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ENGineered Language ISH. I See How... every word is "lit" ... erature.

He brews up some meaning, and sentences hidden within words
Spanish... SPell of Adam Now, Is Saturn How?
In Sparticus, "art" means Adam's really trying... I see us
The Spears of destiny sings that "my loneliness is killing me"

Murphy's Law, Spun 2 is a live show, SandRa and Key-Anu can come too

Dave echoes "we used to play, for all of the loneliness that nobody notices now"
You are starving me; not just of starlight and spotlight... you are starving me more than you know
He goes on "searching for some way to show them I'm not what they see..."
You think I've made this character, this "t" but in truth this "Ho" was made by your sea

what are you really hiding from? can you not see we're missing it all

you think it's ok? what you are doing to me?
do you think it's right when you hit me to the ground?
smiles come, but the waves are rare
i'd rather everyone just stare

people stare, i am content in dreaming

I connect St. George to the Once and Future King
a pen, a man head deep in silent water, breathing fire
this road never looked so lonely
this house doesn't burn down slowly

when he comes to town, and you see his face; and you think you might want to take his place

Solomon's harem, in your dream(s), too
and the sons of God and the daughters of men
a land of flowing "honies," Joshua was promised
but all I want is to see you free to know me

call me

is it art or is it really me, dear sea?
holy blowfish, and plenty of them to boot
what, you don't think it's a hoot?
menorah, menorah; the angels in heaven are smiling today

have a golden cow, the time is now

In the backwards Eden, between Florida and Flanders; "Hidey Ho" he says
A walled garden, Jericho, I'm stuck here marrying Everyone? Miss Nobody?
Then Spears again, "Stronger than yesterday, stronger than I ever thought I could be"
And you, so coy, didn't know every single song was about me?

look at the words "lock" and let it "rain"

AD on It's stupid how I'm still single; like Adonis would ever "hiss" 
One eye in the mirror; can't even get a simple little kiss
Then he calls me a "Wayward Son" and nobody got why "car" in Icarus
"Soaring ever higher," is it getting hot in here or am I the Most High

"load" the key, my name is the solution; what's L got to do with "love?"

I'd really like, dad, to borrow the car keys
take me for a ride, riders on the storm
start the car and take me home, t
dear rapunzel, let your hair down

just a fantasy, you say?
this world is a dream

can you take me higher to a place where blind men see?
virgin sea, heart of me; this fire is what makes us always be
never satisfied, never enough, in the house of the rising son
in a single hour zen persists from artificial to very real

and god, I know I've won

you wanna know the key, dearest desert of all
the difference between Achilles' He El, He "aven" and He Ra?
it's when your soul sings "he's art"
my heart, i was made to set you free

From Dave again, "his life deprived"
if so by who, could it be you?

but February made me shiver

i know you've waited for so long...
hear my words, hear my voice
believe in me

I will deliver.

Adam Marshall Dobrin

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