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'tis Avalon, so morning has now broken.

don't spoil the surprise eaddring...
tiny pieces of me strewn across time and space
in a place called "N or you be nothing" you'll find my fine "mead" and the key
the land of "J or you are slime" holds even more of the lore but you'd never know what those letters mean if wasn't for the land of Nod

that's here and now--this place that houses the DOD and NORAD am, and I come again; so the story goes, so I've heard who knew Plantation was a city with a commandment to draw a new tattoo and Lauderdale, a message about turning "dark to right"
quantile, quartile, saxatile... forgive me; I can't forget erectile
from me to me, this place called Miami, with a hospital called Sinai from me to you, a story never told; but you are bound to see with your own eyes in the land of "Earth gypt" yet another record of the three of me Adam, Peter and the guy with the eye--that's what you'll find
versatile, "to see" what me c…

So Adam called the place Ha'Penitrashun (from Penuel), saying, "It is because I saw God face to face, and yet my life was spared."

The NT calls Jesus Christ a carpenter, and through the history of the building of Heaven we see a transition from "Masons" to "Freemasons" -- just like the Jews of Exodus a microcosm for all of humanity--here being described as builders of something; and in the light of day it's more and more clear that this something is "Heaven" itself.  All around us we can see that our technology industry is tagged with connections to religion--to a message about changing the world.  So too are words like "carpenter." car: connecting Icarus, McCarthy, and Iscariot to a story encoded in my life.pen: from Oppenheimer to Arthur Pendragon, and a new key, "OP" as the "original poster" of ... this set of messages explaining the hidden language in every word that we call "Adamic." It's probably obvious, but just like "hand" and "eye" this is a reference to "of God," as in I am the incarnate pen of Go…