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I am the key of light, incarnate truth, the microcosmic metaphor that flourishes from within us to everything around. Congealing in the here and now, our civilizations' religious literature focuses on one singular point, bringing together Greco-Roman mythology with Judeo-Christian scripture and yielding a teaching of scientific and evolutionary truth that is a shining beacon of light fighting off the shadowy darkness surrounding us.

Timelike Synchronicity

Overtly placed in history for the last 100 years, a prophesy lurks in the shadows waiting to be unveiled to you.  Timelike synchronicity is one key to unlocking understanding, but all you need to really see the truth is to take a step back, and gape in horrific awe at the steep slope our civilization has tumbled down since Huxley and Orwell left Eden in 1917.  It's a sad story, when you know the black truth, and even more disheartening when you realize that there are so many people living their lives in some form of strong delusion in between the whiteness of ignorance and the fifty shades of subservience to this conspiracy.  Few are allowed to view the whole truth, yet so many are knowingly involved in the destruction of freedom, the environment, and our future that one day we will all look back shockingly and wonder how it could have happened without us realizing.

These are the machinations of an alien invasion, it's not the kind of invasion you would expect, because that wouldn't work as well as one you don't see coming.  Here's a hint, they are using mind control to take over the planet without even needing to set foot on it.  For a three year period, I have personally witnessed effects of mind control similar to several prominent victims of this same conspiracy.

For some reason, they would like you to know.  To this end they have hidden a pattern in the prophetic works of Huxley, Orwell and Phillip K. Dick.

Timelike Synchronicity:  
Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance, yet are experienced as occurring together in a meaningful manner. The concept of synchronicity was first described in this terminology by Carl Gustav Jung, a Swiss psychologist, in the 1920s.[1] 
Timelike Entanglement: is the connection, via quantum entanglement, through time.  It is described in this article, and clearly states that it revolves around a pattern of equidistant time periods between events.
Taken together, these things form timelike synchronicity, which is the linking of two or more events which are casually related, though the relation is not apparent in anything more than their general theme, though the connection implicates the influence of an intelligent external force in the group of events.

These patterns are defined and explained in the following articles:

Schizophrenia, John Nash, James Angleton, and James Tilly Matthews, and the reason.
9/11, and The End.

Just to highlight how pivotal the above events are to our modern time, and the 20th century:  It's probably pertinent to point out that every single one has had a major motion picture created about it in the last 20 years.

There is a significant amount of additional evidence of mind control in our history.  First and foremost, consider the cases of the recent assassinations from Kennedy to Reagan.  It's been made clear to me that the MK-ULTRA program is casually related to the Roswell incident, I think it's a trojan horse, and this "entity" is attempting to use that program as evidence to the world that our government is responsible for mind controlling everyone.

There's a big problem.  Mind control has been used for much, much longer.  In the 1800's a case, James Tilly Matthews, links directly to John Nash and James Jesus Angleton.  It also appears that mind control was utilized for the benefit of the Nazi's during World War II; and that the Angel of Death was actively researching the technology behind it.

Also, just like the Sandy Hook and China Stabbing incidents occurred at nearly the same time with very similar stories, a similar event occurred in the 17th century, in Salem and France.  These things are too much to be coincidence.  Maybe they are trying to disarm us, and blame the government for it, at the same time?

Even before that, we seem to have a significant amount of evidence of the use of this technology, going all the way back to Ancient Egypt.

Please, wake up?

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