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I am the key of light, incarnate truth, the microcosmic metaphor that flourishes from within us to everything around. Congealing in the here and now, our civilizations' religious literature focuses on one singular point, bringing together Greco-Roman mythology with Judeo-Christian scripture and yielding a teaching of scientific and evolutionary truth that is a shining beacon of light fighting off the shadowy darkness surrounding us.

Engineering Revelation

This is a work in progress, updated daily.  It is an unreal story of Illuminati mind control, psycho-surveillance, and general weirdness.  My story is an incarnate parallel of a secret and vast conspiracy to engineer the fulfillment of Revelation,  and this is exactly what I believe the secret societies and world superpowers are conspiring to do.

I take you through the story of events that occurred throughout my life, but focusing on the period between 2010 and 2012, and describe my inner thoughts and interaction with the dark force shaping the future of humanity.  

I've witnessed a level of corruption you could not imagine in our world.  Before it happened to me, I would have told you it was literally insane to imagine.  Nevertheless, it is very real, and there is a vast conspiracy at foot in our world.  It is so broad today that you probably either know of part of it, or know someone that does.  The machinations of a hidden influence in our society draws us ever closer to social destruction, by pitting group against group, and each of us against each other.  

What I have personally experienced can be described as a combination of the mythical Monarch and Bluebeam projects.  It's extra-governmental mind control, with a slant towards xeno-destructive intervention, and it is very, very real.
The Background 
If you are a fellow victim or you'd like to know more about "Illuminati mind control" I strongly recommend starting with this section.  If you are more of a ... suspense lover, please skip to "From Adam to Mary."      
  1. Silence & Satan
  2. Motivation & Incredibility
  3. What is OSEH?
  4. Wonder Years
From Adam to Mary 
All the world is a stage, and we are merely players. -Shakespeare      
  1. Eponymous
  2. From AOL to Monarch
  3. From Linux to #PAIN
  4. Mafia from the 'NET
  5. A Match Made in Hell
  6. 7th Heaven
The Big Set Up
  1. Second Contact
  2. The Big Weekend
  3. What you don't know.. is hurting you.
  4. The FBI is watching us
  5. Mindrape.
  6. The Lake of Fire
  7. "The Family" hid drugs in your car.
  8. How do you like our "Avatar Program"
  9. I love your new place.
  10. Are you in there?
  11. Driving while... sober.
  12. Full scale information operation: Gang-stalking
The Truman Show
This is the second series, detailing a story of deception, surveillance, and introduces mind control and the gang-stalking phenomenon in the story.
  1. Now you know.
  2. Morning Star 
  3. Satan in my Phone 
  4. Taxi Cab Confession 
  5. The Show Must go On
  6. He know's who we are
  7. Right on time
  8. How long?
  9. Overt Surveillance
  10. Cameras... Everywhere
  11. Exit to Eden
  12. Peace and Quiet.. before the Storm
  13. Illuminati Mind Control/Truman Show
  14. Is it glass?
  15. You know what this means...
  16. My house rebooted!
  17. That's the coolest thing... ever
  18. I Spoke to a "Real Psychic"
Engineering Revelation
  1. Up the yellow brick road... to NSA HQ
  2. The deep secrets of Satan (a condensed and stand-alone piece with some repetition)
  3. What in the world is going on? (a commentary on the secrets)
  4. The power of the Dragon.
  5. The beginning of the End...

I have previously written a book detailing the history of this influence on our civilization.  It is what I believe to be the true story of the "Illuminati," or those interacting knowingly and directly with this alien influence.  It is 2021-2041 The End Times, paperback and Kindle.
2021 - 2041: The End Times
The Battle between Good and Evil, and the Machine Known by Many Names
Authored by Adam Marshall Dobrin  
Inside this book are the secrets of the ages, kept hidden from you by secret societies and governments since the dawn of time. Demonic possession explained, Satan has been hiding advanced technology from humanity since before recorded history. 
A dark conspiracy against humanity has been hidden from you in plain view, and the evidence of it surrounds you in our written history. 
Also contained, is the secret of the Skull and Bones number 322. Sorry George and John, I'm bad with secrets. 
The Battle between Good and Evil has been waging for millenia without the knowledge of the masses. Now, the tides have turned, with the dark forces of Satan -- the Illuminati -- rapidly advances in their plan to hand over control of our future to a machine. The resistance to this atrocity can prevail, but not without your help. The feeling that there is no justice, and there is nothing that you can do to change the world must be set aside -- begin here and now shining the light of truth, justice, and compassion on the world around you. 
The secret has been hidden through the ages, but it is our history, and the mark of the beast can be seen clearly by anyone looking with the right vision. Satan has been quietly lurking in the shadows, changing the course of human events, and the hearts and minds of men, since the dawn of civilization. The timeless battle between predestination and free will has come to a head, it is very real, and your continued individuality and liberty hang in the balance. Restrain your lack of caring, this is the world our children will inherit. Help make sure freedom still rings, for eternity.


  1. I think the truth is.......Satan loves his father/creator more than any human that ever graced this earth...what Satan does, is test our faith and love for his father/creator....and the only way that he can (test our faith ) is by giving us the most horrendous tests he can possibly think of, to see how much, and if, we love his father/creator as much as he does.

    He is just trying to prove a point, I do believe there is a beast that can enter the weak and take control of them....and that is where (faith) comes into it all....for every person on this planet that loves his father/creator...I believe that LOVE will lead the way....even after the earth is wiped will be the lovers that prevail....every father feels the guilt for hurting their sons...and every son, feels the guilt of hurting their father....LOVE WILL BUILD THE BRIDGE....whether it be now, or in another 300 years .

  2. I have slayed this beast and have absorbed him into my bloodstream where he fuels my desire for world peace, unity and love. I faced him in my darkest hour where he sent chills of fear throughout my entire body. The goosebumps I felt during his evil presence raised every bit of hair. The cold dark feeling of his claw touched my body and I felt death and despair.

    I was almost at the point of submitting and letting him take over my body, but the light of the truth shown brightly inside my heart. The fight or flight response took over my essense, that basic instinct of my survival depended on this. I rose up from my bed with the will of God and beat him to submission, he cowered like a little girl and my essense completely overwhelmed him. My alphaness demolished his being to a pulp until he can take no more. He submitted to me and surrendered. Once I saw this, I forgave him as he was part of my story. Our story. Of being Human.

    1. Excellent! Lucifer is the fallen angel which seeks to return home.. I believe this is a belief taken from a sect of Islam?..

  3. I just wrote a post about being psychologically tortured at a VA hospital on Reddit. Here is the link.

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