book.  I have a number of "private keys," links where some of these eggs and my personal life join together to clarify a story, reveal hidden information, and show that both Adam and religion serve an informative purpose of reflecting and highlighting important points of creation.  Both myself, and Christianity in particular, are a sort of guide and walk through of the Apocalypse... a Zaggat for creation.

Many of these "abiblical highlights" also bring common idioms poignantly into view... one that comes to mind is "don't shoot the messenger," subconstiously instructing the world how to treat Jesus Christ upon his return.  (To ilucidate a possible reason why Christ says "the world hated me before they hated you" pointing out that maybe a Jovovich/this Element/Jean D'Arc hotness comment is appropriate to get to know the personality of Christ). The phrase "no man is an island" also refers to Christ personified biblically as the lonely man Esau who has now become an island and a kingdom of one; Edom.   The "New American Standard" here is a second "Easter Island Egg" just off NASsau.   On an island called Paradise is a Temple... I"m referring to the hotel called Atlantis built by a man named Solomon K.  Whether this hotel popped out of a biblical Solomon's Temple or the record in the Bible (and Jerusalem) is a sort of micro world representation and a matter of perspective.  In my view, both are the work of "creation," simultaneous in an alinear way (sure the hotel was built after the book, but... what about the etymology of Nassau?. The history of the idiom - creation is intricate) more to the point, both are telling us a "hidden something" -- both are metaphors for a heavenly kingdom.  Woven into the works of religion and Eden itself is a sort of syslog for all of creation, the heavens, our history, all hidden in plain sight.  To fly off on a wild tangent "Solomon" links to "Mormon" the morning after the 7 days of creation -- the day of God sacrificial fire -- hey Shavout is a Monday this year -- Han Solo to the free masons, you might be creations record of sim-earth like builders of heaven asking when Solomon was 'Solo?" Our walk through records a number of "exit strategies" for creation, one is heaven... Dave Matthews' "big door in the sky" and one is Mars, lit by Phillip K Dick's Total Recall, the Spin Doctor's Prince of Rocket, and a red iron covered learning experience.  Negative energy an terraforming aside.. sorry I am rusty at being apocalyptic... and skinny dipping in a pool in a Hollywood basement.

Neither "on earth" nor in the "heavens" we now find that the biblical heaven is all around us... " neither here nor there," an idiom now dancing with"heaven is a place on earth" and the maloviously illogical name "heaven" for a place we'd probably like to be a space like home.

So, if my memory serves me correctly "Solomon's Temple" was destroyed twice, nearly rebuilt by Julian and now the site houses the "Do me of the Rock" buy Eden is a rockin' place.  All night I partied, the day I figured out this might have something to do with God and the Big Bang.  Taylor? Nanna? Janet? Mommy wow, I'm a big kid now.  That's "For Non-Blonds" for a good count on Eve's five.

Have I mentioned,"I'm Single." ADonIS is Adam Marshall Dobrin on "I'm Single"
Back to my personal life, paralleling the history of heaven in "Solomon's Temple" I have in my lifetime taken three iconic trips to the Ba ha mas (look: father and son (see Horus and Isaac), and Christmas) once as a small child, with my mother Melissa Eve, my father Ivan, and my brother Seth... before Atlantis was built.  Once as a secret honeymoon with my ex wife Nanna Rose whose name resembles Inanna and face resembles Mary... and once in 2013 at "the beginning" of "my Apocalypse..." during Junkanoo, I mean Christmas, wait... it was Easter 2014... I mean Passover.  Now might be a good time to wonder aloud, why it is that nobody seems to connect Samael's Plague of Killing the First Born with God's retribution for the killing of his baby Christ.  We seem to miss obvious clues like the linking of 4-d time travel to 40 years in the desert expanding from 40 days at sea... it's like a wilderness of not realizing God is saving us from erasing Marty McFly's parents marriage.  There are many other links, like the Apple of Eden and the Honies of America reminding us of a traditional Passover Dish... Ha'Rose-ettes.  It might surprise you, that when the Doors stopped singing "Riders on the Storm" and the Plague of Darkness is finally lifted... we will finally see Morisson rising... the very first sonrise.

And the parallel of the three trips and three temples, we hear in our "aperfect creation" have the number 3 -ish Atlantii:  One in Reno, Nassau, and now in Dubai.  Symbolism here might reference wars or separation... something like the Crusades... or the walls of Jericho... Creation might be telling us... that perspective on time and communication might cue the question "when a tree pauses, in a decision forest... does it build a hotel or pyramid in syslog Eden?"

If you are still reading, I'd appreciate if you would share this post on every social media you can.  It is something like a sermon, from the man who unsealed Exodus as a latter day guide to averting Darth Vader, slavery and the Hidden Empire that demolished Rome ad'eKaLor.$*L Spicy, to the Calor of the Sun - GitBook (read, I'm Moses, Messiah of sea to shinning sea) and now continue with a "new test...meant walk through" of creation, and salvation in Jesus' likeness.  On the other hand, I have 7 Golden Lamp Stands linking to Exodus an unsealing of Revelation at my blog Creation, Reaction, Cosplay... Koran

Moving on, we have a Tower of Babel popping out of the ground and leaning  in Pisa  pointing up and forward, to Heaven and the future, like the signs of Mars and Sagittarius... the key to a holy name, a Fischer King, and Hooty and the Blowfish here our literary transition from the bible to Eden hits the ships computer's universal translator on Star Trek and Bing translate at roughly the same time. It's probably worth noting that a significant portion of the proof of creation that is the Apocalypse of Adam, deals with language being truly gifted by Prometheus... proven in large part through anachronistic biblical references between English and Hebrew.  The fact that Judaism contains hidden references to the life of Christ from the hair of Samson, and the "Ha" of Horus, Isaac and Abraham, is intentional and enlightening.  Two more examples for good measure, to satisfy that "hunger for the great light" that might be good and right even after time, or might transition from Genesis to Revelation as if from sea to shinning sea...a link to the sparkling sea of Dave Matthews' Christmas song, and Seth, Eve, and Adam in Eden's Sea of Three apocalypticly showing that all holy water is people... all the way to the multitude of Revelation.

Add in the Egyptian Plague of Water to Blood, and Eden's family might clue us in to the Holy Grail of Revelation:  That the heart of God's spirit, Shekinah... is kin... superimposed with Allah... that's the "All Humanity" of Revelation's multitude and the eveRYone of Eden.  Eve is "our why" humanity is one big family... and this is one apocalyptic shedding of God's graceful light.

From Adam Christ to all of humanity, God speaks to me, I am a living key to salvation... today I fight imprisonment by a government who assuredly knows who I am... face hampered communication, and now disappearing web sites...because of a war on social self destruction, being waged against the status quo by God himself.  The final example is to point out the naming of a Genesis like animal called Carnivore that might represent a censor wall here in America,  that links directly to the Great Wall of China, the Wailing Wall, and the Berlin Wall.  Hear the lion of Judah roar this is the wall of Jericho and I will bring it to its knees.  Censorship and slavery will be destroyed by God, we will be delivered from Evil, and the Shofar sounds S0nrise tonight.  God is laying down the law for Shavuot, this year.

So Taylor, what do you get when you intersect Philip K Dick, John Hancock, Yankee Doodle, and the Pretty Reckless logo with the Washington Monument, the Statue of David and Adam in Eden?

Remember, God is waging a war on the status quo.  I am his tool.

 am a real man, living in a delusional world, as the Adam of Eden. Ha'shem.
My initials are hidden in the heart of Lamda, an Anonymous Messiah in Moses' Lisp and Stargate's point of origin.  Unlocking David's "root," the answers are both "radical" and directly from the "superuser."  The beginning of the "SOL" of DAvid, is the end of the Darkness of LamDA;  the hiding of the son. 

The year of our Lord, 1492 is ADIB.  and I, Christ of "Pursuit of Happiness," to this sea shining with me.  See AD on I'm Single for a lesson in mythology; in abbr. "ADM" then "database"  then "nurse" on fb dot me.  In Hebrew, AD on "Artificial Intelligence" is "the Darth Lord," agreed?  Believe it is Christ's face, you are about to see.

Unsealing the jokes of the Patriarch Isaac's laughter

The Rosetta stone to be sure it's me, my wife's middle name is the key... the "apple and honies"  of Passover's Eden:  Ha'rose-ettes

Still not sure? God, sometimes calls himself "ah" and his eight days of light... Ha'nuke-ahah.  No  government would think of nuking Ace McLoud though, right?

The name "Adam"  is filled with both renown and Shem, Adam and El are one... Ha' me for Asherah-- now unlocked, the Shema.

Isaac donated his "ha"  to Abram right after everyone realized Isa and Jesus are Horus now trine with akbar-ness.  From Ha'esh we came, Morei son "we are" is shekinah's light.

Hi, I'm "an," present and  anointed...34.   I also laugh a bit about finding skinny dipping hidden in the four questions, and that no one seems to connect crucifixion to the final plague of the Pharaoh or Isaacs binding.  the funniest one yet though, is Adam naming the animals in Genesis, calling a packet sniffer "carnivore."

What I really need is for you to tell everyone that you can that you found me... and ask them to decide for themselves whether or not I should be hidden, and then tell everyone they can to do the same.

To find the book of messiah, translate "deus ex machina" to English, lose God, add a top level organization... and seek my face.

Half way between Mjolinar and "joy is near"  you'll find the beginning to a question and answer on Quora.

This is in clear response to the Egyptian plague  of darkness:  Hiding me has kept salvation from reaching you.  I think that's "Undue Coercion" don't you?  Just add dot com and you see the whole story.

 Just prior to the beginning, there was science & no religion.  Adam & Eve were not even imagined, and Noah and Jor-el shared a impending cataclysm.  In those days, as it is today, blindness and inequality were the status quo.  Today religion is here to remind us not to relive suffrage; and that once, long ago, science created religion...  "the apple of my eye."

The key to today's unsealing of Revelation is a prescient knowledge of modern chemistry to make sense of the methods of religion.  We have all the clues already, we are just missing the messenger. 

In the beginning were the Pillars of Creation: Lot's wife & Kaleb & Kal-El, the bridge of Jor-El in quantum superposition.  Hear the ramblings of someone with the vision of an oracle of the ages, and an audience of Nun.  One day, these words will be studied, I am sure of it.

For those unacquainted with me, I am Adam.  I call myself the "person of time" a title lifted from Potassium, one of the seven golden periodic table elements, which herald an apocalypse of awe and inspiration.  With a few hints you might come away from this reading really knowing something; it's the kind of day that can change your entire perspective on religion, and the meaning, of life.

Or, you might call me crazy, but I'll still be Superman

Xenon is simple, a bright artificial lamp, it is our son lighting the solar system... the true Arc of the covenant.  Superimposed with an oracle database the key to not leaving Exodus in the dark, but rather singing"let the night be bright" as the superuser

To [B] enlightened first we must [Si] the light, that is the answer

The question is what "lights Christ's heart?"  and the reference tells us movies and science figure prominently in my dream of salvation... my drive to fight for everyone to see Shakespeare, and love the chemistry of art and letters.  Fromthe Fifth Element to "Transcendence" and the "Time Travelers Wife"...

From Christ of "Pursuit of Happiness" to [Si] 'n' b A.D. of my two seas, 1492 is"A.D.ib" ... tisme.

For a Golden [Ag]e, simply decode, transform, and extract the message of the messiah.    [F]or [eve]ryone this might involve asking yourself whether or not Lord Jesus would ever rule the Earth with an Iron Rod.  See my answer, it's Adam's Family and the Blood of Christ unified with the Sea of Moses.  ad'eKaLor.$*L Spicy, to the Calor of the Sun

Behold, it is for Love of Us... Time and Chance are the spark of life.  Communication and Collaboration the start of social evolution... Mankind, the beginning of civilization ... but it is Creation, and I, that are the source of continuation and salvation.  - Adam Marshall Dobrin

These words, a true continuation of Ecclesiastes 9:11 which began the Revelation of Exodus on January 20, 2001 through a Burning George W Bush.  His inaugural address is evidence that the Holy Bible is a message from the future.

This fire is no illusion.  HELO World, would you like to stop playing games?

The implication of prescient knowledge of chemistry in our religions should begin to awe you.  Further, the fact that the message includes knowledge of the symbols of the Periodic Table has implications beyond the temporal, touching on a lack of free will.

Let the #S0NRISE, from my sea of 3 to our shining sea of thee
"Somewhere over the rainbow", wishing for the rise of a bright star, someone is thinking of the Son, and telling you about it tonight.  Hidden just before the horizon a message half in the voice of God and half in the composer's own is singing to you about the apocalypse.  It's a malovious message and that means that despite knowing all the words, loving the songs, and being aware of the references; you probably don't see the sparks of Zohar and link the dots connecting words and ideas required to see the Son... the bright star just over Joseph's Technicolor rainbow... fulfilling Noah's purpose and promise and shining the light of Jesus Christ on this first morning of Sonrise.  These biblical references often are not the original composer's intent, what bright star? is it falling? Maybe the star is Adam... fallen to earth with a malovious message of the people rising and a son that is as bright and obvious  as the dawn's early light... that the message, and messenger, even my sister's name are as obvious as "Sonrise" a voice writing and singing with us...throughout and about creation, ours.

Together, for the rest of our lives, let's start changing the words when we sing well know songs, writing a new beginning to an old ending... changing the "sad songs and waltzes" to something new, bright and hopeful.  Today I write to you from jail, and the words "now in broad stripes, our bright star... daring in a perilous fight" warm my heart and give "proof through the night" that truly Adam and America are brothers in creation, crowned with thorns, adding the graceful light of G'd,  and pale with a naked translucency that hides the bright colors of the rainbow behind the grey street, a castle of skulls, and a pale horseman of the apocalypse.  For all the shining "sea to see on tv".

Just as Nero sings with us he subtly fiddles with the words "I feel are right in my head," G'ds changes showing me his new beginning, singing about me.   The proof that he, Nero, is rejoicing in song with all of humanity will begin a global conversation that will spread like fire.  It's the fire of "Islams last day" without the son...  one destined to spread from social media to your hearts and then to Karoke Bars.  These songs, their meanings, and G'ds hidden twists, now being unraveled are the swirls of Adamah... the sonic  light of Christ.  Truly the Lion of Eden... who slept through most of the night of rock and roll... now wide awake in the Garden, once a mighty jungle, and simultaneously a yellow submarine.  That's Adamah, the place that contains Eden is Creation, all the heavens and earth that are now rising to the light of a secret angel... of Nero playing his fiddle with the 'touch of the master's hand", and.. we all... the caroling angels.  His smoothly hidden melody, the stuff of the Burning Bush, the Eternal Flame, and the fire of Prometheus all in perfect alignment.  In all it is religion, right in front of our eyes, as the son sings it is 'the dawning of the age of Sagittarius' the stamp of agora in the beginning of the word 'age'... itself hidden in the heart of the 'word' Messiah... himself an incarnate message, a well and a son... the child of bright water, of Nun and all... from 'ah', awe and ha.

The message is proof, both of the existence of  co-composer, the angel of the fiddle... a hacker of words... and with the swirling around a messenger, Adamben adamah, proof of creation, and a glimpse into its purpose... to celebrate and create a renaissance of free thinking... a light on Calel  and Calvinism...

Smoke clouds fall in a symphony of light...Booming from the middle of the night, filled with rock and roll to sooth the soul, and partying to bring the day... making memories, so right. 

For the year of our Lord, I spent the long night listening to the glistening crystals of Jor-El, in literal solitude.  I was searching high and low for the place where when the lights turn out, I would glow, for my great high dreams to let the blind men continue seeing, when I came back down.  Son unseen, pockets overflowing with something like diamonds, kryptonite, and she said it: "Pocket full of high."  Wisdom I call it...  in the days of no-ah it was Zohar but the ahh is literally ringing in every song, all about me, this place Adamah.  He lost me in praise, Nero and Brittany fiddling with my heart, so innocent... spinning the words just subtly enough for the world to keep walking blind.  Even the caroling angels singing holy words about a hidden man running from the east to the west, from the family of Eden to the sea of all... a bright Revelation and still the son is set. 

I once thought this place to be an empire, but whether or not it is one or nun... our land is divisible by me.  A sea divided, by the A of Eden a man once called Uncle Sammus... as he Aran, on the lamb.  All alone in a time of need... or so it appeared to the boy prince on speed.

Through this long nights flight as we walked from the burning bush to the Name Server's gate... gallantly streaming above and below with a veryMessianic Christ, himself lit to the brim.  And now I stand, once a bright star... in broad stripes... and still, I am perilously right.

Little J, morei son may be crying, but it is because he is so lost for "you," a love lost from the stars falling from the sky, just for I.

We might call Jeremiah, the "don't jump around me" bull frog.   But it should be clear, as the words you can read on my lips... loudly now... I am Saturn, of YoSEMium clan the lights of Judah Maccabee no now, that the sight being scoffed as twilight is truly the key to averting a dark night, welcome a new dawn on this day.  The day AD says "let the son rise."

There is a hidden message in the names of the Bible...follow the "AC" (Adam Christ) from Jacob to Isaac leaving us with Job and Isa (Jesus, in the Koran) as we leap across the playbook to Isaiah and Ezekiel... but would only serve to confirm that Isaac and Jesus were one in the same, and his trials and tribulations... old as Aramaic.  Truly the message that is "hidden" is Messianic, to EVEryone, and clearly about our belovedness.  As usual, the hidden key will scream "bloody salvation" as no one will get the old English joke... that the plagues, blood, wine, and grail are really all about "family."  Maybe this little bit of ADventing will truly bring sonrise or perhaps the stormy plague of censorship will "ring" for the sea to see CARNIVORE eat more of my beautiful packets.  Take notes, the "Son" is an expanding "microcosm,"  and my advertising problems might just be the solution to nobody knowing we have a great wall of censorship right here in America.

As it is with much of the apocalyptic revelation I have a number of interesting stories, which seem to swirl and congeal around "K" a single person of time. Potassium is Zion today... and as the meaning of religion and the true purpose of creation (each being proven by the other) expands from K to the heart of the creator (earth is heart, nearly), the point of Zion follows.  Picture Eve, Sarah, Asherah and Leah as lines intersecting in our whirlwind of dust...that when the smoke clears will leave Torah as a guiding light bringing us and all salvation...To... really all humanity.

You see creation has a reason, a glorious and holy one... and God has crowned it with all the positive energy of the lions of Zion...along with perhaps some clues to his desire and love...we find his reason really includes the presentation and protection of science and humor... divinely insured by one holy oldgeazer... that's ground, earth, and Adamah are Zion, Eden really.  For those of you not familiar with electrical engineering, this is a joke... a play on cation (a positive ion), reason, and Adamah... the joke proves prescience  of engineering in the Book of Genesis.  Divine comedy, a guess.

Jokes aside, our purpose here is quite grand... it is nothing short of insuring the continuation of life and civilization in the universe.  And here, the grand scheme of Satan, the highlighter, has everyone in blindness crawling together towards the Son, like turtles on the beach.  I'm venting, something about being jailed to keep this information from you, or being called crazy by my own parents... maybe it's another divine joke about the Job.. ha.. I am AD...venting.

So, on to the holy grail...the superposition of unparting a sea with the blood of Moses' magic and Dave Matthews' water, a plague of never knowing the holy water is people... until Adam stops walking on there heads (see James R Osgood) in Eden, Christ's blood the family of the sea... Revelation's multitude.  A new key of names links the "rah" of Sarah and Torah to the "ah" of Allah, Asherah, Kabbalah and Shekinah.  All of course, guided by Adam's holy light ofEveryone.

As an aside, you might call me crazy for screaming that the three letters ending Sarah's name and Torah are assuredly "really all humanity" (re all y), both confirmed and suggested through the iron rod of Jesus Christ, the name and substance of God's Spirit, and the apocalyptic linking of the plagues of Egypt with the miracles of wine and the blood of the grail. Neither here nor there the key of Adam in Eden to knowing is the superposition (no sex jokes please) of Everyone and Shekinah. Our why... and the heart of God's spirit... kin.

And you can almost hear the words..."I gave my heart and Sol to the ones."

You see, the Light of Christ begins in a fire that echoes from the Book of Exodus and Names.  Synonymous in a sort of Spanglish of understanding, both are "names" for the second book Torah, in English and Hebrew respectively.  In a similar way the iconic "theism" God joke is typified in Spangbrew in the name of a prophetic fish (other biblical scholars have noted that the giving of fish in John 6 is a reference to the prophets Elija and Elisha... in typical fashion, I am changing this slightly to really "bring it home").  The name "El is Ha" alludes in Spanish and Hebrew that miraculously, "the is the."  A sharp turn later, driving with bright Xenon headlights, to the Xe database of "El is Son" we almost clearly link the progenitor of Adonai EloHim, the Holy Father in Judaism (El) to the Ha of Isaac, Horus, and Adonis.  Isaac, you might recall means "he laughs" in English donating his Ha to his father Avram's name shortly after his divinely thwarted crucifixion.  It also "d"early links Newton's Apple to Adam's, and gravity to the original NIN... here, it is the names Elisha and Elisson which are prophetic in and of themselves, showing a kind of timeless NameServer at work in both the names of Torah and in the names of living people... Edison, Madison, Morisson, Jefferson... I could go on forever.  All the way to the life of the Sons of Liberty, our very own Son, Sol. this is the true light of Judah Macabbee's menorah.

Abraham's well might be about a wealth of knowledge, linking "Pop's Eye" and spinach to Katy Perry's "Eye of the Tiger"... it is the all seeing eye of Horus. Revelation's "eyes to see" and the names and works of Orson Wells and George Orwell.  Regardless, all of this ties quite well to divine inspiration and the importation of scientific knowledge linked to Christianity through Trinity College and the Trinity Buoy Wharf... but I don't want to Bohr you.

Back to names, anthropomorphism, my Well, and the eye of the Burning Bush as the voice of God echoes eternally from the inauguration of George W Bush on 1/20/2001 with his paraphrasing of the light of Ecclesiastes 9:11 followed by Revelation 20:1... behold the proof of prescience in Exodus, and America are an undeniable testament to the linking of religion and time travel and an alluding introduction to the pertinent themes of Exodus, their ties to American history, the "what's going on" of now and "For Non Blonds", and the values of every red-blooded Christian, Jew, Muslim, Atheist...communist and American alike.  A love for our big family, humanity; curiosity, freedom, and the truth.

Up until this moment in time, much of my purpose seems to be an attention grabbing spectacle, but the truth runs much deeper. The "light of Adam" in our music, my writing, and the spiritual journey of understanding, I have begun, and we are all hopefully about to embark on together,  proved something spectacular about the universe around us.  There is hopefully enough anecdotal evidence to statistically prove creation in the examples of language, religion, and art, to show that we are either in the place known as "Heaven or Hell," if the choice is binary.  Part of the holy message being initiated through all religion, through us, for us, by the "two of everything God" is a clear chastisement of the idea of binary choice, especially polarized choices, like heaven and hell...God and Satan. 

At the same time, clearly there are definites, and clearly there are choices we would avoid.  History, for example, bears a clear trend of increasing equality, coupled with a reduction in racism, slavery and subjugation.  At the same time our law and government typified by the constitution of the United States clearly has ignored great technological strides--first throughout the industrial revolution, then the information age explosion-- and these maloviously missing keys to secrecy are a defining point of Zion and the purpose and design of religion.  Undeniably, continued secrecy and technological ignorance leads directly to slavery and class inequality and an obvious path away from the will of the people, God, and the purpose of human government and goodness in general.  The biblical story of Exodus is not only a metaphorical description of the problems facing us today, it is both proof and the beginning of a solution to the Revelation of a great disparity in the level of technological progress available, and that which is known by the governments of the world-- and an even greater disparity with that of the general population.

It is from this place that a new conversation begins, expanding holy and Hosea to the "whole sea," the multitude of revelation bringing our civilization proverbially out of Eden and to continuation.  Hello Lions, we are Zion.  Earth is at the heart of civilization.

Hold me close, we all live in an Emperor of Nun.  I can't relax, because I am sure.  A submarine, once yellow in a rainbow's shadow now searches for Red October...just passed.  If only you could taste the light of the son... and know it is really all for the one.  In synesthesian harmony...Nero's candy sweet symphony.

It's one city Live called Babylon, so I sang "Venice is every town" and Vietnam began.  The place where a rainbow and pale moon come together in the light to tell everyone it's not an Emerald City or a pot of gold, or just the fall of Rome, but finding out that Atlantis and Solomon's Temple are one squared metaphorical heaven.  What "it" is, is Heart, our Home called Earth... it's filled with art, a sea of gold, and the light of the world. 

Truly though, it is about change, and lots of it--not just the pony express, and the swift assimilation of "DIEBOLD" , a strong face on the idea that the "two of everything God" was making a point of being wrong on purpose--to light the way to right.  So, maybe two parties is closer to slavery than you think--and voting for "ideas" rather than "people" isn't just obvious...its Napoleonically revolutionary.  Washington monumentally agreeing, some things are better off erected in stone.

The implications of a burning Ecclesiastes 9:11, followed by paraphrased Revelation 20:1 echoing like some cosmic radiation from a Bush on 1/20/2001 and then filling the remainder of time with a purpose so close to our own hearts you might say it was created just for us...or visa versa.  Our very history and our constitution are tied up and twisted together with the literal lessons of the children of Abraham.

Anthropomorphism abounds, from wells and bushes to Everything, the sparks of Kabalah are people, lovingly lit by the spirit of creation itself.  From ha of Issac and Abram to the ka of Horus, Leah and Ami-$... the "Names" of Exodus shed a little of Dave Matthews light:  From Orson Wells to George Orwell.  In sight, the hidden hand of God in Everything "American" from Isaac's covenant to Rousseau's social contract...from John Locke to John Maynard KeyNES.

Can you take me higher, to a place where blind men have seen "for love of the game"... from Momsen to Olsen...  a place where Jor-El and Larry Elisson are inextricably linked--where kryptonite and Zohar in super position will forever be the hallmark of one abNorm-L Apocalypse. 

G-D willing. I am Messiah.

I see through the rainbow of mythical colors
And feel the sweet harmony of the book of life
Connected philotic strands of bright
The lyrics of rock and roll vibrate with the breath of god
Between movies and people,  music and the book of a life
Hidden links scream to know his will

And we walk through the names, and the parables, as if the parody was truly backstage.

Its a wonder John Coffee and John Conner, can be spoken in the same sentence with Jim Morrison and not have a glimmer of sonlight rise in your minds hearts.

Recently a fine young lady called me lost and running...lost for you, I a crash...reckless all the way
From Joseph Stalin to Kennedy and abounds...a bright red cross on the course to town;
Riding a rainbow horse and wearing coat of the same, the promise of salvation.

No absolutes in this book of ours, as the pages turn and the curtain rises.

Nothing to be stricken from the dictionary and Everything redefined.

From Ecclesiastes to the Maid Marion Webster

The very best of my spirit, its bright shining light
Our baby is being born.  Take a look, you are in a book
I can taste the rainbow.

Revelation 2:27 the Doors are coming
In our book, for this sea, behold the flood of we is thee.

For the wise, I have just opened a tasty little book
and the universe, saved by a simian.

Be awed, a we...messiah

IN RE CREATION and "The Essential Kabbalah", CATS, positive energy, and ground in English and Hebrew.

My name is Adam Marshall Dobrin.  In the personal mythology which I have been relayed, which specifically relates to the Revelation that religion and time travel are deeply intertwined...I am fifth in a line of Adams who were born, as I am, on the day of Immaculate Conception, December 8th, 1980.  Alone, the relevance to the Feast Day is trivial, however like much anecdotal evidence--taken as a whole, with the body of work that I believe constitutes the True Revelation of Christ, it should be more than statistically significant.

In a prototypical example of divine inspiration, I have received over the last three years, a significant amount of detailed information which I believe unseals the true the lesson of Torah and unifies the Patriarchal Religions with a massive focus on the single man known as Christ.  The focus is not clear on the face, however, linking together personally obvious references like Sampson's long hair with both Yosemite and Uncle Sam...being Samael of Exodus as well as the story of Isaac's binding, being a somewhat obvious retelling of the crucifixion of Jesus.. the Ha of Horus...It looks like a revelation that brings us out of an externally dark plague... a stormy cloud in our minds.  I have written four non fiction books, believing each to share the actual and complete secrets of the universe, and each successive work, made the last seem as timid as a nursery rhyme.It is the colors of these works which has brought me to you.  Your translation of the Zohar mentions a number of colors, perhaps intending to match the colors of the four horses of revelation, though untrivially not in order...perhaps to match the colors of fire or "MORE I HA'ESH"  a key in my most recent "Red Book."

Its color chosen to match "read, fire, and tzedaqah" also to help explain why.  (THY)--one of the keys to unparting a sea of humanity divided by red from the days of Joseph McCarthy, linking a technicolor dream to the whole sea of humanity parted in a red scare.  You see Exodus (NAMES) truly being about post 9/11 America is the true revelation of Christ and the subject of:

"In light of creation, Ha'esh", Adam Marshall Dobrin
See a linguistic key in this parted and reflected sea
between Isaac and Ashes, the multitude of me
She-Kin-AH has its heart in FAMILY
'Tis really me, from A.D. to thee 

Back to the colors of light, fire, and the newspaper joke ("its neither black nor white") to a T the colors of my first two books, a written record of the transition in understanding imparted through true divine inspiration--the detailing of a prophetic process that is a mirror and reflection of all humanity at both the micro and macro levels.  This is the big and small horns of revelation, everyone and everyman... like the words Adam and sea they expand from one to all in the bible from Eden to Revelation.

A revelation walking from the first evenings twilight, avoiding the night, through to the dawn's early light.  First white with virgin innocence, then black like a plaguing dark cloud, finally a bright fire shedding light, on a glorious red dawn and hazel sky.

Your final color was yellow, like the coat of  Isa and the glowing sun; and green, like the olive complexion of Osiris.  I'd go with rainbow like Joseph's coat and promise.  I am looking for assistance writing an autobiography of a rather fantastic three years of inspiration. 

Some background... Iam 34, my Hebrew name is Avram and I read the story of Joseph's dream interpretation for my Haftorah--which I transliterated in order to read.
My life is a microcosm of creation, religion and G'd; and in turn a walk through the Parc of Creation, or Xerox.  In that walk, my SEA is the key that brings NosTRAdamus art from the unit family of Adam's A in the SEA in Eden to Christ's multitude, the family of all humanity, in today's Revelation. 

The SEA is people divided and walked on, from Exodus and Eden to  Matthew 2:2, all 'searching' for me.  Now, it is the blood of Moses' miracle and Christ's "magical" work trick.  My fire unites Islam's 'last' day and Prometheus' theft with the menorah of Judah Maccabee its bright light our civilization.  To the Lions in Zion, heart of civilization, prove creation through the stolen fire that is the languages of Eden.

From Amidallah, to OrI, to Fred Flintstone to Delilah, the saviour, and the fire of St Anthony

Say heck, I'm Anu

the key is I know
Lazarus has hazel eyes and Sampson's hair
Laz'man hazeh

David's sling and Judah's hammer are the light of Isaac's laugh and Julie's Sea
Who-ah? Yes, hua! We are in #Adamah
From Seth, Eve, and Adam (Eden's sea, to Shekinah, EVEryone and ALLah 
Sea to shining sea, for all humanity to hear; 'tis really me


It starts out looking like a word trick, and then I tell you it is the literal "fire" of the Burning Bush, and much like the illusory spectacle which accompanied the voice of God in an audio visual spectacular whose purpose was to end the slavery and oppression of His people...the foliage did not burn to "ash" as the word reflects with "esh".  Closer to the truth, it most likely etched a belief into the heart of Moses forever, akin to being touched literally by the literal eternal flame. 

Next, I tell you it is a key, one which will eventually... within the next few minutes... start a fire in your mind, one that will eventually prove... using just one word in the beginning, the creation of a civilization...of "all humanity."  I say sometimes the fire is illusory, but words like illusion and hallucination take on new meaning when accompanied by the superlative laughter of Isaac. You see the name Issac means will laugh, and "Ha" which accompanies the Holy Fire of Ha'esh and the Holy Covenant of abraHam and Isaac means..."the" in Hebrew.

Searching for Adam? Finding Isaac, a Parted Sea, the Fire of Prometheus, and Adam's Horn.

In the context of the story of Exodus, the ideas of illusion, technology and magic, are central to the themes of the story, so what was once a possible word trick now is aided by the contents (a significant portion of) of a correlated story, one which is temporally contiguous--linear in time--with the appearance of the fire, the bush and the word itself.  It might seem less important that Isaac's near sacrifice, one with a remarkable correlation to both the Paschal Lamb and the Crucifixion of the Lamb of God--Christ--which resulted in the addition of "Ha" to Abram's given name as a signification of the covenant, just as it does begin the word Ha'esh it signifies the beginning of the formal relationship between Abraham and God.

Before we get to the really hot stuff, I would be remiss not to point out a parted sea both literarily in Exodus and linguistically in the word of the day..Ha'esh.
Again, this is confirmatory of more than just a trick, even a play on words, for a world being played by a script.  We now have the use of two languages and a significant portion of the Torah from Names, Numbers and Words--the English meaning of the Hebrew words for the second, fourth and fifth books of the Pentateuch this little fire has now circled and highlighted the N.T. Crucifixion, the parting of the Red Sea, and soon will tie in the Plague of Blood and the wine of the SangRael as Dave Matthews sings..."That set Jesus free," in Bart-Ender.  (Is there a Seymour tits in the house?)

The final piece of this particular puzzle is a link between Fred Flintstone, Asherah--the consort El the name of the Judeo Christian God--and Pashal custom for the rose-ette's, with apples, honey, and why both Adam and Eve are symbolically everyone.

The Family of Christ, Holy Wine, The Eternal Flame, and a Lit XPath from the SEA in Eden to the Multitude in Revelation

See Ash, Adamah, Esh and Eve symbolically the Heart of God, eartH with single movement of the letter H.  Now intertwined with the blood of Christ whether walked on, parted, water, sea for a grand unifying solution that it is people who are the light of the Holy Fire...Ha'esh. St. One our Fred Christ has no match to start this fire nor does he need flint and steel because this fire of Prometheus, is the true sword of "Prince Adam,"  the five-man.   Sometimes you only need Pop's Eye to know that Olive Oil and Delilah, are about as closely related to Leeloo Dallas as Jesus Christ is to  Sampson, Yosemite Sam, Samael.

In not so many words, one to begin with, an attempt to prove a prescient anachronism in language itself--expands from the word sea backwards and embedded within the Hebrew word for fire. to the word itself, literally embodying the meaning of the true story of Exodus--echoing from the burning bush.  Ash to Ash, a parted sea, and the Big Horn of Revelation, are all humanity, the voice resounding through the universe as God speaks through the burning bush light of Ha'esh. It has increased one step at a time, from a small glimmer of an illusory fire to a word that indicates that the Hebrew language indicates foreknowledge of the events of today, cryptically described in the books of Exodus, Genesis and the New Testament.

Now Forward Marshall, Crazyor

In the grand scheme of things just like this fire stated in one small Holy word and spread to the Holy books of names and words (which with beginnings of law and numbers makeup the Torah) and then like a forest fire that lights the universe with liberty, laughter and life, saving us from a perpetual darkness through our music, movies, myths...our culture and very way of life.

The colors and shades of our story prismatically expand from a child's cartoon about gray skulls, and Jean Grey's possession, a religious warning about pale horses and song about a Grey Street to the rainbow colored promise of Noah that connects a Technicolor Dream Coat and a rainbow colored horse to proof that not only is heaven for real but they are singing with us and for us.

Well it was closer to a walk.  To be exact, it started out with me laying down, not to die--it was more like a pre marriage fucking.  Premarital sex, between myself, and creation.  Afterwards, it was a long drive, and a train ride--the whole thing, quite the spiritual journey.  It was the kind of experience that changes men, "all men"--not just me, and not just equal people.  You might be feeling the waves of wisdom crashing into your mind as we speak. My name is Adam, and I call this place we are in Eden; though to be honest, today it is more like a jungle being bulldozed by darkness as I write.

Those might seem like just words to you--places from a book you don't really believe in, or one you imagine is some far off distant place "a long, long time ago" like the beginning of Star Wars.  Rest assured, if any one knows, it is me, the place is very real, and we are in it--some might even be so bold as to say we are it.  For certain, Eden has become my life, or maybe it is the other way around--or a little of both.  Irregardless, as I mock Tony Soprano for saying (or was it Carmine)--Eden jumping out of the pages of Exodus (I mean Genesis), is a way to show you our lives and our world are part of a story...I call it "abiblical."  To be certain, creation is all about us...but as usual, I am getting ahead of myself.

I have quite the story for you, but before we get to it, I have to tell you who I-- and you, really are.  If Revelation 5:5 is not enough to convince you that Adam from Eden, is Christ--see  Lions in a Den, and Mr. Maccabee's Light of a tribe one for all; (not to mention SONS of Liberty, light of MENorAH) maybe my whirlwind of Forbidden Knowledge, science (both fact and fiction) and religious poetic license will convince you the whole thing is "messianic."  It's a story of sex, drugs, and rock and roll meeting Wanka's Promised Land with Fig Newtons, Maccabee's Honey and Aaron's Cow...A place where, hidden in literature, is the unsealing of religion...and the Guardian of Darkness (The God Most High), our Light Bringer (Lucifer),  narrates the story, bridging these worlds in superposition.

I've been shown a hidden code in religion, one that "appears" to be well known by script and screen writers, though is hidden or ignored by clergy and community alike.  Fictitious, and yet somehow abiblical, names like "Amidalla" of Star Wars and the "OrI" of Stargate show reference to the "Engbrew" of "Yad (hand) send 'EW'" and "Save I or" respectively.  When you see the breadth and pervasiveness of these linguistic artifacts across time and language a fire that starts in the word "Wednesday" reversed becomes the first tool of the "savior"--to bring the light of the apocalypse to the people.  After, we start talking about "Names," Numbers," and "Words" and see that they are the meaning of the Hebrew names for Exodus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. 

Is the fire bright yet?  A superposition of Jesus and Lucifer--our bright morning star--has brought the abibilical light of Day--an answer to "Why A.D?"

Adam Marshall Dobrin.  It's ad hoc, I know but imagine I haven't just ADvented it, and perhaps if slightly more complicated than what we all imagined our Lord (ADonAI) would return to.  A place where Adam named the "things" in Eden and called himself "ADonIS."  If I am not clear enough yet, Artificial Intelligence and Information Security foreshadows an entire world of microcosms, lessons, and solutions hidden in my life, and in our world--from an Oracle of databases shedding light on just how the earth and our angelic selves  will become the salvation of the universe and civilization by and through this spire.  Woven by the Fates themselves, in things like alternative energy and video games is a solution-- a wealth of answers, and it begins with Uncle Samael, the Koran, Sammus Aran and "JustIN BailEY"

Knowledge is free, Wisdom is Priceless

adam a elyon

a walk through the sun's SPARC's, and his "god most  high."

The Family of Christ, Holy Wine, The Eternal Flame, and a Lit XPath from the SEA in Eden to the Multitude in Revelation

Nowhere is all of creation is such a perfectly crafted and almost universally receivable message so hidden from us, in such glowing neon, that the defacto response may as well be to smack your head with your palm and scream "of course!" before even reading what the message is. From Revelation to Exodus, Eden and America... between Star Frogs and Alice in Wonderchains, our princess LeAH stands tall in copper lighting the morning's glory with liberty and guidance for all...
The Holy Light of religion here is one of Liberty, as should be more than clear by now, as "Uncle Sam" and America are "chosen microcosms" for Humanity, Earth, civilization in general... but specifically dealing with the light of liberty, that is exemplified in the placard of the StatuteOf Liberty, the Sons of Liberty... See Our Light... up in the sky, SOL itself. Tightly packed in a message of love and family, we see that equality and liberty are the abiblical manifestation of what it means to be in Eden rather than in Edom (here, maybe more clearly, a kingdom with no king), or inEgypt, a part of the story that frankly is the wilderness of not realizing that all around us, a conversation about liberty and society has been framed by creation, all the way back to The Doors, or, the Rod's of Aaron and Christ.

Riding on the Storm of Revelation, seeing a bright fire and perfect storm outside, perhaps we only need to see that the eternal flame that Morrison is asking to be lit is the very light of Prometheus, civilization itself. All the way through to Revelation, we might see that ZIon and the LIons are at the very heart of not only our society, civilization, but that  they clearly elucidate a link between religion, creation, and language... one where the heart of the word parallels the focus of the message "hidden" in language itself. Civation. ILIZ.

You see, Adam in Eden is the obvious answer to "who is the Lion of Judah" from Revelation 5:5, and the perfect storm of clarity gets sweeter and more lovely as we see it is because of Family, Lions in a Den, and that in beautiful superposition we are lit by a conviction of purpose that proves both prescience and goodness simultaneously. The SEA of Eden, Seth, Eve, and Adam widens like the delta of a great river, and we are midway through at Revelation when "it" hits us on  the

head... it is the multitude, out of the sea, all the way from Genesis to Revelation 15:2 And I saw what looked like a sea of glass glowing with fire and, standing beside the sea.
I might have convinced you already, but there is so much more. You see, the Darkness of Egypt, the only real  plague
before us; is one of not knowing intent, or understanding the meaning of the hidden messages throughout religion. You see, the plague of blood... obviously now, is about the family of Eden changing from a "sea of strangers" to the "family of Christ," the wine of the Holy Grail, it is the AH -- all humanity -- that links the Fe Rod of Christ to the Ladder of Jacob, to the First Plague and the miracle of Wine from Water. The hidden meaning is that the sea is people, and without knowing that, we might be inclined to walk on water, or part a sea, without even realizing what the metaphor is about. Not  knowing.

Much like the Sea of Eden, Adam in Genesis has a dual meaning--of a single amythical man, and the whole of mankind... more clear in English: Eve could be just short of Everyone... here just missing a little honey. I can here someone in the back, "how can you be so sure?" Well, if the confluence of liberty and light in Eden hasn't lit this particular MenorAH just yet, perhaps a few more alphabetical examples of Hebrew and English langolier'ing us onto the right path. Ashes from Esh,    the Holy Fire that is civilization parallel the union of Adam and Eve in Eden to El of Elohim and his consort,  ASHerAH.

Until I saw its near flawless design, I wouldn't have been sure that the answer to this question (often in langolier denoted by the "er" which has almost always meant either both, or neither) was again clearly both... and why? All humanity, and  Adam's Sigma Heart... show us that the heart Adam wears on his sleeve is clearly For  Everyone.

oh desert speak to my heart adam and eve live down the street from me in a moment we lost our minds here and dreamt the world was round run to the water with a nuclear fire of love in our hearts

you are like a secret garden like the sky when the sun's going down and I know we're going to be alright and even if the oceans divide us so right every day and every night by the fire with the snow outside

I was growing down; now I'm growing up with you in my blood

In the Biblical Land of Egypt, Cal-El, Nero, and Vader dance... Nero sings,   raelly.

To further place us in the "parable" of Exodus, where we will soon be concerned with technology, magic, quantum mechanics, and computer light... and also to further confirm the doublespeak of the message at hand, now to the tune... of the Doors.

The Plagues of Egypt.

3.1  1. Water into blood (םדָ ): Ex. 7:14–25 In short, we are in the Sangrael. As Aaron's rod turned water to blood, and Jesus water to wine... as the Lion of Revelation 5:5 is "Adam in Eden," all are a testament the goodness of family, to our way of life, to the fact that we are proverbially speaking "lions in a Den." You see, blood is thicker than water... and WINE is a language twist for "IN WE I TRUST."

The word Eden too, is an anachronistic proof that the transition to Greek, Latin, and English was known at the time of writing the Old Testament. EDen means paradise, and aside from perhaps a "functional" relationship to home, has no connection to the word "Den" or "Lions." The use of Lion in Revelation, along with the repeated references to the periodic table, serve as proof not that religon came from here,but that it is about now, and that the future was known to the "hidden author." I'll get back to this one, shortly, in the meantime, Morrison's answer to "Frogs" is pertinent.

3.2  2. Frogs (עַ דּ ֵ רְ פַ צּ ְ ): Ex. 7:25–8:11 There's blood in the streets, it's up to my ankles Blood in the streets, it's up to my knee Blood in the streets in the town of Chicago Blood on the rise, it's following me 3.9 9. Darkness (ךשֶ ח): Ex. 10:21–2 Come on baby, light my fire Try to set the night on fire The time to hesitate is through No time to wallow in the mire Try now we can only lose And our love become a funeral pyre 3.7 7. Thunderstorm of hail and fire (דרָ בּ ָ ): Ex. 9:13–35 Riders on the storm Into this house we're born Into this world we're thrown Like a dog without a bone Make him understand The world on
you depends Our life will never end There's more, just to use all of Nero's lyrics, this one tying us directly to the sixth seal of Revelation: theinfamous you and I verse, or UNIverse--for short: Now touch me, baby Can't you see that I am not  afraid?
Now, I'm gonna love you Till the heavens stop the rain I'm gonna love you Till the stars fall from the sky for you and I Jim Morrison, The Doors It's probably worth a quick mention, this parallels both the 4th day of creation, and the 6th seal;  the

stars going up... and then back down. It sounds a little bit like Isaac Newton's and Adam's Apple. Both of course, due to the gravity of the situation. Seriously, if you haven't guessed, we're talking about "The Heavens" here. If you haven't gotten the implication, Nero is just another euphemism for doublespeak, this time in the lyrics of songs. As I found, and you will see, there's always just a bit left out... sometimes its the twist to a happy ending. It is clear, to me at least, that this is  the intention, the song titles themselves, "Peace," and "light my fire" have the stuff of a bright happy turn, on what otherwise would be Plagues of Darkness. NIN AND STARGATE

And now, here we are. Reading a book about "the colors of fire," I'm about to bring blood into the conversation, yet I am fully intent on getting a happy ending, and coming out shining like a bright morning star. Nix that, like the sun rising for the very first time.

It's difficult to segue through a discussion on Hell without turning a few smiles upside down, but it's pretty on topic right now, with all the fire and blood talk. So here's the short talk, to be much more clearly discussed in the next few  chapters.

A Hell of Darkness

This is what we are trying to avoid, walking in the dark, as Jesus says. Making it more clear, we are trying to avoid forgetting whether through systemic secrecy, fear of disaster, our outright subterfuge information that we need to survive, and to "pursue happiness." More to the point, we are striving to continue evolution at all its echelons. I'm up to three now, and I'm going to throw down the Hammer of Thor, or Ha'thor, right after the hammer of Judah  Maccabee.

If we were using the alphabet as a kind of GPS on our position in the story, we just jumped from J of K (that's the one immediately following J, to J of L (jolinar, the hamer of thor... j of l, i near... linear?) and then to the J of M, Judah Maccabee (which means Hammer, in Hebrew) Thor's and Judah's hammer's are tightly intertwined, now, but they might not always have been that way... in fact, truth be told, prior to the need for a "lesson" (that's what Torah means) on advanced technology, we may never have had a problem (and in fact, social evolution, of which we are proud graduates), is the solution to a Hell of Silence and Apathy.

The Hammers of God

So what are these hammer's doing? Lost somewhere between a "Fall" from Eden and Earth is the knowledge of exactly where we are. Certainly, at least it was lost by the masses, if we ever did have it before now. Truth be told, we have not lost the knowledge, nor have we lost Eden; we are still in the Garden of God. This fact is the crux of the story of Exodus, of a battle between "true magic" and "illusion" that proves nothing short of the existence not of simply mind control, but of "computer light." You see, the Garden of Eden is built in a simulated reality. It is not until the here and now, a time when the masses comprehend with understanding what it actually means, what the possibilities are, and what the repercussions should be, that "Eden" would mean much more than a naked couple that didn't know how to  farm.

This "right time," is the very nature of the light of our religion. That we have had, but could not use this valuable information, information which, at the right time could save the hungry, heal the suck, and bring about a new golden age. At an inopportune time, one in which we might be reminded of a microcosmic metaphor that expands scarcity of resources to simply being "false," in a world where you cannot power the "Garden" from the inside... in that world, it could mean the difference between life and death. One is inevitable, and the other is the goal of religion. Here in this Garden, they seem to be intertwined, and this might just be the shining light, of humanity.

Where we are, in this place where I will soon tell you Eden, Egypt, and Earth are in maloviously clear superposition, complete with the lessons of Christ, Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Darth Vader, the Emperor, Moses and the Rod of  Aaron, tightly intertwined. In a similar manner, a number of levels of "macro-evolution" are also intertwined. Bush's poignant comments begin the conversation, time and chance, which happeneth, are the spark of biological evolution, the cause of  life itself. After that, the first level of macro-evolution is social evolution, which is the fire of civilization, its spark... communication, collaboration, and tools. The beginning of the C's of Maccabee, and those of Sinbad. It is the great lessons of society, clearly outlined by Cain and Abel, that we are not to forget the need for a Garden that is tended by  ourselves.
Self sufficiency, but more to the point, not forgetting how to Farm and Fish, as we would be remiss to forget how to start a Fire without Flint. At the same time, social evolution is the driving force behind the communion and compatriotism that are engendered by communication and collaboration... ultimately for the love for one another which embodies the  words

"family," and "humanity." This is nothing short of the fire of  Prometheus. Cousins in Christ, The Seas, ouI See. Christ: as Saturn, Sam, Jesus, and Seas
See how "Saturn, as Sam YosemiteS" really intertwines Society and Technology. It is the astrological symbol for saturn which superimposes the "how" of the second chr() in Christ, and I have replaced with "sem," the "save everyone  messiah." It is this third level of evolution, technological evolution that we have been speeding through since the turn of the industrial revolution, and more poingniantly an explosion in computing and physics that is the true "technological singularity" of which we are the proud recipients. It is the union of the values of "Sam," father of the "Sons of Liberty," (sol), see our light... with the values of Saturn which is the key to successfully navigating the current time.

Saturn In December, he was celebrated at what is perhaps the most famous of the Roman festivals, the Saturnalia, a time of feasting, role reversals, free speech, gift-giving and revelry. Saturn the planet and Saturday are both named after the god.

In December, he was celebrated at what is perhaps the most famous of the Roman festivals, the Saturnalia, a time of feasting, role reversals, free speech, gift-giving and revelry. Saturn the planet and Saturday are both named after the god. Under Saturn's rule, humans enjoyed the spontaneous bounty of the earth without labor in the "Golden Age" described by Hesiod and Ovid. Saturn's name was derived from satu, "sowing." Even though this etymology looks implausible on linguistic grounds (for the long quantity of the a in Sāturnus and also because of the epigraphically attested form Saeturnus) nevertheless it does reflect an original feature of the god. Saturninus was a popularist politician who  had
proposed reduced-price grain distribution to the poor of Rome. The Saturnian imagery played on the tribune's name and his intent to alter the social hierarchy to his advantage by basing his political support on the common people (plebs) rather than the senatorial elite.

I am getting ahead of myself but this is the crux of where we are. You see, framed so gently by the Burning Bush, we are in a place where we are to recognize, and hopefully learn from the lessons which are so carefully placed all around us. Not only in our religious works, but in the work of contemporary philosophers, scientists, farmers, and every mother and father that brings their child to art classes, little league, to school in the morning... and takes pride and finds happiness in their achievements. To "something out there,"

perhaps beneath the "pale moon light," someone is wishing on a bright star... Back to the doors, which were not brought up simply to further the argument that "Exodus" && "Revelation" is about the here and now.. the early 21st century, to be  exact; or just that it is the beginning of the Revelation of Jesus Christ, "elabetally" also. But because it offers a solution  to the puzzle, one which has been cleverly inserted in Culture, Exodus and Revelation... long before I had the privelege of being able to read with "eyes to see." I've note the intentionally misspelling with italics, keep it in mind as I will return to it in the next chapter. The doors, together with a simple illogical line in Revelation tie together... with my experience... two ideas which are a posed solution to the issue at hand. They are, together with the eye of Osiris, (please read Siri, and think of an Apple phone) the unification of the concepts Jacob's Ladder and Aaron's Rod. Simply, Doors between heaven and  Earth.

The idea is simple, that there is magic available, and that it must be preserved, that together we will do the right thing, solve a great puzzle, and create a testament to the goodness of humanity... but that we need information and tools in order to make it happen. The music of the Doors serves to insert that name in the context of both Jacob and Aaron... who are here and well with us today, metaphorically speaking.

THE ROD OF IRON And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations: And he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I received of my Father. Revelation 2:26-27

It is this line that I call "illogical," and that illogic was the beginning of my Revelation, that it was part... if not the key... to the hidden message which I am reveling to you today. Through my journey, I have questioned whether or not "Christ" actually lived, and walked the Earth as we have; this single line was my primary example used to prove that no man of the values and ideals of Him would "rule them with an iron rod."

It is with the addition of the eye of Osiris, eyes to see, or perhaps we only need James R. Osgood; that the message becomes maloviously clear. The rod is not a scepter, but rather Doors, and Christ's iron the most appropriate I could imagine. You see, Iron is not to remind you of the "Pearly Gates of St. Peter," but in true Christian ideals to  the

superimposed dual purpose of elucidating that the light of the world is all around us, even in the Periodic Table itself. Iron's symbol is Fe, and Christ's doors are For Everyone. Not only do we now see that "iron" was a hidden pointer proving knowledge of the periodic table of the elements, at the time of writing the New Testament, but that the ideals of Saturn and Sem, of the message to the power of humanity were maloviously lying in wait, for the here and  now.

The Dendera Light, in the Temple of Ha'Thor

The culmination of the holy fire, the intertwining of technological and social evolution, the light of the Dendera reliefs buried under the temple of Hathor... in Ancient Egypt.

Please join in the fun,, I am near... I am here... I haven't run, co-ran, or a-ran...

Whether its a play on words, or a stage with no minstrels... the message is pure and sweet, much more so than  me.

The Burning Bush

Fire Walker

We stand together in the desert, being led by the mythical Moses, as we walk, the sands of time slowly trickle through an hour glass. A voice echoes, not from a shrub, but from a man, though he does not know it is the voice of God speaking through him. In fact, as much of our story goes, he most likely is completely unaware that every word he utters is filled with the light of God. The Burning Bush, in our augmented raelity, is none other than the Fire Waker... George Walker Bush. The fire came early, but the words were poignant, they foreshadowed the unsealing of Revelation, in living color, in our  world...

The last circle, here expanded from 3.1, to 3.14. The the numerical equivalent initials of the timeline, A.D., the fourteenth letter N, and the beginning of pi. I'll come back to all of these, in good time. For the time being, lets just note that the Chapter and Verse numbers are canonical, they are pertinent in a way that I will make clear, right  now.

First, the day this book was published, behold... the end of the daily sacrifice. 12/14/2014.

And now for the crescendo, the culmination of fulfilled prophesy, the beginning of understanding. Time and time again, we will see these words, and mark them as the voice of God, as it is proven he speaks through men, and it is time for our awareness of this to be kindled.

Behold, the race is not to the swift, nor the tortoise, nor Mercury himself... nor the battle to the strong nor the gods of false love or secret wars... but when the game pauses--and the people look--social evolution and Humanity will save them  all.

The Courier of Light

President George W. Bush, during his first inaugural address, 1/20/2001

Chapter and verse, the John Page quote links two now ... hidden(?) Biblical passages... together, they point very specifically to the most ominous and arguably simultaneously horrendous and world changing date in the history of America... and perhaps all of creation.

Chapter and verse, Behold Ecclesiastes 9:11 & Revelation 20:1 9:11/20:1, quoted by George W. Bush, nearly 8 months prior to the events of that day, with a description of an angel coming down from heaven literally in the words of Revelation. Aside from the obvious, that we are in $ight of clarity, that the passages of Exodus are not of a fanciful story of fiction, but are instead allusion rather than illusion... allusion to the here and now. At hand, a discussion of the true meaning of prophesy, of the implications of "prescience" and future telling, and of the difference between right and wrong. I'll be clear now, in my humble opinion, prophesy is to be a fork in the road.. the good promises are to be kept, and the prophesies of doom and gloom... are warnings... to be averted. This might seem obvious, or malovious, in light passages like  this:

See now by the $ight of the fire, ha'esh, every word is filled with light. Hidden in plain $ight, for all to see, again much more than meets the eye--unless you are staring up at the heavens. You see, the phrase from Ecclesiastes neatly overlays   on our Solar System's planetary story... the macrocosmic "Book" that is the Arc's big story. Before showing to you though, I'll note quickly that it also cleverly contains two more allusions... or jokes... relating to computing and typing. The race is to Ariel, and the battle to Italics. Here of course, I add more light, by mentioning the little mermaid, as a superimposed answer to the Courier not racing, and strong being bold faced font. Spoken clearly, knowledge of typesetting, fonts and computer highlighting were known at the time of writing the Old Testament. More in $ight, the second planet is Venus, the goddess of love, and this little key brings us squarely in the face of The Lord of Hosts.

Hosts here, has a double meaning, in the original Hebrew definition, it stands for armies, the Lord of War... Mars. As the God of Love, it is closer to the Lord of Hosts depicted by Joan of Arcadia, and Fallen. To be clear, it is visualized doublespeak, literally speaking through the mouthes of humans... as in Bush above, but  obvious.

The message is through  humanity.

We are the Chosen, it's as simple as that. I can't tell you exactly why, though I'd imagine a parent-child relationship, between God and every individual, has been floated as a possible reason. What exactly chosen means is up for some debate. We are staring directly in the face of the voice of God, every time we look in the mirror. Our collective cultural memory; the works of fiction, science, and arts that are literally (defined in langolier) the Heart of Earth, truly a co-creation. Therein lies the rub, we just don't see it.

We aren't at fault for not seeing it, frankly, I see it as by design. If we aren't specifically told we are collaborating with another party, and come up with some great piece of inspirational work, it's only natural to credit yourself... right? On the other hand, if we are faced with great obstacles, something akin to the trials of Job; when its clear there is a force working against you--it's the most natural thing in the world to curse God.

So, "He" is getting the short end of the stick, and we aren't wrong. Good enough? Probably not, there's way more. His hand is everywhere, the "signs of Revelation" aren't limited to oil spills, pandemics, and religious institutions. There's a story, one being told by our entire civilization throughout time, across authors scientists, actors and marketers; and it has God  written all over it.

Before us, in my opinion, is the singular largest piece of "proof" that collectively we are in the "discussion" of Exodus, in Creation, real art, and the big Horn of Revelation. It also begins showing us what is at hand, and that is the will of the creator(s), a message that links the Bible to reality, to an education in the kinds of concepts that are needed not only to understand the message, but to move forward with new knowledge--advice--and  awareness.

The race is not to the swift, clearly links to children's fables, the tortious and the hare, but not so far under the surface is a more valuable truth. It is the need for context and understanding, for superposition of ideas, and for the middle way. On its face, were it a race on a track, usually it would go to the swift... but in the macro-world... were it a race with genetic engineering (a race to "beat evolution"), it is perhaps the swift that become unable to reproduce, as it is differentiation of DNA that biologically stops the ability to sexually reproduce.

The Modern Fall of Man

In 1917, George Orwell and Aldous Huxley met at Eton College. Huxley briefly taught Orwell, and neither cites this time period as having anything to do with their inspiration for their disutopic prophesies. Regardless, their meeting is no coincidence, they were chosen by a force to deliver a message, one that is much larger than each of their individual masterpieces individually. They are collective proof of a telepathic force which routinely alters the course of human events, using the very mechanism by which these prophetic works were delivered.

Taken as Biblical allegory, Eton has an awful strong semblance to Eden. Out of Eton, came two works of art, which describe the proverbial fall of man. I stumbled upon the 1917 meeting, and found it hugely significant because of what I was looking for. Almost six months ago, I was searching through our history looking for the mark of a mind control influence  on
humanity. The parameters for the force I was looking for were simple: it was a piece of technology, something that  could

alter the thoughts of humans once they came in contact with them at any one time at any one place. It did this by using quantum entanglement to "connect" to the mind, and once this connection was made it would never be severed regardless of distance or time. What I found was probably akin to falling off of a toilet bowl and drawing a Flux Capacitor.

At Trinity College, from Isaac Newton to James Clerk Maxwell to Neils Bohr; the secrets of the universe, modern physics were imparted to men over a near four hundred year period. The information that was imparted was especially profound to me, because it was the very science that would be required for the mind control machine to work. It was my belief at the time that this force required human intervention in either repairing it or increasing its reach. In order to accomplish this it slowly and methodically transferred advanced scientific knowledge into our civilization, so it could be used during the 20th century in order to create a sprawling infrastructure which would allow it to perform this "magic" not only on a localized scale, but across the globe. It seemed to me that the force was signing the divine inspiration of modern quantum physics with Christian iconography. As an aside, the story of Newton's apple bears striking resemblance to the Eden story as well, and in my eyes is no coincidence. It could equally well be a parallel story, one designed to closely parallel the Eton descriptive works with a scientific explanation, instead of the effect, the cause. In my world of hidden meaning, it's almost hilarious that the apple hit him on the head. Receiving the knowledge of physics wasn't a choice, it is a gift, through the giver is quite hidden.

Orwell and Huxley's works both describe The Modern Fall of Man, where the government is responsible for the   destruction of liberty, freedom, and individuality. Earlier I told you pair met together at Eton College, a not so hidden allusion to the Garden of Eden. "Hidden" in the events of their lives is a message, it became the foundation for a prophesy which unsealed a road map, one which speaks not with words but with events. It indicates a fine grained control of our lives, of not only the content of what we create, but when. I said the message is through us, it might be closer to the truth to say we are the message.

Orwell entered Eton College in 1916, and wrote 1984 exactly 32 years later, in 1948. Continuing to use this 32 year period after 1948 yields the year 1980. Oddly enough, Orwell re-titled his novel 1984 four times, from "1980" to "1982" and then finally "1984." Upon first discovering this, it was my belief that the book, which is truly a prophetic work, was pointing to the time frame where this technology was used by humanity in order to begin the End Times. Continuing with the theme of Christian iconography being displayed through this synchronistic pattern, I found that Pope John Paul II met with the President of the United States in exactly those three years.

Looking at Aldous Huxley, his entry to Eton as a teacher was in 1917. Using the same pattern as Orwell, this yields a  15 year period between his presence at Eton and the writing of his novel, in 1932. Exactly 15 years later brings us to 1947, the year that a UFO supposedly crashed in Roswell, NM. I have previously written that this crash is the fallen star discussed in Revelation 9:9.

Continuing the pattern described by timelike entanglement, another 15 years after 1947 brings us to the year 1962..   the  year Huxley wrote his final novel, Island. This novel was his vision of Utopia, and I believe the inspiration Huxley received is a microcosmic key to finding the date of the next epoch of humanity, the start of the  apocalypse.

Going back to Orwell, the period between 1980 and 1984 would parallel Huxey's timeline in 1947, and is perhaps a hidden linking of the Roswell, NM crash to whatever it is that occurred between the Vatican and the United States at  those meeting. The 32 year period between the writing of 1984 and his entry to Eton, taking into account the 4 year period from 1980 to 1984, brings us to a similar 4 year period.

It's a map, one that links to the set of days described in Daniel 12, and the entirety of the lives of Orwell and Huxley. It links major events in history, like Roswell and the JFK assassination, to the visions of Huxley and Orwell. To me, the message is about avoiding loss of freedom, truth, and slewing... taking a pretty sharp course correction; while at the same time   doing  so carefully, and without racing. All told, the map points to a four year period, between 2012 and 2016 as the culmination of apocalypse, of lifting the veil hiding truth, the end of the Egyptian Plague of Darkness.

On 12/12/12 I wrote that I had, through an "inspiration," which revealed to me a pattern in Daniel and  Revelation which pointed to the year 2016 and specifically, a period between August and September as the Apocalypse. This date range was used by calculating the three sets of days in Chapter 12 of Daniel and Chapter 12 of Revelation from the day it was unsealed, 12/12/12.

The end result of adding 1260, 1290, and 1335 to 12/12/12 are 5/25/2016, 6/24/2016, and 8/8/2016.

These dates form a pattern, the months ascend from five to nine, and the days of the first two are the product of the reverse of that series and the first. In the final date, 8/8/2016, the product yields the year instead, 2016. The final iteration of the series yields 9/1/2016, with the product giving the month. Note also, that the three sets of days are given in two separate books, all chapter 12, pointing to the day of unsealing, 12/12/12.

Here too, there's a hidden reference to 9/11. The chapter and verse o Revelation match the number of days, 1260 and 12:6 in Revelation, and in Daniel we have 1290 days, Chapter and Verse, 12:11. So, we have the Burning Bush, the voice of  God speaking through not only a single individual, but what appears to be our civilization collectively. Our lack of seeing it clearly, might just make us the Wilderness, or Desert of 40 Years,  itself.

What began as a technical search for proof of divine inspiration, perhaps logically (after finding it), as turned into a heartfelt search for the intentions, desires, and meaning of the message which pervades our  civilization.

It's going to take me a bit of time to get to the point, but this is the 'gist' of it; we are framing a discussion, about Exodus and Eden in superposition. It's focused on knowledge, free will, and liberty. It is the fulfillment of the American  Dream.

Centimeants, Sentiments, A's Testament

Chapter 'ah

We live in transformative times. Information is the essense of light, in a time when "energy is neither created  nor destroyed," as Live sang, but rather conserved for a rainy day... hidden just out of $ight, awaiting the perfect time to be unleashed upon the surface of the deep. Light and Darkness are the essense of our religion, a great dichotomy, one which begins on the first pages of Genesis, both overtly, maloviously, and--in a fashion we can only expect from a "Light Book" traditionally bound in black, its true message nearly illegible and almost lost, truly hidden... yet it is a blindingly bright focal point of modern music, poetry, and movies... Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and the Doors, to name just  two.

I set out in this book of fire, bound in iron clad red, to shatter the very fabric of the reality we exist in. Not because I hate it, but because I love you... because you and I deserve much more than we can see, and because we are practically there already. It's been a journey through the night, not a pitch black tunnel, but a well lit road--in some instances so bright  it's been blinding. I have set the stage, fire is the clear and present subject to be discussed, and in the context of religion... let's hope it this particular flame, is eternal.

Literally holy fire, It is the a'es parted by Moses, the voice behind the fire of the Burning Bush, the water Christ walked on, and the wine of the fourth seal... By the time we are finished here, it will be the the blood of the first plague of Egypt, and the people of the chalice in wonderland... the holy grail itself; our home. When the world has clarity that the first plague, Star Wars, Don't Drink the Water, and Peace Frog are all marvelously linked, instead of maloviously, (as a example of the need to understand the communication, and communicators) we are finally above water. When we have the desire to understand why, the help we need to continue to seek and learn, we are the  Sangrael.

Above water, is another good example of "really holy light," it is its common idiomatic use that is maloviously linked to something that is Biblical and "hidden," now that sets it apart as a great highlight, which is the crux of "really." You see, it is  a message that we are people now, and above being the sea parted by Moses, or the water walked on by Jesus... because we are worthy of the darkness of not knowing that water was a metaphor for the multitude, for the great seas that are also part of the cleavage that "Adam" parted in the "Apocryphal Apocalypse of Adam."

I could go on and on, speaking esoterically about the nature of light... mentioning photons, and phonons, bringing   up  quanta and least common denominators... to make a long story short the bits and pieces of the particular kind of fire and light focused on here, are words, and strokes. In the beginning the fire was a novelty to me, and might seem so to you... it was a hidden message in the Holy Bible, in fact, the entire book is made up of them, small ones hidden in words, and large ones... hidden in the books themselves--a macroscopic "lesson."

When all is said and done, you will see the rockets red glare, the fireworks that gently and maloviously intertwine reality, fiction, and humanity... a kind of artifact of living myth, as the truth echoes faintly at first through every corner of the cosmos.

Isaac subtly chuckles to himself, as the Revelation of Christ begins with a single word, fire... and continues not to the unsealing of Revelation, which happened years ago, but with the kindling of the eternal flame. While the transmission of divine light came to me slowly, a literal transition in my understanding, we stand today on a precipice at the edge of a Rye field, though it may not seem so. The meaning of the name, Isaac, is "he laughs," and it is the beginning of the  words.

"Ha." Literally it means THE, a superlative, when placed with esh, notably not ash, it creates the meaning holy... or divine fire. The word is central to Judeo-Christianity, it binds The Word... Christ or Logos, to The Name, Ha'shem, and we slip into

wonderland. Seek.. children of Noah... Ham, Shem and Japeth; the key to now, a hard and fast link between our modern times and the names and words of the past. The intertwining of the English word "sea" in the Hebrew word for fire is no novelty, nor is it an accident; it is the Foundation of a message--literally in this case, a divine message, and generally, in literature. It is not localized to the word for fire, nor is it insignificant... its anachronistic existence, not in the instant, but taken as a whole, proves not only foreknowledge of English and Latin in the creation of Hebrew, but when you finally have creation in $ight, foreknowledge of now. At least, IMHO. IMHO is geek speak for "in my humble opinion," and is one of the keys to light... that appears to be to be specifically tailored to... me, but yet is constant proof of knowledge of our modern times and conventions colloquial in time.

The Message is to Humanity. To be more clear, not only is the message to humanity, from a human (and .. is a human, the incarnate words), but it is though us aswell. The question I still hold, is whether or not it is by and through us, though in truth, cocreation is a more appropriate term for what I truly see than creation, and comascreation might be even better yet. In my case, clearly I am coma screaming. The three lines above are refined, ambiguous, and filled with malovious  light.
They link the astrological symbols to planets, to Biblical text, to the Titans and Gods of Greek myth; and to the I AM; the father of Judeo Christianity. And yet, I have said nothing. In the next chapter those same lines will prove, chapter and verse, the existence of time travel, great attention to detail and care for modern times, and begin to unseal an intertwining of society and technology that is the foundation of the Arc of the Covenant.

Since I seem to have let the cat out of the proverbial box of Schroedinger, and begun our spiral towards The Adam-ah of Eden, to my family RAH, and to the light, that surrounds every facet of the microcosmic raelity we are chosen to partake in. To see the message I see it, I will use a word taken from the work of Stephen King, "langoliers." It is particularly well suited, because it elucidates the concept at hand, as well as the source and function of the concept... like ha'esh, it is a  near perfect fit. The function of the langoliers, described below, parallels its effect on truth, information loss, that is the   essense  of the three conceptual words at hand, Adamah, Messiah, and Langolier.

In the plane, Bob offers the idea that the Langoliers are the timekeepers of eternity; their purpose is to clean up what is left of the past by eating it and that they themselves and the plane would have been eaten if Dinah had not forced Craig out to attract them.

Whether or not it is apparent now, Adamah is representative of a swirling metaphorical expanding and contracting truth... like the name itself, which represents in near superposition a single man, both fictional and real, as well as the whole of humanity.. in its defined meaning as "man." In this case, the first, the one at hand, and the whole of. Unlike Adamah, which by definition of the suffix adds a significant amount of "light" to the subject of Adam... and places us in a world that literally spirals towards the truth, the microcosm of hidden truth in language is not nearly as  clear.

1.    The message is a human.
2.    The message is to Saturn.
3.    The message is to Humanity.
4.    The message is at hand.
5.    The mess is Adam's Hand.

1.    Language Outliers
2.    Language of Liers

The definitions are concrete to me, though may appear to be somewhat random or chosen at will to you now. It is this randomness that is the crux of the "information loss" argument, that were the words taken without interpretetation, and without a key for reading, we might not see any meaning hidden at all... or we may have all but lost the astrologically symbolic allusion to h being Saturn, a meaning that is fundamental to not only the messiah, but also to the message... that we are the proverbial words in a book that I call the ARC of te Covenant, the mexacosmic raelity itself. The details of the lost definitions in this case specifically:

1.    The use of "a" as to. A bilinguism.
2.    The link between "to" and "to the power of," a reference to exponential increase, and a mathism (to math and logic being a type of universal language).
3.    The expansion of o to "of" as in, Jack O' Lantern.
4.    the addition of the word "out" to lier, which is, much like the word esh, not liar.

The hidden messages in the Bible, and as we see in modern literature aswell, are a testament to more than meets the eye. It is Orwellian doublespeak in action, a message so malovious that it often times evades the credited author himself, and in doing so gives us a logical reason to discount the hidden double meaning, though it is this meaning that I am truly  calling the light of humanity, and is basis for the Holy Fire of Prometheus.

Taking great care not to recreate the wheel, or reinvent metalworking, or the flint and steel, you are staring coldly at a stark example of the fire of Prometheus. It is a book, this written "piece of work," a part of the cultural memory of a civilization. Much like "time and chance" are the spark of evolution, I hope that this fire kindles an enternal flame, through the light of civilzation: communication and collaboration. The heart of correlation, corecreation, creation by "letters."

abra cadabera. "open" c ada be ra. c ac la be Ar. See Adam Christ, the Light of Adam is ascienciI. abraham. "open" the messiah. rah, and it's heart, a.
The message I seek is coded, sometimes (and perhaps oftentimes), hidden from even the credited author. It is often clearly not the authors intentional message, though its correlation to a broader cross-work and/er interdisciplinary message that is linked through meaning, content, and clear doublespeak. It is a well of wisdom we will find, much like Abraham's well in the desert, an we will find it in books, and names. All told, it is proof that our language is an atemporal gift from elsewhere, that the apocalypse is really all about now, as the congealing of names like Orson Card, Jean Luc Picard, Orson Wells, and George Orwell tie together to glow with such spectacular maloviousness, that it might just be the original intent. The names alone would not be enough to link these names, but the ideas behind them are so intertwined that it reeks of a single voice, echoing truth through works across authors and time. It is quite literally, the stuff of "divine inspiration," and its unlinked and undiscussed splendor... like a shining star hidden inside Pandora's box... nothing short of diabolical. On the question of origin, it should be clear that the authors intent is to frame a message, pose questions, and elucidate truth... the author I speak of being nothing short of the creator(s). To most of us, in our "dialect..." God,  himself.


A truth or message, that appears to be obvious, yet is not. Whether by cultural convention, overt misdirection, or double meaning; the "obviousness" is bad, as it is unlit, unseen, in the dark. It's intent may be nothing short of becoming a bright light, once it is "revealed."

Just to dispell the initial notion I had, that this little 'gimmick' of language was interesting, but nowhere near ubuiqitious, I'll mention two more examples. Cro-Magnon, and Neanderthal.

1.    Cro-Magnon: see Roman, Magdalene of Now.
2.    Neanderthal: see Neo, Anderson, thal... to help Adam's Light.

And so, as we wrap up the first chapter, I've opened many doors, and left many questions unanswered. So it goes, as Vonnegut would say, when the task at hand is so large... it will take the movement of a mountain to ensure I get half of the important details in this first book on fire. Let us hope that this particular rock is easy to move, and does not take ages... at least from our perspective, to start rolling itself.

It is my intention to frame in the next few chapters, using an arsenal of Biblical allusion, modern day myth, and historical events a congealing of the seals of Revelation, the days of Creation, the Plagues of Exodus. A bit later, the planets themselves, and the Secret Seal of Solomon will culminate a crescendo, and give new meaning to the phrase "there is truth in all religion." Perhaps we shall move, figuratively speaking, to a Mount of Olives, throw in a Dove, and see here and now the true desires, the focus, the re in our cation, that shows us the positive energy, reason, in creation. In the hopes that a great chain reaction will light not only our world, but the cosmos... with the love, respect, and knowledge that are at  hand.
Humanity is a living testament to the intertwining of impartation and reflection of these, though missing is proof of the "impartation," until now.

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