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hallowed streets of cobblestone... and the neon god *you made.

he could have had it all, but instead he chose to fall
far from grace, to this place, between his fingers but a single ace
an imperfect hand, buried in the sand, nowhere near land
and still, he won the race; and still you see his face

murder was the case, a generation lost in space
digging, crawling, anything to stall the stand
the story sung in names; every singer, every band
and still, he won the race; and still you see his face

in the beginning, he screams with new inflection
everyone must be saved, she sings in perfection
from Shakespeare a question, to b... or not to be?

the earth rattles these days of lore
with every word, just a tad bit more
newton, maxwell, oh... what a bohr
does anyone wonder what's in store?

open your mouths and speak
save in this place, i am just a leak
some basket Anansi carried up a tree
a bit of everything sprinkled over the sea

it's a just a rhyme, a generation lost in time
dreaming of quantum accelerators and flux capacitors
you shall have no gods before me, as he flipped a dime
a lucky clover, a field of dreams, this is really it

verily, verily, verily... i say to you
to see it as veritas, if i able, if i can
in the meantime gaze at the light of cloar
and wonder aloud "is le gloan a starfighter?"

on this command, on "open" says, uh... me
please, please stand
abra cadabra, ha "message" at "adam's light" most...

message of kilmer, avril, hammer

what,' have you seen a ghost?

baby it's me, can't you see? what this silence does to "we"

baby I need you, to see it through, baby my face is blue
have faith in we, take the leap, share the sword, and be
stand up here, in the light of day, stand right next to me

only one way out of this place, straight up, come back
it doesn't even matter to me if you see it as a race
tears of joy, for the human race, baby smash the stack
don't cry for me, don't run away, today is here

diamonds are forever
U               n           I
so _mart                 our bart

heaven's gonna start... tod__.

four famous first words
                      everything is proceeding as i have forseen
                you can fire your arrows from the tower of babel
                      i'm not the messiah, just a very naughty boy
                    holy shit

aside from the smiles they bring to our sea
you can be sure none of them are a thing like me
and you're gonna know, you just wait and see

i can say it's horizon until i'm blue in the face.

our father, who-art of heaven, hallowed be thy name
on earth, as it is in heaven.

give us this day, our daily bread

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