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The Cure

9/25/2017.  YESTERDAY, after sending the email you see below this text to a number of listserv's related to maladies like Cancer and blindness I spent my last day in Del Ray Beach walking by this building.  To say I was "surprised'" by the OMENand the missing "A"  doesn't do justice to the feeling of walking through a story book designed to build Heaven that is woven into your life.  I hadn't written much about "HEALING THE SICK" before recently, focusing on the very clear proof that we are living in VIRTUAL REALITY; and suggesting  that with the NEW TESTAMENT as a guidebook we were smart enough to figure out the kinds of things this DISCLOSURE delivers to us.  I've since spent significant time highlighting "ENDING WORLD HUNGER" with the flick of MY LITTLE FINGER in addition to a number of SOCIAL PROBLEMS from HELLISH CENSORSHIP to a lack of governmental progress (relating to TECHNOCRACY) specifically highlighted by EXODUS an…

the Confession of Samael.

Why and?  Or so goes the question of this day; connecting the beginning and ends of eternity in "etymology" and in "yetser" which is Hebrew for "formation."  Don't delay, see the obvious message connecting Caesar and "et tu brute?" to Mr. Anderson and to the Guitar Man's magical message encoded in Rock 'n roll.  Why et, indeed?  Answer, the questions whyandwho; and we are to be the beginning. THE TIME IS SHORT HELP THE NEWS BREAK THE DARKNESS

Obviously this introduction was written for my daily mailing list (call it "daily bread"), which consists of about 2,000 people.  Please understand that I see a level of darkness significantly "thicker" than you can possibly imagine, and this list--as well as the half million other people I have emailed directly--and the millions more that have come from LISTSERV's have failed to break this "pretty obvious" story consisting of a set of disclosures and advicethat …