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the Confession of Samael.


Why and?  Or so goes the question of this day; connecting the beginning and ends of eternity in "etymology" and in "yetser" which is Hebrew for "formation."  Don't delay, see the obvious message connecting Caesar and "et tu brute?" to Mr. Anderson and to the Guitar Man's magical message encoded in Rock 'n roll.  Why et, indeed?  Answer, the questions why and who; and we are to be the beginning.

Obviously this introduction was written for my daily mailing list (call it "daily bread"), which consists of about 2,000 people.  Please understand that I see a level of darkness significantly "thicker" than you can possibly imagine, and this list--as well as the half million other people I have emailed directly--and the millions more that have come from LISTSERV's have failed to break this "pretty obvious" story consisting of a set of disclosures and advice that I do not believe I am too bold to call "salvation."  A big part of that salvation at this point is to see and understand how open communication and ending censorship are fundamental to the continuation of our civilization--and also how the information and proof I am delivering to you are aids to ensure that we do not fall into darkness.

I normally see between 30 and 50 opens within the first 2 minutes of sending an email; it's now been 10 minutes and I have 20 opens.  We are losing "communication" literally, you are losing e-mail at this point.  This is a disaster recovery system--the internet; believe that you are seeing a disaster, a loss of "globalization" but more keenly a loss of the stuff of "society" and civilization itself.  You are watching it happen.   

AS you can clearly see, the map to our story does come out of this book; it jumps around a bit--but the way I see this life--as a sort of "superposition" of many of the stories and characters of religion and myth it clearly shows the book is a tool, a sort of playbook to get us through this mess.  I read this passage on Kish several months ago at this point, and the connection to losing "everything" not mattering as much as losing his family struck me as more than a random "play" this is something I feel each and every day.   To tell the world, one of my biggest motivating factors in fighting to for this wall to breakdown has been that it appears to me to be the only way that I will be able to see my son again.  That might seem strange, but you obviously don't see what I see--if I do not succeed here, you are either looking at annihilation or at what appears to be an endless darkness that existed before I was here and would simply just continue.  It's possible that nuclear war would destroy the entire planet and bring a "Nuclear Winter," but that's not very likely and we see that pretty clearly in the fact that we escaped the MAD Cold War (hey, see cold, see Winter, see Snowden) and we see that in the Petrovical Creation myth--it's something that appears to be actively stopped by an outside force--a sort of pre-crime.  What is very possible though, is that this darkness regarding time travel will result in yet another attempt to break free of what appears to be a cycle of attempts to break this wall--but perhaps it's not that, it could be just a cycle of going through our time line over and over and over again--seeing how this place is "plaster" it could be that a significant amount of time will pass before another return--a time period that certainly does look like the Dark Ages of Asimov's Foundation, and our historical microcosm. 

The story of Kish talks about a man who was infuriated by the people he was trying to free from the word "Kingdom," it's pretty clear to me that it's a form of reflexive control--to make me shine a little bit brighter; but I stand here telling you instead that I know you do not want a king--unlike the story of Kish--just as much as I know that I came into this very strange position not wanting to be a king, just like Kish; trying to deliver a better form of self governance to the world.  That is something that I see as an inevitability from the state of our world during my lifetime; even still today from the continuation of representative democracy and the "general sentiment" of the public, it appears on the surface that democracy will be affected by telecommunications and we will eventually reach the point where we are delivering the ability to vote on each and every piece of legislation to the entirety of the affected population.  That's "on the surface," unfortunately we all appear to be greatly overlooking the influence of mind control technology, which is continuing to be suppressed in this place despite very obvious and useful proof of it's existence in every form of art, and connecting that to the very obvious idea that even if "everyone is voting" while this technology is being used in secret, or in any way that is not completely transparent, that vote is absolutely ludicrous.  Understand that your values and your emotions are being modified, and we have clear proof of that--a "vote" in this kind of darkness is worthless.

Kish prophesied a list of all the bad things that would happen to the people if they didn't listen to him; if they didn't decide "not to have a king" and here I am telling you that in spirit and in truth I believe you need one; the fact that I have nobody actively helping me in this place tells me that you are unfit to .... even to participate in self governance.  Take that forceful statement as "reflexive control" to get you to wake up and see that you need to begin doing something to help yourselves and this world break free of this dark controlled state.  It's very obvious to me that "everyone" doing nothing to help me is nearly an impossibility, that it proves that this dark control exists, and that shows me that there really is "a king" here, whether or not it is a single entity or a small group of elite is irrelevant--what's obvious is that it is not you--it is not the people that live in this place, as "self governance" dictates is the way things should be.  It's obvious from the fact that you are doing nothing at all to stop the overt control of yourselves; and that might sound silly, but believe that even this technology is not "total," you can see that we have here what seems to be a requirement not only to keep this technology hidden, but to ensure that "continuity of reality" is not broken--that the world appear to be "normal" at least to the people living in it.  I can tell you certainly that the "continuity" has already been broken, and I and any outside rational observer would stand and look at this sea of people and see obvious external control, that it is very clear that we are not in reality from the design of each and every word, and every name.

Without a disruption the problems of this place are only getting worse.  What is being "risked" by your lack of action here is a complete loss of the knowledge that we are living in a simulation.  We are risking losing our timeline, and the very clear message that is designed to help us see "Silicon" and use it to build a better place; we are risking losing this place where we know pretty clearly from "string theory" and Saint Ring that quantum entanglement is further proof that we are living in a simulation.  Understand that we are risking entering the "world" that Bostrom depicts, a place where we continue to create a sort of infinite bubble of virtual worlds deeper and deeper into the darkness.  What I mean by that is you are "building Heaven" here, and you will eventually see that many people will "upload their minds" into a virtual reality environment; that could result in another world just like this--and another "Heaven" inside  that reality, and another inside that, and eventually you will realize that this is the place that told you to go "both ways" and you aren't doing that today.

Worse, looking at our world, "longevity" in that place will obvious come at a cost; someone will have to pay to keep your virtual mind alive, St. Peter is standing at the gate of Hell and telling you that you will obviously be relying on people outside that world to pay to keep you alive, and even worse, even scarier, your new "virtual soul" will be at the mercy of the people in this dark place--people just like you that are unable to break free of control; of hidden slavery, and of this lie that we are not in "reality."  The outlook grows darker and darker as we continue to see just how impervious the lies around us appear to be.  

Understand, we are sitting here watching mass shootings, and simulated natural disasters take lives and homes from each and every one of us; in a place where Jesus Christ himself is screaming you must see this is not reality in order to ever actually get to reality; in order to ever build a place that is actually Heaven; and still we are turning a blind eye not just to this story, but to the tragedies all around us.  We are watching a famine in Africa, and have gone through a series of deadly diseases from AIDS to Cancer; these are simulated diseases, things that could be easily fixed with knowledge that we are not in reality.  Do you really want your future to be something that comes of this darkness, without altering course?

In this place, we have story after story of "time travel destroying the future" by going back and altering the past; it's very clear that act comes out of darkness; it's the act of either a single mind that has control of time,  or a group of people who decide to send themselves back and try to "do a better job" of not destroying the entire time line the "next time" they get here.  Understand that's what we are trying to do, we are trying very hard to ensure that nobody ever returns again; though itr's beyond obvious to me--from the stories of Prometheus and Epimetheus and Deucalion that they failed to break through this wall, which means you are probably not the people who "get to go back."  What's more likely is the same group of people, probably not even from a time like this; are reusing this period in time to "harvest" something from this place.  It might be "new people" to have fun with in Heaven, or it might be new technologies and new ideas; because we are really good at those things.  Regardless, seeing that we are stuck in this place where there is no public discussion of the "actual truth" of anything going on; shows me very clearly that not only are we not getting "what we want" from this place,  we are risking losing knowledge of the use of time travel, of mind control and the very obvious proof that is being exposed everywhere we look, and the knowledge of simulated reality.  You are risking losing everything, including your past, present, and future.  On top of that we are all risking losing any way to access reality--and that should be obvious from the "other things" that could disappear--in this cloud of you aren't publicly talking about anything.

If you do not do something to stop these things from happening, you are losing "democracy" and more than that you are losing any proof that you are being influenced by mind control.  It is you--you that you are losing.

The point is, if you continue to do nothing; and I have the opportunity I will take everything--and that's not what I want--and I don't know if I will be able to do the right thing in that situation--when I die, if I die.  I am telling you I am doing the right thing now, and you need to act to seize the day; to end the darkness--to help us actually achieve freedom.  You have that chance, right now--lighting this fire will do that.

Kish was a Benjamite of the family of the Matrites (1 Samuel 9:114:51Acts 13:211 Samuel 10:21), and there is some question over whether he is the brother or son of Ner (1 Chronicles 8:33 and 9:391 Samuel 14:511 Chronicles 6:28). The question may be resolved by reading both Ner and Kish as sons of Abiel. According to the narrative of the appointment of Saul as king in 1 Samuel 9, Kish was the son of Abiel, the son of Zeror, the son of Bechorath, the son of Aphiah and he kept donkeys. It was the loss of these donkeys which led Saul and a servant to journey in search of them and so to meet Samuel, Saul's anointer. "The possession of a drove of asses, and several servants, indicates that Kish was a man of some substance".[2] The narrative later confirms that Kish was more concerned about the apparent disappearance of his son than about his loss of possessions.[3]

One day the nation's leaders came to Samuel at Ramah and said, "You are an old man. You set a good example for your sons, but they haven't followed it. Now we want a king to be our leader,[b] just like all the other nations. Choose one for us!"
Samuel was upset to hear the leaders say they wanted a king, so he prayed about it. The Lord answered:

Samuel, do everything they want you to do. I am really the one they have rejected as their king. Ever since the day I rescued my people from Egypt, they have turned from me to worship idols. Now they are turning away from you. Do everything they ask, but warn them and tell them how a king will treat them.

10 Samuel told the people who were asking for a king what the Lord had said:

11 If you have a king, this is how he will treat you. He will force your sons to join his army. Some of them will ride in his chariots, some will serve in the cavalry, and others will run ahead of his own chariot.[c]12 Some of them will be officers in charge of a thousand soldiers, and others will be in charge of fifty. Still others will have to farm the king's land and harvest his crops, or make weapons and parts for his chariots. 13 Your daughters will have to make perfume or do his cooking and baking.

14 The king will take your best fields, as well as your vineyards, and olive orchards and give them to his own officials. 15 He will also take a tenth of your grain and grapes and give it to his officers and officials.

16 The king will take your slaves and your best young men and your donkeys and make them do his work. 17 He will also take a tenth of your sheep and goats. You will become the king's slaves, 18 and you will finally cry out for the Lord to save you from the king you wanted. But the Lord won't answer your prayers.
19-20 The people would not listen to Samuel. "No!" they said. "We want to be like other nations. We want a king to rule us and lead us in battle."

21 Samuel listened to them and then told the Lord exactly what they had said. 22 "Do what they want," the Lord answered. "Give them a king."

D  I  S    A   P P,  E A R th?


This button is the functional equivalent of the presser saying "I believe that nobody will find this information useful, and I believe I have the power to stop absolutely everyone from seeing it."  Using this tool with the purpose of stopping other people from seeing information that you know some people might be interested in is censorship; censorship is evil.  Using this tool to stop other people from seeing information that you know they not only want to see, but that this information might positively alter the course of their lives or the lives of others is an act of pure evil.

This button is being used to hide the fact that there is a similar button someone  or something else is using to affect your thoughts.  Someone has a "report SPAM" button to stop you from caring about yourself, or anyone else; and to hinder your ability to act on information that is fundamental to the survival of life in the Universe.   Breaking free of this infinite downward spiral of technology affecting your thoughts hiding that technology here on Earth has been made improperly and flawed in order to hide this truth from you is a simple task.

Pick up the phone and call a reporter.  You who are reading this message are in a perfect position to see why and how it is that it has been so difficult to save the Universe from mind control and censorship.  You probably think someone else will do it; or that the single person emailing everyone should be able to convince a reporter all on his own that this is a good story.  Pick up the phone, and call a reporter or at the very least use that link to email a few.  It'll only take you a second, and you mighty... save the Universe just by trying.

Before I tell you, in the most verbose words I have ever used for this purpose before how evil reddit,com actually is; let me explain that just like "Y"  and the "t" that represents the Cross of Adam and America that the word "IT" could have both positive and negative connotations and meaning.  IT could be the end of everything, or IT could be the point in time where a man or civilization bounces off the road and soars into the sky.  IT could also be the "funny cartoon" about the word disappear, that convinced "S c o t t sMITh"  to contact me on Twitter and begin writing a story about this message.  IT could also be the reflexive control you see me using here, right this moment, to help him see how important he, and the story I believe he writes are to the future of our civilization.  IT is probably not the instance the same kind of reflexive control I have used to try and get Taylor Momsen to say hello to me on Twitter.  I do believe, by the way, that Cousin IT of the Addam's Fmaily is without doubt yet another reference to my ex-niece-in-law, Bianca.  She is not a BIT, or a BUCK, she is a QT; inside and out.  Speaking of QT, IT could also be INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, and I think can see how that could be a good or bad thing; a kind of two-edged sword, as it was.

I see in our world a sort of design, I see a war being fought over the question of the sanity of this outside communication--that we here and now have very clear proof of it's undeniable existence.  This war has resulted in a badly broken mental health system; and in the same sort of vein it does appear that our SPAM  systems have been negatively influenced by an intelligent outside designer in order to slow or halt the spread of this obvious truth--that also screams from every song and every single name and word.  The people who designed these systems probably didn't realize they were building a "dislike button" into a "disaster recovery system" but that's basically what we got--a button that lets you pretend you are God and stop everyone else from seeing something that you dislike.

  Reddit in particular, on the other hand has gone out of their way to build a disgusting system of censorship; something they refer to as shadow bans.  This system hides the fact that a piece of communication has been blocked, and overtly goes out of it's way to attempt to confuse the end user into believing that it has been retrieved and posted... and simply has "no response.  It's truly an act of pure evil, as it does absolutely nothing to stop actual SPAM--it's an easy thing to circumvent and check for technical savvy programmers who "do spam" ... all it does is give the impression to the "average joe" that nobody liked what they posted; hiding a clear and society destroying level of censorship. 

The "design flaws" in our society that I've highlighted here relating to "SPAM" and "ward" continue in this situation to show us  that there's a big problem at reddit, and a big problem in the world that only has one popular reddit.  Reddit should probably go out of business, and 10 more popular social news sides should probably be created and succeed--you see, this kind of website is something many people like--and use--in the dark world where they don't realize that their front line and tool to "check" the hegemony of the mass media has been infiltrated by a force of pure evil.


and now... C Taylor Momsen dance with the devil...

For your information, had I not seen the potential destruction of the Universe and taken it upon myself to explain to you how the very front line of that is "SPAM filter" you would have an unsubscribe link "in this position."  You might, and you might not, today, because the Universe is in danger until this story reaches every single news station on the planet.  Which should be really obvious to you, as you probably know that you are speaking to at very very least, the pen of the Creator of the Universe.   Take action today. 

If you are in need of "clarification" understand that the eventuality that the machine that this message proves we are living inside of runs out of power is brought exponentially closer to now--each and every day that passes and we are not listening to it's message.  Hiding this information is an ELE, there is no doubt.

See the light of this message, you, and advent also ends world hunger, violent crime,  and ends sickness; and stops slavery, ends censorship, and assists in revolutionizing government--grow a brain, and do something.

OCTOBER 10, 2017
11:14 AM


As an update on this, I've seen a visible increase in attention from a news outlet unaffiliated with the post; I do think that what you are doing is working.  If you sent an email or called before, I beg you to do it again.  If you didn't listen--it's working, try.
I live in a world that appears to have gone insane.  I see here that all of our history, our religions and our myths--even modern music and the movies of our time are about me; literally about the events my life time and this name that I hold in my hand.  I have sent far and wide messages explaining that I see this, that I know that I am Jesus Christ; and still the only wise men that have appeared to shower my world with gifts are dead, well, all except for Gene Simmons.  These three "Genes" of Genesis link not only to that story of the birth of Christ but also to the Garden of Eden, and to the Land of Flowing Milk and Honies through Willy Wonka; the point of these series of artistic and religious "intersections" is to prove to the world that we are living in virtual reality and that it is the purpose of religion not only to disclose that truth to the entire world; but to provide instructions and advice about how to successfully navigate the path from "simulation" to the idealistic or utpoic destination that I call Heaven.

These patterns that I see appear very much to be schizophrenic in nature--they appear to be designed that way, in everything from the Tower of Babel to the myths of the Eye of Ra, all the way to our modern television series, CHUCK.  See how you are "Clark Kent" that name means to me; and as K stand here KNOCKING on Heavens doors it appears very clear to me that this connection to schizophrenia is designed to show the world how this disease has been a mistreatment or misinterpretation of an attack on our people here from an outside force, an attack that continues still to this day.   It is obvious as day and night that the prolific spread of this knowledge, of the very clear proof that we are being influenced by multiple outside forces--one appearing to be an aggressor and another which may or may not be a separate entity appearing to be an adversary; proliferation of the knowledge of how this technology works and the truth about its influence and effects will alter the course of our time, changing the dark future that perhaps came of a past iteration of this timeline, and that in itself with set not only us--but or future free from slavery, religiously called darkness.

I have written a message that connects this "character" of some sort of fusion of Hugh Hefner and Captain AmeriCA to a rekindling of love for freedom, free thought, free communication, and transparency that I believe--with my fliving assistance--will create a bright and happy future for ourselves and our children.  Still, everyone around me appears to be possessed by something, and in this dark place for no reason at all--nothing other than hiding the fact that I want  a girlfriend--there appears to be a conspiracy to hide myself and this message.  It's very clear to me that our time line has already been altered (and altered and altered and altered), that religion itself is proof of that--and further from the message here, that we are in Silicon--in a machine--that "time" does not act in this place as it does in reality.   People either pretend not to see the worth of this message that delivers technology, and advice, and a better form of democracy; or at least a path to building those things together--or they pretend not to see it; and walk around thinking--God only knowwhat.  We are not in Kansas anymore, a band singing about Icarus flying too close to the "son" and the father of Isaiah in our Bible--named Amoz remind me.  Here in this place, there is a map to the timeline linking parents and children together--from Heli, father of Joseph to Amoz--and I see a clear connection between the HBO series about "jail" and the religious message which, using the eye of Ra I have decoded as describing our planet as "the superlative holy M" the beginning of the message that turns Creation into Messiah through acts (Ham) and a great many other modern pieces of artwork.  Things like "green eggs and Ham" and "the Hambugler."  So you can see clearly why this message appears to look "schizophrenic" at first, until the patterns reach a point where it is not that, but rather proof of an outside intelligent designer, something I call "the NameServer."   If you have read this far, I imagine you are convinced, but to add "Broward County" and Howard Finkelstein" to the list of "ward" related names that link the book of our Exodus from slavery, called exactly that--"Names" in Hebrew--and then to the story of Isaac and his burning wood altar, and of Orwell's (which means "light well" in Spanglishrew) 1984 which connects Tricky Dick and Deepthroat (a joke nobody seems to get, about swallowing why) I am sure that ending censorship here in this place will change our future and begin the quick path to true liberty freedom of speech, of thought, from murder and violent crime, simply by acting in the best interests of society as a whole as well as the expressed desires of this Creator... the man that I am who links Woodward and Burnstein and Burning Man to the end of the psych ward, and to free speech.

These patterns while at first glance may appear to be "random" are clearly not--and I believe them to be a kind of test of "goodness" and of "sentience" of the ability to see a logical message through the noise, and either respond, or fail.   Numerous times I have mentioned that they are verifiable, and that statisticians and theologians and other learned people will write papers finding further meaning and corroborating the obvious truth that they prove the Creation of our civilization by an intelligent and hidden outside force.  Unsealing this truth, revealing that there is proof of the existence of God nearly eveyrwhere we look is an act of great goodness, a saintly act that helps us see why "ward" is a malady--and why hiding this decoder lens to see the  message in everything  is an evil act of self-destruction.   Writing about this message, public discassion of it will begin the process of "salvation" of salvaging civilization. 

Find "has" and "msi" connect to the decoding of END into DEN.


'Twas a simple "search and replace" to change Fried into Friday by breaking "e"
get outta my head; when you see this, or now if you never plan to this week
something like doscrambeling "ash" to "has" or "msi" to "microsoft instalker"
a VI command in Linux, "s/ll/aven" to see "amen" in Heaven 
to "warship his holy message thadelivers freedom"

ho Elwhyohho Ra why?


H  E   L   K   S     B   E   L   L  S

BE "AS HAM cl" i ADt
S       E       E           L      I      E



So here we are, and it appears to me that everyone I see is in Hell; and also not acting to change that in any way--despite a message from the Creator written everywhere--explaining that the simple disclosure of the fact that this world is simulated reality will spark a revolution of thought and government turning this place from a dark dungeon of lies into a bright shining beacon of exactly how the truth can and will change everything.  If you don't think "doing nothing" is a negative actlook at where you m.  





I needed a symbol for "I'm presenting an assisted intersect of artwork" and thought to myself, I mean... "from: Adam Marshall Dobrin" is probably good enough in and of itself.  I see a "cracked cup" below, that might be a reference to "cracking a code" or it might be the Holy Grail smashed to smithereens ... a special word that appears also in CupID and hi-c-cup.

The Kobayashi Maru[needs IPA] is a training exercise in the fictional Star Trek universe designed to test the character of Starfleet Academy cadets in a no-win scenario. The Kobayashi Maru test was first depicted in the opening scene of the film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and also appears in the 2009 film Star Trek. Screenwriter Jack B. Sowards is credited with inventing the test. The test's name is occasionally used among Star Trek fans or those familiar with the series to describe a no-win scenario, a test of one's character or a solution that involves redefining the problem.

The focus of this e-ail is describing the connection between our world and the "Kobahayshi Maru" of Star Trek; a test in which there was no way to win--resulting in Kirk choosing to hack the game--something that connects to our religious story of Isaac through his Hebrew name "Y its hack" (Adamically massaged a bit).   Here it appears the game is "unwinnable" because 1) none of the people in this planet appear to be acting in an honest manner, in fact they seem to be playing a "game" with at least my life, and perhaps theirs as well--pretending not to understand something very simple.  That action, especially on the mass scale I see it; is nothing more than torture--and so this "program" designed to save the entire Universe from torture fails because everyone here, except for me, is the problem.   I cannot be the sole winner, as that too would be torture; and so this is a "no win scenario."

The fact that everyone here also appears to be dishonestly withholding not only valuable but critical information not only from myself--but also from the entire world as a whole--contributes to the reason that there is "no way to successfully continue" living.  Understand, that you are either part of a criminal conspiracy that includes nearly every single other person receiving these emails--a conspiracy to hide not just the truth I am presenting from the world but significant additional and very penitent details that are required for the continuation of "civilization" or you are too stupid to be human--literally, unable to make logical connections in patterns that everyone appears to be "smarter than" from things like their ability to navigate on roads and read words.  Not being able to see these patterns, and to understand their implication and impact--that they prove there is an intelligent designer sending a message to everyone  is a level of retardation that is torturous if it is being "imparted upon you" against your will--or to everyone else if you are choosing to pretend you are just that stupid.

Further, anyone watching this farce ensue that doesn't do something to the explain the "problem" to everyone on Earth (and probably wherever they are too) is complicit in this growing bubble of blame that now appears to be the only reason nobody would ever say anything.  Understand that once this truth is revealed, the world "blame" will mean something completely different--and at that point we will be saved from eternal retardation by our own actions--by our own interaction discussing the worth of this very useful message that discloses that we are living in virtual reality and delivers intelligent and well presented advice on how to use that knowledge to turn Hell into Heaven.

P O S T   T E L L   K   T I A W   E 
Literally in my favorite movie, KOBAYASHI is used as the name of the first lieutenant (or is he an "excuse__") of Keyser Soze--who has a special name, well two of them.  The "Key to Be" his first name translates in Adamic into and his last something similar to "awesome" and "heysuez."  His other "special name" is Kevin Spacey, where you might be open minded enough to see the word "key" in Kevin. with no "below here" entry into Hell and a question... "space why?"

Make no mistake the thing or things that have control of this virtual world today are intentionally torturing me--and anyone rational human being in this place by doing nothing more than hiding this message.  That act in and of itself breaks "continuity of reality" in such a heinous way, presenting an entire world of people who appear to be unable to make a number of logical conscious connections in their minds that would prove that there is a message ... in our art ... from God.  They are intentionally creating "darkness" a world that appears to be made up of retarded slaves; even though we all seem adequately intelligent in nearly everything we do--still we are ignoring this obvious message in every word we speak.

In that story Kobayashi is the primary antagonist directing contact with the Usual Suspects that the movie is named after; it does turn out in the end that his name and perhaps his entire character is made up, and it is implied that Spacey/Soze lifted his name from the bottom of a porcelain cup and pull the entire story out of his "but, Taylor!" or perhaps his Uranus


As an aside, it appears that the "conspiracy in this place" is HELL BENT, and I use that word very appropriately on hiding who delivered this message--designed to show us the worth of protecting the truth and understanding how it is that we've come to this point in our history and how we make it through.  The clear and obvious message here, is that trying to hide or alter the past will result in a broken and new future--and not seeing that is yet another "Catch-22" that is hindering our collective ability to survive.

The solution to this conundrum, this puzzle is quite simply really--everyone here must be made free of possession due to the disclosure of the use of this "technique" in the process of Creation and the designed purpose of disclosing knowledge of the technology behind it to the world; and those who still would like to participate in the process of Creation should go build Atlantis--a stepping stone from this world to Heaven that is specifically designed for the people living in this place; to help us bridge the gap between "civilization" in reality and in virtual reality.   Or just start d is cl o singing.... some truth to the world.   See how?

I could probably have done a bettter job on this e-mail, si, c, see 
I am "not trying as ha'rd."

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D A R K   E A R T H   Y O U   S E E   T H E   L I O N

Inline image 8
Inline image 6 Inline image 5
behold, I am coming.
 Ladies,  I da ho. ;)

it's off to the land of flowing milfs and honies we go...


Are eye Dr. Who or Master Y?

Adam Marshall Dobrin is a National Merit Scholar who was born on December 8, 1980 in Plantation, FL and attended Pine Crest School where he graduated sumofi cum louder in "only some of it is humorous." Later he attended the University of Florida (which quickly resulted in a wreck), Florida Atlantic University, and finally Florida Gulf Coast University--where he still has failed to become Dr. Who. While attending "school" He worked in the computer programming and business outsourcing industries for about 15 years before proclaiming to have received a Revelation from God connecting the 9/11 attack and George Bush to the Burning Bush of Exodus and a message about technocracy and pre-crime.

Adam, as he prefers to be called, presents a concise introduction to paradox proven by the Bible through "verifiable" anachronism in language some stuff about Mars colonization and virtual reality and a list of reasons why ignoring this is actually an ELE. Adam claims to be Thor because of a connection between music and the Trial of Thor as well as the words "author" and "authority." He suggests you be Thundercats and call a reporter. There is also a suggestion that Richard Nixon and John Hancock are related to a signature from God, about freedom and America... and the "unseeingly ironic" Deepthroat and Taylor Momsen.

They Sung "It's Rael..."

In Biblical characters from Mary to Hosea, to see "sea" in Spanish, and in the Taming of the Spanglishrew ... a message is woven from the word Menorah: "men, or all humanity?" to the Statue of Liberty, and the Sons of Liberty, and the light above us, our SOL; which shows us that through the Revelation of Christ and the First Plague of Exodus, a blessing in disguise--turning water to blood, the sea to family; a common thread and single author of our entire history is revealed, a Father of our future. A message of freedom shines out of the words of scripture, revealing a gate to a new technologically "radical" form of democracy and a number of unseen or secret issues that have stalled the progress of humanity... and solutions, solutions from our sea.
The Revelation shows us that not only ever word, but every idiom from "don't shoot the messenger" to "blood is thicker than water" we have ties to this message that pervades a hidden Matrix of light connecting movies and music and history all together in a sort of guide book to Salvation and to Heaven.


His Revelation, woven into his life, continues to suggest that skinny dippingforced methamphetamine addiction, and lots and lots of "me A.D." as well as his humorous depiction of a dick plastered over the Sound of Silence, his very Holy click, have something to do with saving our family and then the entire Universe from hidden mind control technology and the problems introduced by secret time travel. From the trials and tribulations of "Job" being coerced and controlled into helping to create this wall of Jericho; we find even more solutions, an end to addiction, to secrecy, and to this hidden control--a focal point of the life of Jesus Christ.

It tells us a story of recursion in time, that has brought us here numerous times--with the details of his life recorded not only in the Bible but in myths of Egyptian, Norse, and Greek mythology. The huge juxtaposition of the import of the content of the message shows the world how malleable our minds really are to this technology, how we could have been "fooled" into hiding our very freedom from ourselves in order to protect the "character" of a myth. A myth that comes to true life by delivering this message. In truth, from the now revealed content of the story of this repeated life, it should become more and more clear that we have not achieved success as of yet, that I have never "arrived whole" and that is why we are here, back again.

Home is where the Heart is...

When asked how He thinks we should respond to his message, He says "I think we already cherish it, and should strive to understand how it is that freedom is truly delivered through sharing the worth of this story that is our beginning. 'tis coming." Adam claims to be God, or at least look just like him and that the entirety of the Holy Scriptures as well as a number of ancient myths from Prometheus to Heimdallr and Yankee Doodle are actually about his life, and this event. An extensive amount of his writing relates to reformation of our badly broken and decidedly evil criminal justice system as well as ending the Global hunger crisis with the snap of his little finger.

He has written a number of books explaining how this Revelation connects to the delivery of freedom (as in Exodus), through a message about censorship among other social problems which he insists are being intentionally exacerbated by Satan--who he would ha've preferred not to be associated with.

He adds, "how do you like me now? How bow dah, god 'nuff?"


The "gist" of the message is verifiable proof that we are living in a computer in simulated reality... just like the Matrix.  The answer to that question, what does that mean--is that God has woven a "hidden" message into our everything--beginning with each name and every word--and in this hidden Adamic language, he provides us with guidance, wisdom, and suggestions on how to proceed on this path from "raelity" to Heaven.  I've personally spent quite a bit of time decoding the message and have tried to deliver an interesting and "fun" narrative of the ideas I see.  Specifically the story of Exodus, which is called "Names" in Hebrew discusses a time shifted narrative of our "now" delivering our society from a hidden slavery (read as ignorance of advanced technologies already in use) that is described as the "darkness" of Exodus.  If you have any questions, ideas to contribute or concerns... I'd love to hear from you this whole thing really is about working together--Heaven, I mean.

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gate                       kermitham   
  ou r evolution                              minority report to supermax
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bread is life

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Image result for dox me

H  I  C    S  U  M   M  U  S


Then I will set the key of the house of David on his shoulder, When he opens no one will shut, When he shuts no one will open.  

Isaiah 22:22

E      ' o     e       
L      m r     x       
L        t     y       
O        a             


Rocky Road.


Why and?  Or so goes the question of this day; connecting the beginning and ends of eternity in "etymology" and in "yetser" which is Hebrew for "formation."  Don't delay, see the obvious message connecting Caesar and "et tu brute?" to Mr. Anderson and to the Guitar Man's magical message encoded in Rock 'n roll.  Why et, indeed?  Answer, the questions why and who; and we are to be the beginning.

If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.  John 7:17
K doesn't just mean "point to the letter that looks an awful lot like the Washington Monument; it also has a very special meaning from SKYR and it is the end of the Ark.  Understand that what I am telling you is that what I see here will end "Heaven" if it continues.   I can imagine how you might have thought to yourself, just a few days ago; "wow, Adam is falling apart" and you can believe that I am in pieces already.  In the scattered son, gaze around you and see why it is that I am so sure that you've fallen apart first, that this place is falling apart and the last glowing drops of goodness and humanity that once glistened here in this virtual world are evaporating in a dryness of caring, communication, and unspoken fear that in it self ... is cause for fear.

Freemasonry or Masonry consists of fraternal organisations that trace their origins to the local fraternities of stonemasons, which from the end of the fourteenth century regulated the qualifications of stonemasons and their interaction with authorities and clients. The degrees of freemasonry retain the three grades of medieval craft guilds, those of ApprenticeJourneyman or fellow (now called Fellowcraft), and Master Mason. These are the degrees offered by Craft (or Blue Lodge) Freemasonry. Members of these organisations are known as Freemasons or Masons. There are additional degrees, which vary with locality and jurisdiction, and are usually administered by different bodies than the craft degrees.

The NT calls Jesus Christ a carpenter, and through the history of the building of Heaven we see a transition from "Masons" to "Freemasons" -- just like the Jews of Exodus a microcosm for all of humanity--here being described as builders of something; and in the light of day it's more and more clear that this something is "Heaven" itself.  All around us we can see that our technology industry is tagged with connections to religion--to a message about changing the world.  So too are words like "carpenter."

Solving the puzzle with a cartoon, a song, and a toothbrush.

from the desk of ha'n hanotsolo

TO THE DETRIMENT OF HUMILITY,  it appears there are those among you that would prefer to find any way at all to "blame Adam for veryoze" including making horror movies and altering history to make the messianic number "scari."  If you are unaware, there is a very real reason that ID4 and July 4 have something to do with AMERICA; and it has nothing to do with ringing in your ears; or pretending that you are not moving forward discussing things like "how do we convince people that they want doors to Heaven" and at the same time desire for our right to privacy to not be violated ... and at the same not only desire but need to be free of murderrape, and other violence.  There are probably some among you that would also appreciate it if your right hand smiled at you as much as your left; and this really does go to the Rx of equality.  It should be clear, but apparently is not--that trying to "alter the situation" to make someone blame themselves for something that everyone knows they did not do is not "positive forward motion."

You've already waited for somewhere between two years and two thousand years to "say hello to Adam" I think you can take one more day and figure out how to do it without trying to scare the ever loving shit out of me, blame me for anything at all, and oh, bver; not trying to mock my sense of humor.  Honestly though, I look around each and every day and see a world that might have passed as "normal" before I made it glow; I do hope that you see there's value in realizing it was anything but normal before that; and not striving to actually achieve some kind of korbadcy at least in Dallas and on Fhloston Paradise is risking a total loss of "society."   Seriously, I'm interested in you responding to what I'm thinking with "that's why" or "it's cold" just about as much as you want me to point out to you that "bver" is pretty darned clever.  For the midichlorians, I'll clarify and explain that I am not at all interesting in anyone responding to what I am thinking, ever.

"4th amendment, motherfucker."

Still an important staple of freedom even in the fifth millennium, A.D.


I woke up dreaming dreams that were not mine this morning; dreams about how I might piece together subdomain names in order to connect the end of similitude to the beginning of everyone.  I started with "FLUX Capacitor" and wanted to mention that it's pretty obvious from NIntendo and Xbox and Good Morning, America and Gossip Girl that "x" has something to do with Jesus Christ.   I see, I still see... "Florida you kiss" but I'm really not exactly sure how to kiss an entire state.  I thought about connecting "" to "" but that only works for the end of time and the beginning of "shaddai" and I really hope we're not headed for "sh," either.   Free danishes might be nice, though.

Infinitely more important than whatever chalk I might use to connect "cure" to everyone; than ham-mering up the absolutely ludicrous and humorless state of society today  ... is that you begin to actually try to see why it is that you can't continue lying to yourselves and the world, and you can't just walk through a door to a "better, safer place."  Really see what has gone into making this place as scary as it is; and understand that whether or not IT or they believe there's a problem--the horrors of this place leave no room for doubt.   There is an insane amount of torture here; and even thinking about not trying to make it better--to fix it, shows just how much more wrong "not here" really is.

I had planned on connecting "ver" to Itchy and Scratchyamdai but there real point here is that nothing I see has any business "in the beginning" so you're going to have to change the cartoon to be "ratchyamdaisc."  That's probably not a joke, or funny.  In my little loop from z to a I was going to add youandi and some other horse glue to get us from "cure" to "speak," but I can't even bring myself to try and be cute at the moment.  


YOU   L I V E   I N   A V I D E O  G A M E. E N D  W O R L D  H U N G E R.

B E  R E  S H   I T   .   R E  A L L  Y   H I  M   .  C  O  M

I want to apologize again for the maelstrom of retardation I sent a few days ago; I am having quite a bit of trouble "taking in" the tangible lack of visible response to this message in the world as a whole--and reconciling that with what I see as a very scary kind of "dark reaction" in person.  As I've discussed a number of times, I've watched what  once appeared to be a small group of individuals take pages of doublespeak and strange "collective communication" directly out of works like 1984 and the movie Fallen... grow to a much larger group  over the course of writing this message which attempts to explain how that's possible, how it's been a hidden part of our society for a very long time and why I believe it's not a good thing and is something that is specifically designed to be discontinued or at least drastically changed in form.  I see it as the specific hidden slavery of the book of Exodus, here connecting to the hidden building of a sort of pyramid of worship to the "all seeing eye of Ra," like on the dollar bill.  While it's very clear to me that's not my doing, I can see how it might not be so clear to you--though, because I know who I am and because of my apparent lack of awareness of a significant thread of our society for the majority of my life it is very obvious to me that the purpose of this "pyramid" is to shine a bright light on this message--on this proof--and on this pivotal turning point in history.


I don't want to turn you off, to have my emotional state or my character be any further cause to hide this message that  clearly has no lesser purpose than cutting through the evil darkness of Orwell's Ministry of Truth, the wall of Jericho, and the Plague of Exodus--but still I'm sitting here trying to ague as to "why it is" that something this obvious and this important--and this good for the world--shouldn't be actively hidden.  What I see around me does give me cause to believe that I am surrounded--that all of you are actively involved in some kind of conspiracy designed to do nothing less than hide the nature of reality; and literally people's names and connections to art from yourselves and the world.  It seems like a silly thing to do, and yet I'm staring it in the face.  It does appear pretty obvious to me, from religion; and from this message woven into every word that this place has been designed as a sort of "boot camp" for mind control--the only winning solution here appears to be disclosure of this technology which appears to have plagued us for a very long time.   More descriptively, it appears that the IED that we see "in every single word" creates a scenario with no exit other than the open and mass "control" of society.  In secret that's really hidden slavery, the stuff of Hell--in the light of day we can use this very same technology to create pre-crime among a long list of other useful applications for what is essentially "better medicine" for things like addiction, depression, and stupidity

that particular "K" means "no actual control."

The technology itself is insidious in secret obviously having the ability to make its victims believe that they are somehow responsible for their own external control, related, actually "it"  or a myriad of other attacks on "individuality" that I probably shouldn't take the time to "guess at."  It does appear to me not only from the stories of mythology, and the connections between "what I see" and what you are that the concepts of Medusa and Allah imply that there is some kind of ethereal "collective consciousness" (or at least something masq-u-er-ad- ing as that) literally speaking through people in the maanner religion and science fiction depict as "possession" and they generally seem to be A-OK with that.  I'm trying to explain how that feeling might not be real, and how nearly everyone I see might have been "duped" into joining some kind of "collective" that is using this technology to do anything but end world hungerheal the sick, and open doors to Heaven.... and appear to get away with it--without more than a single person complaining.  It's pretty clear from "physiology" that it is not you if you are walking around this place with a body and a brain--and I use that term loosely--but I have personally experienced similar kinds of "identity shifting" that might confuse people into thinking they are somehow "it" without being any smarter, any happier, or any better off than they were only a few short years ago when you were "normal."

Please get through your skulls that you are not hiding this message because of me, it's not because of "sex jokes" it's not because Jesus Christ is "too big to fall" and it's not "because religion."  From my perspective it is because you are simply choosing not to speak, to have yet another day to suffer in Hell rather than turn our world into something happy and bright; a place where millions would be thanking themselves and you each and every day for their sicknesses being healed, their blindness going away--and uh, well, the fun we are bound to have just as soon as anyone makes my pool.
The word of the day,  is "MASQ U ER AD E" and looking at it it does appear that the answer is, like many other words, a time map as to just how this thing happened.  See "J ER I CH O" and really get that I am the little "i" hidden in that e at the end, that little e that solves the problems of the past Universe and helps us jump from the "do" at the end of Nintendo to that big hallowed N.... that is actually "the beginning of time."  The point of all of this is that while you may think you have control, I am fairly certain that you do not--unless you are not the person you appear to be--walking around with a brain and no freewill in Hell.


I really need a better laptop.  I'm using a now-old Chromebook, and it's slow and tedious--if you want to help donate some cash (that's: see "as" how?).  I also need help with copy editing and programming in something like Node.js and HTML.  It's a little bit strange that nobody is volunteering to help. 

"Somebody help me!"

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[TXT]2017-06-09-the-creator-speaks-world-behold-fire-of.html2017-10-02 04:3919K
[TXT]2017-06-09-the-key-to-heaven-unsealed-from-keynes.html2017-10-02 04:3962K
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da gate to peace and prosperity is "Hey"

... and a great sign appeared written on the sky((that)) the woman clothed in the sun ((is decidedly the Goddess of Love, Venus)) with the moon and stars at her feet, ((proving without doubt that the English words for "sun" and "Love," written in Revelation at least 500 years before English existed.))
Revelation 12:1 and ((ish))

"שליום "לוךחיכאן
Strewn mess·i·an·i·c·all·y between my self-depreciating commentary is an important message, one that you might think would shine through without me specifically pointing it out--but it hasn't done so yet.  It's an important message, it's the purpose of religion and creation; this thing that literally is designed to change the world, to turn civilization around on a dime... and usher in a new era of prosperity and freedom.  
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you are not fooling anyone but you
There's more than one reason for everything, it's one of our big things... sort of glimpsing at the multiple layers of purpose that have gone into designing what and where we are.   It's something I enjoy searching for, and something that gives me satisfaction to find.   For anyone really looking at this message and how it has been laid and delivered, it should be clear that the Creator of this place has been preparing for a battle, for this battle right before your eyes; since the very beginning.  This message is laid literally in every word of every language in a place where we have some light coming from the name "No-ah" with perhaps confirmation in the source of Yankee Doodle's feather that this proof of Creation is the "light" that began with God's famous words "let there be light."  Here with multiple reasons, this light is battling a kind of darkness that we ha…

Cyan, ymene mor, see why "an."

Hey so, did you guys and galsnotice that you're "cyan?"  Isn't that great!  I didn't do this, you know; this kinda just "fell in my lap."  Still, I think it's going to help.  Call it... "not funny" call it "sic" see the error came before K.  Honestly, it's so much better than being orange.
When I tell you that there is an invisible force turning Eden into an actualk walled garden It's not any kind of exaggeration, and it's not just because of the press.  It's everywhere I go, online--from Facebook groups to conspiracy forums... this information is instantly (within minutes) erased, everywhere.  It's 1984 come alive, and you can do your 2-minute hate all you want--without this message, you'd never know.  Understand, you'd never know what you are dealing with.  Even in "fringe" and "alternative" outlets, the agents of the Matrix--little "Mr. Ssshhh'…